12 Best Working Kodi Addons (October 2017)

Best Working Kodi Addons

This article is meant for those who seriously search for the working Kodi add-ons of 2017. Almost all the popular add-on of Kodi has gone offline and no longer working. This is because the unofficial third-party add-ons of Kodi are facing some legal issues in the last few weeks.

It changed the mind of people to think that this was an end of Kodi. But that was not true. They neglect such suggestion or opinion when the new Kodi add-ons enter into the market or introduced. Kodi and its community are 100% alive, and there is nothing to prove again.

The illegal Kodi boxes and add-ons are dropping down, and that makes the user uncomfortable. Not all the Kodi boxes are illegal but only a few. Click here to get the best working Kodi boxes of 2017 (Legal).

Are you the one facing issues with Kodi Add-ons? Difficult to find the working Kodi add-ons? – You have a solution here.

After researching hundreds of Kodi addons, we handpicked the top working Kodi addons of 2017. That works perfectly fine. You can test them.

Why should you consider using a VPN while streaming Kodi?

Before getting started, you must know what is the real problem in streaming Movies or Tv Shows or any other video content through illegal Kodi add-ons by mistake? No matter what? If you stream the copyrighted content, you will land in legal troubles. You might not know where the video source is from? Either it can be from legal or illegal source.

So, what do you do now? Nothing. Simply connect to a VPN and start streaming through any Kodi addons.

When you connect to a VPN, you can browse the internet anonymously. This is because VPN hides your IP address, thus allowing it to hide your online activities.

Why is IPVanish recommended? 

If you use IPVanish while streaming Kodi, you’ll get the following benefits.

  1. Get Access To All Censored Kodi Add-ons
  2. Stop Your Isp From Tracking Your Activity
  3. Prevent Your Streams From Being Throttled

IPVanish VPN

Best Kodi Addons – 100% Working


How to install Exodus on Kodi

Exodus is a famous and favourite Kodi add-ons for an online streamer to watch unlimited movies and Tv shows where you have access to a library of online streaming sources.

Note: Exodus has dropped all the support from the COLDFIRE developer. Hence the Exodus Kodi add-on will never receive any future update from this team to fix errors and streaming sources.

Recently, Exodus add-on took offline which means shut down after a few legal issues faced by them. This has made them change hands to the new TVAddons site and its development team. It can also be found in repositories like Cypher’s Locker and Smash.

To get the Exodus on different versions of Kodi, follow the link below.

After getting Exodus on Kodi, you will get a complete access to TV Shows, and movies (on-demand streams) but not to live TV channels. In case, if you wish to have these live channels, then you must consider using the top live TV Kodi addons for streaming those contents.


Covenant Kodi Addon - Best Working Kodi Addon

Covenant is developed by “T H E A L P H A” team. In the Smash repository, you’ll find this addon, and its repository hosted individually by the developer Smash. Also, there are a few possibilities to find some other popular add-ons like SALTS, and The Royal We.

This new covenant Kodi add-on became familiar and popular among people in the recent July 2017. It took over the place of Exodus with the same design and functionality during the shutdown. Now, even after the clearance from its drop, Exodus is slightly behind the Covenant add-on.

T H E A L P H A Twitter page official announcement

the new Covenant Kodi Addon on the T H E A L P H A’S Twitter page

The new era official repository of the next gen exodus (covenant) exodus is no longer supported – Find more on Reddit Discussion.

Note: Download the latest version of Covenant Kodi add-on through a Github (Direct Zip file Install) >> https://github.com/Colossal1/repository.colossus/tree/master/plugin.video.covenant

Follow this guide to install Covenant Kodi addon


Bennu Kodi Addon - Best Working Kodi Addon

Have you heard about a classic Kodi addon called Phoenix? I guess you are. Ok, what is the relationship between Phoenix and Bennu? Actually, Bennu is a revamped version of Phoenix where you can watch and download movies, TV shows, Bennu kids, Bennu Live, Alecto, Cerus, Crusader88, Dr Stream, Excalibur, Taurus, Uraeus, and much more online. You have a ton of international streams and playlists in Bennu Kodi addon that is very hard to find on other similar addons.

