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Tumblr App Store

Tumblr Finds its Way Back to the App Store After Banning Adult Content

Tumblr is back and available in App Store again, after a month’s ban The platform implemented a new AI to detect nudity, and...
Netflix logo

Netflix Introduces “Scene Replay” as a New Experimental Feature

Netflix now offers a new “Scene Replay” feature to a small selection of North America users Some have already expressed their dissatisfaction with...
Ant Man lands on Netflix

January 2019 Brings Ant-Man and Dozens of New Movies to Netflix

Christmas isn't here yet and the New Year's is also quite a bit away, but we need to discuss something quite serious - the...
Logitech May Acquire Plantronics in Record $2.2 Billion Deal

Logitech Rushes to Fix a Serious Three-Months Old Bug on their Options App

Logitech Options allowed Rubber Ducky attacks for over three months, although Logitech knew about it A Google researcher had reported it privately and...
California Government May Implement Tax for Text Messaging

California Government May Implement Tax for Text Messaging

Cellphone owners in California may soon be required to pay taxes for sending text messages. A new legislation is being considered in...

Shamoon Data-Wiping Malware Makes a Comeback After Two Years

Two new variants of the Shamoon malware have been discovered after it was not relevant for two years. The malware was responsible...
Five Individuals Indicted by Department of Justice for Piracy

Five Individuals Indicted by Department of Justice for Piracy

A federal grand jury indicted five men for selling pre-release copies of TV shows and movies on the internet. The individuals from...
Android Malware

New Android Trojan Targeted at PayPal App is Stealing Money in Seconds

Malware running on the background to steal PayPal money after the user logs in the account The trojan also dubs as a phishing...
Disney on Stan

Disney Partners with Stan to Bring Their Movies Collection to Australia

Disney and Stan partner to bring old-time classics and popular franchises to the Australian audience This move can be considered as an interim...
YouTube Rewind 2018

YouTube Rewind 2018 Becomes the Most Disliked Video in the History of the Platform

YouTube Rewind manages to surpass 10 million dislikes in a period of only a week. Viewers complain about the absence of influential...

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