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The application today known as Kodi was completely different back in 2003. This is because Kodi was originally conceived as a media player for Microsoft’s Xbox console. However, we all know how quickly things change in today’s tech world. Originally known as XBMC (Xbox Media Center), this application quickly grew beyond Xbox and expanded to different platforms and devices. You might be wondering if it’s still possible to use Kodi on Xbox? If that the case, you’ve come to the right place. We will we talking about how to install Kodi on Xbox (One). 

Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect from this guide. First, we’ll be talking about Kodi and Xbox and see their differences. You probably know a lot of about this, but it’s always a good idea to take another look at the basics. Then, we’ll see how to install Kodi on Xbox and unify these two very different platforms. By the end of this guide, you will learn all you need to know about these two entertainment hubs and how to make them work side by side. Let’s jump to our first segment.

Setup Kodi on Xbox - Kodi Animation

Disclaimer: We will be discussing about Kodi – which is an open-based software on its own. However, we will be also talking about third-party add-ons which aren’t maintained by Kodi and don’t come through Kodi’s official channels. Still, this software is publicly available and free of charge. Therefore, we don’t claim any responsibility for how our readers decide to use it. Furthermore, TechNadu doesn’t condone acts such as piracy or copyright infringement. Please note that we are not affiliated with the following software in any way. Please, carefully read the above-said disclaimer and ensure the proper use of the software.

WARNING: Before You Continue…

A certain portion of Kodi users is at risk of receiving copyright infringement notices from their Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The truth is that many ISPs are capable of tracking your Web browsing habits and report different kinds of behaviors to authorities. In addition, it is known that ISPs collect personal information and sell this data to advertising agencies. Still, this can be stopped. We recommend using a VPN when watching content on Kodi.

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  • VPNs keep your personal data safe. As we said above, this addresses any concerns regarding data collection by ISPs. If you want to stop your ISP from collecting and possibly selling data about your Web browsing habits, this is the way to go.
  • VPNs are used to access region-locked content. When it comes to enjoying content on Kodi, this is perhaps the most important thing. Quite often, you’ll encounter content that is locked to a certain geographical region. Using a VPN, you automatically change your IP address that is used to trace your whereabouts. With a new IP address, you can change your location digitally and watch previously locked content.

Setup Kodi on Xbox - VPN

All of the above said benefits can be found within IPVanish. It encrypts your Internet connection, keep your computer and your personal data safe, and breaks through censorship and locked content. On top of that, this VPN application doesn’t throttle the speed of your Internet connection, which is often the case with this type of software.

Sign up for IPVanish today. You can start using it for as low as $6.95 per month which is a fair price considering the numerous benefits this application brings.

Use Kodi on Xbox: Overview

In case you’re confused about what is Kodi and how is it different from Xbox and its platform, let’s take a deeper look at these two. This might help you to understand their differences and similarities, as well as the basic technical terms. After that, we’ll talk about different ways to integrate these two platforms.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is designed to be your family’s entertainment hub. First and foremost, this application can be used to store and organize your own collection of media. If you’re a fan of movies, you probably have a library of owned DVDs or video files on your computer. On top of that, Kodi also works with TV shows, music, and even photos. All these kinds of files can be easily imported to Kodi and kept in a single place. We are sure you realize how convenient this can be.

Setup Kodi on Xbox - Kodi Screen

On top of that, Kodi is a completely free-of-charge application. You can download, install, and use it without any restrictions. This isn’t a freeware software, which means that you won’t see advertisements or other annoying pop-ups. Also, Kodi is based on open-source software. This means that programmers and developers can build their own extensions for Kodi. This is why you can find numerous highly-functional add-ons, in addition to skins that are capable of changing Kodi’s default looks. Finally, there is also custom builds that combine different kinds of extensions and customization features into one convenient package. As you can imagine by now, you can use these add-ons, skins, and builds free-of-charge. It’s not that hard to see the reason for Kodi’s massive popularity.

Kodi: Versions & Compatibility

This application is known for its broad compatibility with different operating systems and devices. You can use it to organize and play your collection of media on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or your Smart TV. Here are the systems and devices that have a native version of Kodi available:

  • First and foremost, there’s a version of Kodi for Windows. You can download and install this application the ‘traditional’ way by downloading an EXE file;
  • Next, we have Kodi for OSX (now called MacOS). Simply download the app and drag-and-drop it onto the Applications folder; Additionally, there are ways to use Kodi on iOS as well (which includes both iPhones and iPads). However, you won’t find it on Apple’s App Store, so you’ll have to be a bit creative;
  • Linux might not be the primary platform for many media-related apps. Luckily, there’s a fully functional and native version of Kodi specifically designed for this OS. Check out how to install Kodi on Linux;
  • There is an official version of Kodi for Android. Since Kodi can be found on Google’s Play Store, this also means that Kodi can be installed on Chromebooks as well.
  • Advanced users of Kodi will agree with us when we say that Kodi looks astonishing on large-screen TVs. There are different versions of Kodi for Smart TVs, but you can also use it on Roku and Apple TV. If you need a viable workaround, check out how to install Kodi on a Raspberry Pi model.
  • Last, but not the least, there’s the ultra-powerful Amazon Fire TV Stick. Use the provided link to learn how to setup Kodi on this device.

