5 Best Kodi Football (Soccer) Addons in 2022

By Novak Bozovic / January 14, 2022

Watching football (soccer) on Kodi is an easy possibility - if you have a trustworthy guide. You need someone to show you the best football addons for Kodi, letting you tap into libraries of live streams and on-demand content. And yes, that’s precisely what we’re about to show you.

What needs to be mentioned first is that we’ll deal with legal Kodi addons only. Actually, we strongly advise you to stay away from questionable addons that offer 'free' ways to watch high-profile football games.

In case you don’t know, UEFA is actively blocking illegal streams, and can even identify digital pirates using those streams. This is why using legal addons is the only way to ensure smooth performance and high-quality video streaming.


Kodi 19 ‘Matrix’ is the latest available major version of the application (Kodi 19.1Kodi 19.2, Kodi 19.3, and Kodi 19.4 were also released). Still, if you haven’t updated Kodi yet, know that the latest version breaks compatibility with a large number of add-ons.

You’ll need to wait for third-party developers to make their add-ons compatible with Kodi 19, which could take a while. We’ve seen some progress when it comes to add-ons from Kodi’s official repository. However, the situation is still very problematic for add-ons that come from outside Kodi’s repository.

Therefore, if you use many add-ons, stick to Kodi 18.9 for now. Keep in mind that downgrading from Kodi 19 to Kodi 18 can be a very tricky task to accomplish (even impossible in many cases).

Why It's Not Safe to Use Football Kodi Addons Without a VPN?

It's not safe to use football Kodi addons without a VPN - because that's how you'll encounter geo-blocks and expose your private data to others on the Web.

When it comes to geo-blocks, know that they're prominent in the world of football Kodi addons. On top of that, you'll encounter blackouts even in addons that you can normally access. That leads to a frustrating experience of watching live sports via Kodi.

And in terms of your private data, know that your ISP (Internet service provider) will know that you use Kodi, which could lead to intentional throttling. That means that you'll encounter long buffering periods that can prevent you from streaming football matches.

The best way to eliminate those obstacles is to use a VPN. That type of software hides your Web traffic and changes your IP address, which means that you'll avoid throttling and unblock any addon out there.

As our guide to the best Kodi VPNs will show you, there are plenty of good options out there. So, do your reach before you subscribe. And also, learn how to use Kodi with a VPN.

Our team is quick to recommend ExpressVPN. Based on our tests, you simply won't find a better VPN right now - especially since you can save up to 49% and get 3 EXTRA MONTHS FREE! So, act on time and get your ExpressVPN subscription.

The Best Kodi Football Addons in 2022

And now, we’re ready to present our top picks. Just below, you will find the 5 best Kodi football addons that you can use to stream live and on-demand content.

  1. iPlayer WWW (Compatible with Kodi 19)
  2. Fox Sports GO
  3. ESPN 3
  4. DAZN
  5. Sportsnet Now

1. iPlayer WWW

iPlayer WWW Kodi Addon
Author CaptainT, Cas, Ihurst, Primaeval
Version 3.0.48
Size 653 KB
Video Streaming Quality 720p and 1080p
Available Content Live sports from BBC-owned channels
Geo-Restrictions Available in the United Kingdom only
Compatibility Compatible with up to Kodi 19
Installation Guide How to install iPlayer WWW on Kodi

What hides under this addon’s name is actually one of the world’s most popular (and free of charge) streaming services. Called BBC iPlayer, this digital service provides content supplied by the BBC, the world’s oldest broadcaster.

We think this is one of the best football Kodi addons since the BBC holds exclusive rights to some of the world’s best football leagues. In case you’re into the Premier League, this is where you’ll find live streams and on-demand content as well, for free.

Unfortunately, there’s one catch here. You have to reside in the United Kingdom to use this addon. Don’t worry - this is something that a good VPN for BBC iPlayer can resolve, so make sure to click on the provided link to learn more.

2. Fox Sports GO

Fox Sports GO Kodi Addon
Author Emilsvennesson
Version 1.1.6
Size 646 KB
Video Streaming Quality Up to 720p.
Available Content Live football games; On-demand replays.
Geo-Restrictions Available in the United States only.
Compatibility Compatible with up to Kodi 18.9 'Leia.'
Installation Guide How to install Fox Sports GO on Kodi

If you live in the United States, you’ve probably heard about Fox Sports' streaming service. It’s called Fox Sports GO, and the chances are that you probably have access to it already. And if you live outside the US, here are the best VPNs for Fox Sports GO.

That’s because this sports streaming service is already included in numerous plans by cable providers and on-demand streaming services. In general, if you have one of the Fox Sports channels on your TV, you can use its app as well.

When it comes to football (soccer), you should know that Fox Sports has exclusive rights to the world’s best football leagues for the US. Also, you can follow other sports leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and numerous others.

