Best Kodi Addons for Movies October 2017 (100% Working)

Best Kodi Addons for Movies

The world is moving around entertainment. Do you wish to be a part of it? Then, Kodi must be your choice to entertain you. Kodi is a free and open source software used for streaming movies, TV shows, documentaries, cartoons, music, comedy, and much more video channels. You can directly access the video streams from various websites by installing a top-notch Kodi addons like Exodus, Covenant, SportsDevil, etc.

But unfortunately, various popular Kodi addons are from third-party members who are not a part of the official Kodi release. Last month (July), many unofficial Kodi addons and repositories went offline because of streaming copyrighted content from the web. This law suit ends the service of multiple Kodi addons disappointing Kodi users for a while.

After a few weeks, a new Kodi addons took the place of the old popular addons that is almost similar in functionality. The old repositories are moved to the new repositories thus allowing the Kodi user to access the file.

Kodi is also having the best Live TV Kodi Addons for online streamers who love watching live streams.

This guide is intended to help readers to know the active and alive Kodi addons for Movies for September 2017.

The unworking Kodi addons are fleshed out from our list. The followings are the best working Kodi addons available for streaming movies. Get to know the functionality of each addon and install it on your device for easy streaming your movies.

Also, find some amazing Kodi Builds of this month.

Why you need a VPN while streaming Kodi?

Before getting started, you must know what is the real problem in streaming Movies or Tv Shows or any other video content through illegal Kodi add-ons by mistake? No matter what? If you stream the copyrighted content, you will land in legal troubles. You might not know where the video source is from? Either it can be from legal or illegal source.

So, what do you do now? Nothing. Use a VPN – Virtual Private Network. It is a method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi Hotspots and the Internet.

When you connect to a VPN, you can browse the internet anonymously. This is because VPN hides your IP address, thus allowing it to hide your online activities.

We highly recommend our user to run IPVanish while streaming Kodi. Also, check for other best VPNs for Kodi from here.

Why is IPVanish recommended? 

If you use IPVanish while streaming Kodi, you’ll get the following benefits.

  1. Get Access To All Censored Kodi Add-ons
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  3. Prevent Your Streams From Being Throttled

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13 Best Kodi Addons for Movies – September 2017


How to install Exodus on Kodi

Exodus is the top rated Kodi addons widely used for streaming movies, and TV shows. The user won’t find difficulty in searching the movies or TV shows because of its standard search feature. Also, Exodus has a varied library of an online streaming source, which attracts the online streamers towards them. The interface is quiet and easy to handle for the starter. Millions of Kodi users are already using this addon on their device to enjoy entertaining with the latest Movies or TV Shows. Join the million and be the member.

If you are interested in downloading Exodus on Kodi 17.4, click here. For the older version like 17.3, click here.


Salts addon - Best Kodi Addons

Do you wish to watch the high-quality stream? Then, SALTS Kodi addon must be your choice. The SALTS (Stream All The Sources) addon use a multi-scraper technique to find the best and high-quality streams on various websites. It will list out the streams only if they satisfy the good stream quality score. So, you don’t need to worry about the quality they offer. SALTS is a leading competitor to Exodus addon. Both Kodi addons are unique in their functionality but focus on bringing the best stream from multiple sources. Don’t settle for less.

Click here to start the installation process of SALTS Kodi addon


How to Install Specto Fork Add-on Kodi 17 Krypton

Specto Kodi addon will look almost similar to Exodus, and you will experience the same as well. Both are differentiated only by the developing team. So far, Specto is the most updated Kodi addons that regularly fixes the issues or bugs on their platform. It gets a frequent update once in a month.

Here are the few instruction you should follow to install Specto on Kodi

Update: Specto runs on Filmkodi server which is actually down now. You can try Specto alternatives addons like Covenant, Elysium, Bubbles, or Quasar.


BoB unrestricted addon - Best Kodi Addons

Bob Unrestricted is another great Kodi addon that brings the utility to watch the high-quality movies and TV shows straight away. It contains an extensive streaming source library for music videos, movies, and TV Shows.

The followings are the options you will find on Bob: My Bob, New Releases, Amazing TV, TNPB Box Sets, Bob’s Kids, Music TV, Walk of Fame, Bob Sports, Blue’s Place, TNPB, Valhalla, Settings, and Search.

Bob has a good category listing in it. “Valhalla”, the great place to bring a lot of movie options. But actually, they are hidden inside. Likewise, TNPB will also provide the good movie or TV show listing.

Explore the BoB Unrestricted Kodi Addon by installing it on your device. Click here to learn how to install Bob Unrestricted Kodi addon.


