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Hacker Claims He Could Have Hacked Any Instagram Account in 10 Minutes

A bug bounty hunter has figured a way to hack into any Instagram account in 10 minutes. The cost of doing that...

Fake MPAA Asks Google to Remove and Several Pirate Sites

A scammer pretending to be a representative of MPAA tried to convince Google to take down thousands of domains. Most of the...
FBI Flag

FBI Wants to Poke Their Nose Deeper Inside Social Media Platforms

FBI calls companies to submit their proposals for a social media monitoring and alerting tool. The system should be able to monitor...
east_tv website

DISH Networks Sues East IPTV and its Host Serverlogy Corporation

DISH sues both the infringer and its hosting service, as they ignored its infringement notices. The broadcaster is asking for millions in...
MS Forms Phishing

Microsoft Rolls Out Automatic Phishing Detection on MS Forms

Microsoft Forms was drowning in phishing attempts, so the company decided to do something about it. The service will now automatically detect...

FTC Fines Facebook With a Record-Breaking $5 Billion

FTC will reportedly fine Facebook with a record-breaking $5 billion, after reaching a settlement with the company. The fine may be the...
fuboTV review

fuboTV Subscribers Watched Over 3 Billion Minutes in Q2, Mostly Entertainment

fuboTV users watch over 3 billion minutes in Q2. Although focused on sports, fuboTV users watched entertainment content the most. fuboTV is becoming more...

Facebook AI Beats Ten Pro Poker Players in Texas Hold ‘em

AI named “Pluribus” has beaten the best Poker players in the world in two 6-player games. The machine was trained for only...

Two Pirate Website Owners Sentenced to a Total of 5.5 Years in Prison owner and technical administrator are sentenced to 66 months in prison. The trial followed last year’s raids in multiple countries, including...
Google Home Mini

Google Assistant-Enabled Devices Are Reportedly Eavesdropping You

According to, devices that use Google Assistant are silently recording what you say. The news outlet has found out that in...

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