Moreover, Bennu is not having a user-friendly interface and doesn’t look good as expected. But they are more likely to provide high-quality streams, surround sound, and 3D feeds.

Get Bennu addon from Colossus repository.

Follow this guide to install Bennu Kodi Addon

BoB Unrestricted

BoB unrestricted addon - Best Kodi Addons

Are you looking for one perfect streaming service for watching online TV and movies? Then, BoB Unrestricted addon is an excellent choice for you. It has a huge set of a library full of season TV shows, music videos, full-length HD movies, etc. By using this add-on, you will explore the real world of entertainment.

Bob Unrestricted add-on is developed by Bob team. The user can download BoB Unleashed from Noobs and Nerds Repository.

After a long back, noobsandnerds.com and the forum are back online. The developer promised to bring some cool feature updates to the addon very soon. Click here to get more official announcement from the team.

Stream New Releases, Amazing TV, Sports, Kids, Docs, Caira, Griffin, Shepo, T.A. Streams, Thunder, TNPB, Valhalla, TNPB Box sets, Music TV, Walk of Fame and much more.

Below you will find a step-by-step tutorial to install BoB Unrestricted on Kodi. Follow them and walk through easily.

A quick guide to install BoB Unrestricted addon on Kodi 17 Krypton

Installation guide for BoB Unrestricted Kodi addon


Elysium Kodi Addon - Best Working Kodi Addon

Elysium is a scraping addon which tracks stream source on all websites and brings only the active and working streams available. While every add-on is suddenly going down, Elysium add-on remains uncut. This helps the user stream content like movies, TV shows, spotlight, new movies, New TV shows, TV Calendar, and other Channels from various websites while other goes down.

Elysium Kodi addon is otherwise called as Zen, is available on the Noobsandnerds Kodi addon repository.

Steps to install Elysium addon on Kodi


SportsDevil Kodi Addon - Best Working Kodi Addon

For sports streaming channels, it is most recommended to use SportsDevil Kodi addon. There are several Kodi add-ons available that let the user stream their favourite TV shows, movies, sports, and other valuable channels. But SportsDevil is dedicated only for Sports where you will get streams related only to sports. It is meant for the sports lover. Join the game now.

NL15 is the latest version of SportsDevil, and that is available for download via direct zip file from Media Fire.

Follow this guide to install SportsDevil Kodi Addon

Goodfellas 2.0

Goodfellas 2.0 Kodi Addon - Best Working Kodi Addon

For streaming live sports, it is better to go with Goodfellas 2.0. After some break, Goodfellas repository and its addon have returned. Simple and effective to use and manage the streams.

Goodfellas 2.0 competes with other big names like IPTV crowd, including cCloud TV and Sanctuary. Actually, this addon is a great addition to your Kodi streaming library. Get this Goodfellas 2.0 on Kodi by reading the below article.

Follow this guide to install GoodFellas 2.0 Kodi Addon

UK Turk’s Playlists

UK Turks Playlists Kodi Addon - Best Working Kodi Addon

Get access to the UK, US, Turkey, Canada, Australia, and much more live streams from UK Turk’s Playlists Kodi addon. Watch Live TV, Sports, Movies, TV shows, Cartoons, Documentaries, Stand-up Comedy, Concerts, Radio, CCTV, Turkish TV, Turkish movies, Fitness, FoodPorn, and Favorites content split by categories.

Walk through the installation guide of UK Turk’s Playlists from the following link.

Beginners guide to install UK Turk Playlists on Kodi

Learn to install UK Turk Playlists add-on Kodi 17 Krypton


Duckpool Kodi Addon - Best Working Kodi Addon

Back in June 2017, almost all the popular Kodi add-ons and repositories are down with their social media accounts. It includes XunityTalk community which hosts iStream. Due to this specific reason, the XunityTalk teamed up with Mucky Duck, the developer.

