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Last Chance to Watch These on Hulu – Expiring in August 2019

Every month, Hulu brings in a ton of cool movies and TV shows, but they're also cleaning house of all titles that are expiring....
Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible Fallout

Everything That’s Coming to Hulu in August 2019

Hulu is bringing on some cool movies and TV series this August, and we're pretty sure your watchlist will be quite full. Since we...

Netflix Actual Global Growth Shows First Definitive Signs of Stagnation

Netflix’s growth was well below the predicted one, and this is the first sign of market fatigue. The company believes they can...

Microsoft Sent Notices of Attack to 10000 of Their Enterprise Customers

Microsoft is now in a position to closely follow attacks against their customers and to warn them. Most of the notices sent...

YTS Pirate Movies Website Discussing Settlement With Copyright Holders

YTS took the legal action taken against them by filmmakers seriously and responded to them. The piracy movies platform has taken down...

FaceApp Uploads Your Pictures to the Company’s Cloud Servers

FaceApp is uploading your images onto its cloud servers, but allegedly not on its Russia-based systems. The founder of the app says...

Researchers Find a Way to Track iOS and Windows Devices via Bluetooth

Three scientists have developed a Bluetooth tracking algorithm that works on Mac, iOS, and Windows. Android devices are invulnerable to this algorithm thanks...

American Express Customers Fall Victims to a Novel Phishing Attack

A new phishing campaign that hides the landing URL inside a hyperlink is targeting American Express customers. The card holders are urged...

Ethereum Giveaway Scams Still Out There and Promoted on Facebook

Cryptocurrency giveaways are still alive and well, getting aggressively promoted on Facebook. People are getting tricked by the fake comments under the...

How Crooks Use The Credit Card Data They Steal From eCommerce Websites

Thousands of credit cards are compromised daily, but what happens with the stolen information? Crooks are either creating clone cards and buy expensive...

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