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Gearbest Server Leaking Millions of Highly Critical Customer Data

An unprotected Elasticsearch database belonging to Gearbest is giving malicious actors everything on a plate. From personal identification information to banking data...

Dark Web to Become Criminalized by Law in Germany

Those who make the existence of dark web possible by providing services may face up to three years in prison. The new...
WireGuard VPN Protocol

WireGuard VPN Protocol Still a Work-In-Progress, ExpressVPN Reports

WireGuard promises unparalleled levels of security and privacy, with the ability to be implemented on the kernel level. At the moment, this VPN...

How Malicious Actors Use DNS Tunneling to Exfiltrate Data

Malicious actors infiltrate and exfiltrate data through DNS tunneling and C2 channels. The packets are sent from the malware on the infected...
Facebook Intimate Images

Facebook is Deploying Machine Learning to Combat ‘Revenge Porn’

Facebook is trying to help users who have their private images or videos shared without consent using new tools. A new prevention tool...

Huawei Has Developed its Own Mobile OS – To Be Used as a Backup...

Huawei is maintaining a development team for its own proprietary mobile operating system. The Chinese technology giant may have to leave the...
Facebook YouTube Logo Combined

YouTube and Facebook Actively Removing Viral Footage of New Zealand Shooting

Multiple arrests have been made following a tragic shooting incident at Christchurch, New Zealand, earlier today. The incident saw a racist individual take...

Zippyshare Suddenly Denies Access to UK Visitors Without a Clear Reason

Zippyshare is mysteriously and inexplicably giving a '403 error' to those who visit the website from the United Kingdom. The speculation about what’s...
Facebook Gaming

Facebook Introduces All-New Gaming Tab to its Mobile Apps

Facebook has updated its mobile app to include a new Gaming tab that will feature live streams and posts from gaming groups. The...

Legacy IMAP Cloud Email Accounts Under Massive Takeover Attack

Many thousands of cloud email account takeover attempts were detected in the past couple of months. Most of the targeted accounts use...

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