With the team collaboration, they rebranded iStream as Duckpool and started giving new updates.

If you wish to download Duckpool, go to the Muck Duck repository.

Learn to install Duckpool Kodi addon – Setup Guide


Bubbles Kodi Addon - Best Working Kodi Addons

Bubbles are the new Kodi addons introduced recently. It allows the user to stream movies, shows, documentaries, and short films from a variety of sources, such as torrents, Usenet, hosters, and video streaming services.

Access Bubbles Kodi addon from https://bubbles4kodi.com/ and download the latest version 2.3.3 (Updated on 06.08.2017).

On the official web page, the user can browse or download repos from Github.

Browse Bubbles Repo from this Github link

Download Bubbles Repo from this Github link

After downloading the repo, learn to install Bubbles Kodi add-on from this beginner guide.

For more discussion, join the forum.


Gurzil Kodi Addon - Best Working Kodi Addon

The user-interface of Gurzil Kodi addon will look 100% similar to Exodus. The structure and the stream links available in Gurzil doesn’t even change. Exodus user can make use of this Gurzil add-on if interested.

It is found in the Smash repository by accident. Gurzil is a fork of Exodus in SMASH Repo.

Is Gurzil the new Exodus? – Find more on Reddit


Wolfpack Kodi Addon - Best Working Kodi Addon

If you wish to watch on-demand, Live TV, and curated playlists streams, then you are perfect to go with Wolfpack Kodi addon. This is a new video addon that is capable of delivering high-quality streams from various sources; it can be either movies or TV shows. Get All-in-one functionality in Wolfpack. It is possible for the user to get multiple stream source if they enable the source search functionality. It searches over 100 unique websites and video lockers for streams. A lot more features are hiding inside this Wolfpack.

Beginners guide to install Wolfpack Kodi addon

Drop your favorite Kodi Add-on

If you have any Kodi add-ons on your mind and that is working best for you, then you can drop the name of that addon in the comment section below. We’ll add them to our list if needed.


  1. I have GoodFellas and cannot get the channels to stream. I am trying to find a site that offers The Foodnetwork, or the cooking channel. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  2. On my kodi exudus and covenant are not working when I go to movies or series search nothing pops out and when I got to genres, new movies,people watching,most popular. Only some of the movies I have watch pops out nothing more and some play some don’t any1 knows how to fix it I updated today but same thing can some 1 help please

  3. Bennu is not a good working addon.

    Can’t hardy get any videos to play in it.

    Bennu times out, before it can get to any good sources.

    There is no timeout in the config settings.

    • You’re right. Erotik isn’t currently available in any repository we’re familiar with. However, we recommend a viable alternative. Try out Bennu which has a large library of adult content. You can also keep this category locked or hidden within Bennu in case you don’t want anyone else accessing or seeing it.

    • Yes, it’s hard to come by an amazing karaoke add-on for Kodi. However, you’ve come to the right place. We recommend checking out The DeLorean add-on that has a dedicated karaoke section.
      To download this addon, first add a new source with the following URL: http://mykodirevolution.com/repo/. Install that repository and inside you’ll find The DeLorean add-on. This add-on has a large library of karaoke songs, nicely organized by different categories.

    • If you’re looking for the latest TV shows, you’re in luck! Among the add-ons found in our article, the following can be used to watch TV shows: Exodus, Covenant, Bennu, BoB Unrestricted (which has been renamed to BoB Unleashed), Elysium, GoodFellas 2.0, UK Turk, and Wolfpack.
      We strongly recommend adding add-ons like Exodus and Bennu first, since these two will certainly cater to your needs. If you don’t find your favorite TV shows there, feel free to try out other add-ons.

    • The Learning Zone add-on is currently inaccessible because its repository is currently suspended. We hope this is just a temporary issue and that this add-on will once again become available.


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