Kodi 19.3 ‘Matrix’ Now Available for Download – Bug Fixes for Xbox, Dolby Atmos, AirPlay & More

  • Only two weeks after the release of Kodi 19.2, Kodi 19.3 is already out. 
  • The latest Kodi release brings no new features (it focuses on bug fixes only). 
  • Thanks to the latest version, Kodi 19 should finally reach Xbox consoles. 

It has been only a couple of weeks since Kodi 19.2 'Matrix' became publicly available, after an unusually long period of being in development. However, as said by Kodi’s team, that version introduced several bugs, prompting the team to release the next version of Kodi. With that said, know that Kodi 19.3 'Matrix' is now available for download

Like it usually happens with iterative Kodi updates, the newly released one doesn’t bring any new features. Instead, it focuses on resolving bugs, this time related to Xbox, Dolby Atmos, AirPlay, gaming-related fixes, and more. Here’s an overview of what’s changed: 

  • Xbox (Windows) Store: As Kodi’s developers announced, the previous version was supposed to appear on the Xbox Store. However, due to specific platform requirements for 4K/HEVC playback, you can expect that Kodi 19.3 will finally bring the application to compatible Xbox consoles. There was also an issue with an expired certificate for Kodi 18.9, blocking new installations, which has been resolved as well. 
  • Video/Audio Playback: For quite a while now, Kodi struggled with Dolby Atmos on systems that support TrueHD passthrough. Also, the previous version of Kodi introduced a bug in 19.2 that broke the AirPlay functionality. Both of those problems have been resolved.
  • Other Fixes: If you’ve been using Kodi to play retro games, know that Kodi 19.3 comes with fixes for controller-related problems. And besides that, you can expect a fix for a bug that affected thumbnails for watched episodes (when hiding spoilers). 

By the looks of it, Kodi 19.3 is one of the smallest updates yet. However, if you want to take a deeper look at what exactly changed compared to the previous version, head over to this Kodi GitHub page

Even though it’s relatively small, Kodi 19.3 does include a number of bug fixes. So, we highly recommend updating your Kodi. With that said, you should be free to re-install Kodi 19.3 over your existing version, even without backing up your data. However, if you still use Kodi 18.X, it’s crucial to back up your data as Kodi’s databases will be upgraded in the process. 

Speaking of older versions of Kodi, keep in mind that Kodi 19.0 brought a couple of prominent changes, mostly related to how add-ons work (breaking the majority of third-party add-ons in the process). With that said, if you depend on a lot of add-ons, make sure to read our article on whether you should update to Kodi v19

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