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Facebook Was Storing the Passwords of Millions in Plain Text Form

Facebook admits to having been storing passwords of millions in readable form for years. An internal investigation shows that many millions of...
Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, Crazy Rich Asians, More to Premiere on HBO Now and Go...

Winter is here! We couldn't help it! As April rolls around, HBO is gearing up to deliver one of the most highly anticipated series...
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman and Pitch Perfect 3 Leaving HBO Now and Go in April 2019

Say goodbye to Wonder Woman, Pitch Perfect 3, and a bunch of other movies, as their days are numbered over on HBO Now and...

Egypt Intensifies Internet Censorship by Blocking Social Media Accounts

The Egyptian government will now be able to block social media accounts that post threatening content. The offenders will be fined with...

Three UK Premier League Pirates Receive Imprisonment Sentences

Three pirates who were offering illegal IPTV services were sentenced to imprisonment. The court was particularly harsh with them, as their operation...

LockerGoga on the Spotlight, Dubbing as Wiper and Ransomware

LockerGoga is not only encrypting the victim’s files anymore, but it’s also locking the user out. The Talos team has noticed a...

NCAA Basketball Tournament Opens Up New Possibilities for Scammers

NCAA fans need to be extra careful when buying tickets, streaming games and placing their bets of gambling sites. From malware spreading...
Silver Lining Playbook

Bond, Star Wars, and Old Comedies Leaving Netflix in April 2019

April is just around the corner, which means you have a few more days to binge watch whatever Netflix is taking out! According to the...
The Golden Compass

Action, Comedy, and Romance Coming to Netflix in April 2019

A new month is just around the corner and Netflix is preparing a lot of cool new titles for you to binge on. If...
Opera Free VPN

Opera for Android v51 Brings Back the Built-In VPN Service

Opera brings back their built-in VPN service, and this time it’s completely unlimited and free. The service uses 256-bit encryption algorithms to...

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