3. ESPN 3

ESPN 3 Kodi Addon
Author Awaters1, Locomot1f, MetalChris, BlueCop
Version 2.9.15
Size 250 KB
Video Streaming Quality Up to 720p.
Available Content Live sports events; On-demand content.
Geo-Restrictions Available in the United States only.
Compatibility Compatible with up to Kodi 18.9 'Leia.'
Installation Guide How to install ESPN 3 on Kodi

We’ll be honest here – ESPN 3 isn’t the most polished Kodi addon out there. It has been around since 2014 and has received very few updates since then. However, this is your best way to follow ESPN on Kodi – at least until ESPN+ finds its way to this platform.

Just like our previous suggestion, ESPN 3 can be used only if you have a valid subscription. Almost all cable operations and cord-cutting services enable this option.

So, if you can watch ESPN on your TV, you’ll be able to activate it via Kodi. The welcome screen allows you to authenticate your account in a simple manner. You’ll then get to watch premium content that extends to football, baseball, cricket, basketball, and more.


DAZN Kodi Addon
Author Jin
Version 1.3.2
Size 866 KB
Video Streaming Quality Up to 720p.
Available Content Live-streaming; On-demand replays.
Geo-Restrictions Available in select countries only.
Compatibility Compatible with up to Kodi 18.9 'Leia.'
Installation Guide How to install DAZN on Kodi

When it comes to soccer, one of the best OTT services is DAZN. It holds exclusive rights for broadcasting famous leagues such as the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga, Argentine Superliga, Coupe de France, and more. On top of all of this, it offers live and on-demand content.

What you need to know is that DAZN is a subscription-based service. It's available across the world, but know that you'll encounter a version optimized for your country. So, you need a way to bypass that obstacle, especially if you want access to more football leagues.

To help you with this, here’s our article on how to watch DAZN from anywhere. Once you have a valid subscription and a VPN installed, you can use DAZN on Kodi without any limitations.

5. Sportsnet NOW

Sportsnet Now Kodi Addon Overview
Author Micah Galizia
Version 1.0.12
Size 388 KB
Video Streaming Quality Up to 1080p (mostly in 720p)
Available Content Online content from Rogers’ Sportsnet Now.
Geo-Restrictions Available in Canada only.
Compatibility Compatible with up to Kodi 18.9 'Leia.'
Installation Guide How to install Sportsnet Now on Kodi

If you live in Canada, you already know that Sportsnet is one of the most popular channels over there. Aside from offering exclusive football (soccer) matches, this broadcaster is also dedicated to bringing sports and events like the NHL, NBA, WWE RAW, IndyCar, Rogers Cup, and even eSports. So, there’s a bit of everything here. In terms of soccer, Sportsnet offers 190 Premier League games.

Before you can use Sportsnet for Kodi, you first need to be a subscriber to this TV channel. In case you live in Canada, and if you’re using one of the popular cable or OTT services, you can already use this addon for free. However, there are also ways to watch Sportsnet outside Canada, so take a look.

How to Find & Install Football Addons on Kodi?

Before you can try our recommendations, you need to install them on Kodi. So, here's exactly what you need to do:

Installing Kodi addons is easy, especially after you've done that a couple of times. However, if you need more in-depth information along with helpful screenshots, check our dedicated guide to installing addons from Kodi's official repository.


You can also install Kodi addons from GitHub, which comes in handy if you want to use "unofficial" addons. The same applies to installing addons for Kodi from ZIP files. Use the provided links to get to our step-by-step guides.

Kodi Football Addons Not Working? Make Sure to Try These Quick Fixes!

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to install a Kodi addon, only to encounter error messages like "Check the log for more information" or "Something went wrong." Don't worry, as we're here to help you resolve that issue - so here's what to do.

In case you'd like to check additional solutions, here's our central guide to troubleshooting Kodi. That's where you'll find a wide range of solutions to various types of technical and performance issues.

Which Football Addons No Longer Work? Which Are Permanently Offline?

Recently, we've seen many previously popular Kodi football addons disappear. As you can guess, most of those were "unofficial" addons. Here are some of the most notable examples:

Don't Install These Illegal Football Kodi Addons!

You'll find addons such as Rising Tides, Sportowa, and TV Tap to be often recommended on the Web. However, you need to stay away from those - and here's why.

Most unofficial football Kodi addons (including those mentioned just above) use illegal sources of content. That's why they offer premium TV channels or PPV events without charging you anything. No matter how enticing might that might look, keep in mind that those addons enable piracy - and using them is against the law in most countries.

Based on where you live, copyright infringement can be a major offense, carrying a hefty fine. So, even if you use a VPN, make sure to stick to legal addons only (like the ones recommended in this article).


Have a hard time finding fully-working Kodi addons? If that's so, our guide to the best Kodi addons will most certainly come in handy (with 60+ recommendations).

You'll also want to check the best Kodi repositories. And if you'd like to play around with Kodi's interface, we offer our selection of the best Kodi skins. Make sure to take a look.

That would be all on the best Kodi football addons in 2022. Lastly, make sure to check our latest Kodi articles to stay on top of the latest information. And also, thanks for reading!

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