Got a (Confidential) Tip? We’re Here for You!

Do you have a piece of information to share with us? Are you looking for a confidential way to contact our editorial team? If that’s so, feel free to contact us and we will make sure to investigate further. Our readers are also our eyes and ears, so we welcome any information related to anything revolving around cyber-security.

Here are some of the topics that our editorial team currently focuses on:

If you have something that doesn’t fit any of the above-mentioned categories, but you still feel that your information would be interesting to us, go ahead and send it and we’ll take a look. We cover many topics related to cyber-security, and we also cover piracy news - so if you have something in relation to these, feel free to send it along. We promise to protect your anonymity, and we accept “off the record” tips as well. Here are the many ways through which you may reach us.


You may send us any tips to [email protected]. If you’re looking for anonymity, you should create a new email address that won’t imply your identity. And if you want to learn how to create an anonymous email address, check out our guide.


For encrypted communication, you may also reach us via Signal, on +917010815915.

Signal is a communications app that you may get for free on the Play Store or App Store, and which features end-to-end encryption for all its communication data. This means that only our editorial team can read your messages, and even if someone else intercepts them, they will have no way to decrypt the data. The app also has a desktop version, but you will have to install it on Android or iOS first in order to configure it on the computer.

If you’re looking for the very best protection of your identity, you can configure your messages to self-destruct after a defined period of time, and you can grab a fresh SIM card with a number that you have registered nowhere else so as to protect your identity. We have also enabled the “sealed sender” feature on your end, so your metadata will be hidden.

If you want to learn more about what the supported devices, and what data Signal collects from you and how they are handling it, check out this page which explains it all. If you’re looking for Signal’s privacy policy, you may find it here. And finally, you’ll find additional information in your Signal review as well.


If Signal isn’t your cup of tea, you may also reach us through the Keybase chat on +917010815915. You may download Keybase from the Play Store for Android, or from the App Store for iOS.

This is another safe channel of communication that features end-to-end encryption and supports self-destruction timers for the messages on either side. For more details about what data they retain and how they use it, check out the Keybase privacy policy here.

Keep in mind that Keybase is designed to verify your identity online – even though you can still use it as an anonymous communication channel (in a limited form). However, we recommend this service to cyber-security professionals who aren’t afraid to reveal their identity, and who wish to send us files in an encrypted manner. To learn more about this solution, including what kinds of data it collects, please take a look at our Keybase review.

Postal Mail

If you prefer the traditional way of doing things, send us any documents or other types of information you have to the following postal address:

Leaprove Media LLP,
33 Kongu Nagar 3rd Street,
Tirupur, Tamil Nadu 641607,

Please note that postal mail can be anonymous, but it may not reach us, so it’s not 100% reliable. If you want to send us something without using your identity, just drop the item in a post box and don’t include a return address. If you still want us to get back to you, provide a Signal number inside and we’ll make sure to contact you.

Remember, sharing a critical piece of information could help large numbers of affected individuals stay safe online, so if you want to act responsibly and share any information with us - so we can spread the word of warning to as many as possible. We handle all tips with responsibility, and we will keep your personal information undisclosed forever. Also, you may pick one of the methods available that secure your anonymity, so our editorial team, your employer, or any other party will never get to know your identity.

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