YouTube Video and MP3 Download Websites Succumb to Legal Threats

Multiple YouTube video and MP3 conversion websites are shutting down following legal notices from the music industry. Popular websites for downloading YouTube...

AT&T Buys Time Warner in Multi-Billion Dollar Deal

AT&T wins a long-running court battle to complete the purchase of Time Warner finally. The $85 billion deal sets a new precedent and...

Google Announces Gmail on iOS Update to Prioritize Email Notifications

Google’s most recent update allows users to stop notifications for all but the most important emails that they receive. The full rollout will...
iPhone 8

Intel Fails to Get Exclusivity Deal for the iPhone 8

Apple’s attempts to move to Intel chips for iPhone 8 have hit a barrier. The chips have some quality issues that prevent Intel...
Windows 10

Critical Vulnerability Found in Windows 10 Clipboard Paste Function

McAfee Labs has discovered multiple vulnerabilities in the Windows 10 platform including a Clipboard Paste function exploit. The security firm is actively researching...
Behind the Mac

Apple Launches “Behind the Mac” Ad Campaign on YouTube

Apple’s new YouTube ads rely on emotion in an effort to gain support for its Mac brand. Each video features a unique story...

Over 300,000 PCs of Bitcoin and Ethereum Users Infected with Malware

Over 300,000 PCs of Ethereum and Bitcoin users have been infected by a malware according to Qihoo 360 Total Security. The malware...
PGP Encryption

SigSpoof Vulnerability Found in Most Email Encryption Tools

A researcher revealed on Wednesday that most of the widely used email encryption tools were vulnerable to digital signature spoofing. The researcher...
World Cup

Oculus Offer Ability to Watch Soccer World Cup Games in VR Parties

Oculus aims to bring soccer fans together to watch the games in special VR parties. Facebook has teamed up with Fox Sports to...
Standing desks

Apple’s New Standing Desks Become its Latest Employee Perk

Apple continues its push towards greater employee health with the introduction of standing desks at its new headquarters. Apple CEO Tim Cook believes...

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