Hollywood Studios, Netflix and Amazon Settle Piracy Lawsuit with Kodi ‘Dragon Box’

By Nitish Singh / January 28, 2019

Kodi add-on platform faced serious charges due to its copyright infringing activity and while it had managed to get into a settlement with filmmakers of “Once Upon a Time in Venice” and “Mechanic: Resurrection,” other parties were not very keen on any settlements. A number of Hollywood studios, Amazon and Netflix sued Dragon Box under the ACE banner.

TorrentFreak reports as per the settlement’s terms, Dragon Box will have to halt all sales of its streaming devices effective immediately. Prior to the settlement, the Kodi streaming box company argued that it was legal to sell the boxes, but the court disagreed. ACE will be revealing more details about the settlement in the near future. ACE has been actively targeting pirate streaming platforms and hardware vendors in recent times and has been successful at shutting down a number of websites and halted the sales of a number of piracy-enabled Kodi-boxes in the past two years.

According to attorney Matthew J. Faust “Defendants respectfully notify the Court that the parties have agreed in principle to settle the above-entitled case. At this time, the parties are in the process of preparing a settlement agreement and intend to file the documents related to the final disposition of the case within the next few days.”

With the settlement between Dragon Box and the plaintiffs now complete, the court has canceled all future hearings and deadlines that were scheduled. However, there is paperwork involved before the case will come to a close for good. The Dragon Box website is still accessible, but the hardware boxes are not available for sale. The website is currently offering Blend TV subscriptions only, and no illegal products or services have been listed.

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