Quasar Kodi addon

Quasar is a torrenting addon that comes under risk factor. So, it is better to use a VPN before installing or accessing it. Don’t try to use Quasar Kodi addon without using a VPN. It may land in trouble. Quasar will fetch the video information from IMDB and allows the user to stream high-quality as well. It is the best torrenting addon that gets frequent updates. You don’t have to worry about the dead links because you use a torrents sites to stream replacing them with the other.

Want to learn how to install Quasar addon on Kodi? Then, you should jump into the Quasar installation guide immediately.

BBC iPlayer

How to install BBC iPlayer on Kodi Jarvis and Krypton

BBC iPlayer addon can be accessed only by UK users with a valid TV License whereas non-UK users are subjected to geo-restriction. If you are outside UK, then you are not permitted to access the streams that BBC iPlayer offers. In case, if you wish to stream movies or TV shows via BBC Kodi addon outside UK, then you must have a VPN to obtain a UK IP address. Using IPVanish, you can bypass any geo blocks, and stream private where you will be anonymous on the go.

Click here to install BBC iPlayer on Kodi Jarvis and Krypton

cCloud TV

How to install cCloud TV Addon Kodi

Wanna stream Live TV channels? You are recommended to install cCloud TV addon on your Kodi. Not every addon will give you access to Live channels but only a few. In that case, we found a cCloud TV Kodi addons. Make use of this cCloud TV to stream hundreds of live TV channels from U.S, British networks and other international channels. It includes news channels, sports channels, entertaining channels, etc. The quality of the stream is top-notch, but unfortunately, you are not provided with the new release. It is a great platform for those who are interested in English and international movies. Get cCloud TV addon from SuperRepo repository or install directly from the Github.

Jump to the cCloud TV Installation guide


Falcon Kodi addon

Falcon is a powerful tool to bring both the live TV and On-demand streams. It covers a broad range of video streaming categories including sports. You have a separate “Falcon Sports” section from which you can stream all the sports channels available. Access Falcon Kodi addon from Mwiz repository.

Instruction to install Falcon addon on Kodi – (Beginners Guide)


Quantum Kodi addon

Quantum is none other than Sanctuary addon, the popular movie addons of Kodi that streams the video content from various powerful addons which was later abandoned by the former developers and rebranded as Sanctuary. Now, it got a new development team which pulls them back into the service online without any interruption. It is available and active now. The location of the addon remains in the same repository, but there may be a few changes in the installation steps which indicates the reflection of new change.

Watch 4K and 3D movies, anime videos, etc on Quantum which merely impossible on other Kodi addons.

Click here to access our Quantum (Sanctuary) installation guide


Elysium Kodi Addon - Best Working Kodi Addon

Elysium Kodi addon is good at scraping the high quality video content of various categories from multiple websites. This addon is formerly known as Zen. Nothing difference between the old and new. Both seem to have the same functionality which actually serves from Noobsandnerds repository. The new one is ultimately enhanced with the performance upgrades. It is same as Quantum addon where the original developer drops and gains the new development team in the end. Search movies or other video content by genre or year.

Stream HD, HQ, and SD video formats on Elysium. Simply following the installation

Simply follow the installation process of Elysium Kodi addon for more streams

Genesis Reborn

Genesis Reborn Kodi addon

The new development team took the place of the old to update the popular Genesis addon for smooth streaming. Genesis Reborn now becomes the favourite Kodi addons for streaming TV and Movie content. With new Genesis Reborn, you have two impressive features that enable the user to stream multiple HD videos including 4K and can disable Captcha hosts.

Follow the link given below for installation guide. Install Genesis Reborn Kodi addon using Jesusbox repo or Kodil or Github zip file.

Steps to install Genesis Reborn Kodi addon


How to Install Bubbles on Kodi 17 Krypton

Bubbles Kodi addon scrapes the video source from Real-Debrid, torrent, and Usenet streaming service. It offers only the best quality service that is highly rated as per the user. But it is not recommended for a user to access such video source content which may be illegal in your country. Download the repo file from the official website

Do you need this addon? Then follow the step-by-step installation guide of Bubbles Kodi addon.


Wolfpack Kodi Addon - Best Working Kodi Addon

Wolfpack addon is completely new to the block providing source links of on-demand movies or TV shows, Live TV and curated playlists to the user. It can search hundreds of video source link from a different website if you enable all the Wolfpack’s sources option. Wolfpack Kodi addon comprises of four unique sections like Beau’s Picks, Moranable Movies, Specialist Movies, and Box Sets.

Click here to install Wolfpack Kodi addon

Drop your favorite Movie Kodi Add-on

I have listed out some of the amazing Kodi addons for Movies rolling out this month. Have I missed any addons that used for streaming Movies? If any, drop the name of that Kodi addon on the comment section below. We’ll add the missed Movie Kodi addons to our list as per your recommendation if needed.

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