As seen above, almost every popular platform is covered. The good news is that even if there isn’t an official Kodi version, there are always workarounds to use Kodi on non-supported devices. Now, let’s take a look at how Xbox devices are different from Kodi.

What is Xbox?

At its core, Microsoft’s Xbox is a gaming console. It took a long time until Xbox’s capabilities where strong enough to overcome that primary role. This is why Xbox is an entertainment hub these days.

Aside from playing games, you can use this device to stream online content. This is done by installing applications, just like on your smartphone or tablet. Some of the popular options include Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and many others. However, it’s unlikely that somebody would buy an Xbox model only to stream media from the Web.

Setup Kodi on Xbox - Xbox One

What is also important for you to understand is that the current Xbox model is powered by Windows 10. Microsoft’s goal is to create a unified App Store that would contain apps compatible with all devices powered by this OS. Today, there is a set of applications compatible with Xbox consoles, computers, and tablets.

Xbox: Versions & Compatibility

As said before, Xbox is a gaming console. That means it’s compatible with almost every newer TV with HDMI ports. Connect your Xbox to your TV as well as to a power source, and you’re ready to go. However, it’s important to be said that you can also watch live TV through cable box integration. This is why it’s incredibly easy to switch between gaming, live TV, and on-demand entertainment.

There are currently three models to choose from:

  • Xbox One is the original model of the ‘One’ series. It is currently priced at $249 and comes with either 500GB or 1TB of storage. You can play HD games, but there’s no support for 4K gaming. In addition, it lacks popular options like HDR streaming and gameplay.
  • Xbox One S is the currently the most popular model of Microsoft’s gaming console. Its price starts at $299 and goes up to $399. It comes with 500GB, 1TB or 2TB of storage space. In addition, it supports HDR video streaming and gameplay, uses cloud services, brings highly polishes graphics and more.

Setup Kodi on Xbox - Xbox Models

  • Finally, there’s the recently launched Xbox One X. It is being marketed as the most powerful console ever. It’s priced at $499.99 and comes with 1TB of storage. In addition, it brings powerful specs like the 4K gameplay at 60 frames per second, the latest-generation graphics, highly capable processors, and more.

How to Install Kodi on Xbox?

It’s time to take a look at how to install Kodi on Xbox. There are different ways you can do this, and we’ll cover all of them.

Option #1: Install From Your PC

In case you’re running Windows 10 on your computer, you already have access to the Microsoft Store. This is where you can find applications, games, and media – and download them to your PC. However, Microsoft Store is a useful tool for installing apps on other devices as well. Here’s how to install Kodi on Xbox using your comptuer.

  • Open Microsoft Store on your PC. This can be done by launching the Start Menu and typing in ‘Store‘. Hit Enter to open it;

Microsoft Store

  • In the top-right corner, you’ll see a search bar. Use it to search for ‘Kodi’. Once again, hit the Enter button on your keyboard;

Kodi in MS Store

  • On the left side of the screen, you’ll see Kodi’s icon. Click to open it;

Microsoft Store Search Results

  • Finally, use the button that says ‘Install on Xbox One‘. Microsoft will try to connect to your gaming console and install the application on its own;

Kodi Install On Xbox One

  • After a few moments, you should see Kodi being downloaded or queued for downloading on your Xbox. Be patient, and wait a few moments until this process is done;
  • Upon receiving a notification that Kodi is ready for launch, go ahead and open it.

Option #2: Install Kodi via Xbox

Even though it’s convenient to install Kodi on Xbox by using your PC, there’s a different way. As you know, your gaming console already has a store of games and apps. Therefore, you can use that store to download Kodi.

  • Power ON your Xbox and wait until you see your Dashboard;
  • Next, go to the ‘Store‘ item using the top-placed main menu;
  • Now, click on ‘Search‘ and type in ‘Kodi‘;
  • Navigate to Kodi’s icon on the list of search results and open it;
  • Finally, select ‘Install‘;
  • Kodi will now download and install in the background. Shortly after, you will see a notification. Go ahead, and try out the application.

Additional Resources: What’s Next?

You should know that the currently available version of Kodi for Xbox is Kodi 18 Leia – Beta version. However, there aren’t any important limitations. You can proceed to install addons, and customizing your Kodi. Here are a few resources that you might find useful.

  • First, we recommend installing a set of essential add-ons like SkyNet and BoB Unleashed. Here are some additional resources when it comes to the best live TV add-onsmovie add-ons, and even sports-related add-ons.
  • Next, you can try out different skins for Kodi. If you like to customize the applications you use, here’s a helpful overview of the most popular skins for Kodi.
  • Finally, you can try out builds. These apply a custom skin and install numerous add-ons at once. This is a good way to expand Kodi’s abilities without spending too much time on customization. Check out some of the most popular builds for Kodi.

Setup Kodi on Xbox - Resources

Aside from making customizations, it’s important to learn more about Kodi. This is the only way to get to know Kodi’s features and learn how to take advantage of them:


As you can see, you can install Kodi on Xbox in a matter of seconds. We hope you’ll manage to go through the entire process and that you’re enjoying the application as we speak.

In case you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section. We would be happy to hear your opinion and to assist you in case of installation issues. Also, we’d appreciate if you could share this article online. Thanks!