Online Extortion

Online Blackmailers Scam Adult Site Users of $50,000 Through Extortion

With online scams on the rise, a group of scammers has managed to extort $50,000 in the form of bitcoins from 42 different...
YouTube Hashtags

YouTube Introduces Hashtags for Easier Video Searches and Categorization

With Twitter popularizing the use of hashtags for finding relevant social media content, YouTube is adopting the popular feature to find videos easily...
Premier League

UK High Court Grants Premier League Rights to Block Pirate Streams

The Premier League will have rights to block all pirate streams for the 2018/2019 season, allowing the sports organization to block pirate Kodi...
Apple Siri

Last Remaining Siri Co-Founder Resigns from Apple To Pursue Personal Interests

Head of Advanced Development Group of Siri Tom Gruber who also happens to be one of the last original co-founders of the digital...
Nokia X5

Nokia Launches Android-Powered X5 with Dual Cameras and HD+ Display

Nokia released its latest entry-level Android device with a price tag of CNY999 ($150 approximately) featuring a notched HD+ Display with an 84%...
Google Home

Google Home and Assistant Receive YouTube Music Streaming Feature in the UK

Google Home and Assistant have been falling behind in the smart assistant market with Amazon Alexa devices edging past all of the competition....
Google Android

European Commission Slaps Google with $5 Billion in Fines Over Anti-Trust Practices

Google has been found guilty of leveraging its Android OS with anti-trust practices to further its dominance as the leading search engine in...

Vulnerability Found in Venmo Public API Causing Massive Data Leak

A privacy advocate discovered a vulnerability in Paypal-owned Venmo app’s API which has led to a large number of transactions being leaked by...

Court Sanctions TVAddons Owner to Disclose Earnings Data Within 5 Days

A Texas District Court has released a court order forcing TVAddons owner Adam Lackman to submit all earnings data from the company along...

Skype To Add Call Recording Feature for Its 300 Million Users

Skype is one of the most popular VOIP services in the world, but it has always lacked a call recording feature, which is...

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