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Austria is About to Outlaw Anonymous Internet Comments

Austria has drafted a new law that requires netizens in the country to register their identities before commenting. The websites that are...

EU Votes For the Creation of a Huge Biometrics Database to Aid iBorderCtrl

EU is about to create one colossal biometrics database called “Common Identity Repository”. The database will help the authorities detect identity and...

PayPal Patents Ransomware Detection and Prevention Technology

PayPal is on their way to try their luck on the ransomware detection and prevention field. The online payments company has had...

Hacker Posts 4800 Mexican Embassy Documents Online

A hacker has posted a rich set of documents belonging to the Mexican embassy of Guatemala. Some documents are unimportant, but others...

“PreAMo” Clicker Campaign Living Inside 90 Million Android Devices

Researchers discover yet another clicker campaign, and this time it was a pretty large one. The campaign has targeted three individual ad...

From Hero to Villain as Marcus Hutchins Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges

Marcus Hutchins admitted that he created banking credential stealers when he was younger. The malware researcher has been helping people stay safe...

Millions of Instagram Accounts Were Stored Insecurely by Facebook

Facebook added a subtle update on its last month's plaintext password storage incident. The new clause takes the estimates of the affected...

The Weather Channel Has Fallen Victim to a Ransomware Attack

The Weather Channel lost its live program for 90 minutes, probably due to a ransomware attack. Not a lot of details have...

Several Chipotle Customers Have Had Their Accounts Stolen

Many customers of the Chipotle restaurants report fraudulent activities on their accounts. The users say that hackers have somehow gotten access to...

Belkin’s Wemo Insight Smart Plug May Be the Next Big Malware Target

Belkin’s Wemo Insight is still plagued by the same zero-day vulnerabilities that were disclosed a year ago. The product is no longer...

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