How to Install Kodi Addons from GitHub in 2024

By Novak Bozovic / April 9, 2022

The TVAddons (Fusion) repository, which hosts the Indigo addon (required to install addons from GitHub), has been taken offline. So, there is no way to install this Kodi addon at the moment. We'll make sure to update this article when (and if) Indigo resurfaces in some other repository, or if some other method of installing addons from GitHub becomes available.

There are multiple different ways to install Kodi addons from GitHub. However, we believe the most straightforward method available is via the 'Git Browser' addon. Using this addon (completely safe and legal, by the way), you'll easily integrate GitHub with your Kodi, letting you not only install but also update your addons.

With that said, the 'Git Browser' addon is your best bet right now - as it integrates with Kodi in a really nice way. It's also easy to use, suitable even for complete beginners. However, before you start installing add-ons - we do have a very important note for you. So, make sure to read the following segment very carefully.


Kodi 19 ‘Matrix’ is the latest available major version of the application (Kodi 19.1Kodi 19.2, Kodi 19.3, and Kodi 19.4 were also released). Still, if you haven’t updated Kodi yet, know that the latest version breaks compatibility with a large number of add-ons.

You’ll need to wait for third-party developers to make their add-ons compatible with Kodi 19, which could take a while. We’ve seen some progress when it comes to add-ons from Kodi’s official repository. However, the situation is still very problematic for add-ons that come from outside Kodi’s repository.

Therefore, if you use many add-ons, stick to Kodi 18.9 for now. Keep in mind that downgrading from Kodi 19 to Kodi 18 can be a very tricky task to accomplish (even impossible in many cases).

How to Install Kodi Addons From GitHub

Installing Kodi addons from GitHub has two equally important parts. You first need to install the 'Git Browser' addon (which is the first step). Then, we'll show you how to use this addon to install other addons from GitHub (the second step), as laid out just below.


The 'Git Browser' addon still doesn't work on Kodi v19 'Matrix.' So, you need to use Kodi v18.9 or an earlier version. We'll make sure to update this article once 'Git Browser' gets an update making it compatible with the latest Kodi version.

Step #1: Install the 'Git Browser' Addon

This tool will later help you download and install GitHub-hosted addons, so let's first show you how to set up 'Git Browser' on your Kodi.

Adding Source URL to Kodi File Manager
Install from ZIP File via Kodi
Installing Repository from ZIP File

Step #2: Use 'Git Browser' to Install Kodi Addons From GitHub

So far, you've installed 'Git Browser' on your Kodi. We'll now teach you how to install Kodi addons from GitHub by using this addon. Go through the following steps.

Doing Search in Git Browser on Kodi
Installing Adult Swim via Git Browser on Kodi

Considering that you’ll use unofficial add-ons (not tested by Kodi’s team), using a VPN is highly recommended in this case. To learn more, read about the reasons why you must use a VPN for Kodi. Then, feel free to check the best Kodi VPNs right now. And lastly, read more on how to set up a VPN on Kodi.

Want to Learn More About Using Kodi?

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That would be all on how to install Kodi addons from GitHub. If you have any questions, make sure to share your thoughts via the comments section below. And of course, don't forget to share this article online. Thanks – and enjoy using Kodi!

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