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5 Best Kodi Boxing Addons in 2024

Written by Novak Bozovic
Last updated May 26, 2024

So, you're looking for the best boxing Kodi addons? If that's so, we understand the frustration of trying out addons that turn out to be faulty (which happens more often than not). Don't worry; we have done the hard work of sifting through hundreds of addons to bring you those focused solely on boxing.

First and foremost, know that we highly recommend sticking to legal boxing addons for Kodi, even though they do have certain limitations. Unofficial addons might look enticing, but remember that those aren't safe to use.

As you're about to see, we have an excellent group of boxing addons, so let's jump right in. But first, make sure to read the following warning.


Kodi 19 ‘Matrix’ is the latest available major version of the application (Kodi 19.1Kodi 19.2, Kodi 19.3, and Kodi 19.4 were also released). Still, if you haven’t updated Kodi yet, know that the latest version breaks compatibility with a large number of add-ons.

You’ll need to wait for third-party developers to make their add-ons compatible with Kodi 19, which could take a while. We’ve seen some progress when it comes to add-ons from Kodi’s official repository. However, the situation is still very problematic for add-ons that come from outside Kodi’s repository.

Therefore, if you use many add-ons, stick to Kodi 18.9 for now. Keep in mind that downgrading from Kodi 19 to Kodi 18 can be a very tricky task to accomplish (even impossible in many cases).

Do You Really Need a VPN When Using Boxing Kodi Addons?

Without any doubt, you need a VPN when watching boxing on Kodi - if you want to eliminate any geo-restrictions and unblock any addon out there.

A VPN can "change" your location by giving you a new IP address. That's how Kodi's addons will think you're elsewhere, giving you access to previously blocked content. So, if you want to stream any boxing match out there without thinking about geo-restrictions, a VPN is the only way to go.

Of course, a VPN will grant you access to more than just boxing addons. Aside from streaming any type of content, you'll get to secure your Web connection and prevent digital trackers from working. That means that you'll regain control over your privacy. And also, you'll prevent your ISP from slowing down your Web traffic, which translates to streaming with no buffering.

Make sure to pick a VPN that won't let you down. Our guide to the best VPNs for Kodi is exactly what you'll want to check. And then, learn how to use a Kodi VPN.

To unblock Kodi and all of its boxing addons, we recommend using ExpressVPN - which comes as the most powerful option now. If you subscribe to ExpressVPN today, you'll save 49% on the VPN's long-term plan, and you'll also get 3 FREE MONTHS added to your subscription.

The Best Boxing Kodi Addons

After plenty of testing and after several revisions of this article, we think these are the 5 best Kodi boxing addons that you'll find available right now:

  1. DAZN
  2. ESPN 3
  3. NBC Sports Live Extra (Compatible with Kodi v19)
  4. Fox Sports GO
  5. YouTube (Compatible with Kodi v19)


DAZN Kodi Addon
Compatibility Up to Kodi v18.9 (doesn't work on Kodi v19).
Applicable Geo-Restrictions Available in over 200 countries.
Types of Content Available PPV events, live TV channels, on-demand content.
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If you're into boxing (and we're sure you are, as you're reading this article), know that DAZN is the best OTT platform right now. In 2018, DAZN announced a deal with the Matchroom Boxing promoter to stream boxing matches in the US. In the meantime, global streaming rights were acquired, making DAZN even more attractive.

As you can see, DAZN is a premium-priced subscription service. However, considering that it comes with a fully-functional Kodi addon and considering its affordable price, we think it's your best bet right now.

Lastly, know that DAZN is hosted by Kodi's own repository, making the installation process as simple as possible. You can expect regular updates as well, which is why investing in this OTT platform seems like a good option.

2. ESPN 3

ESPN 3 Kodi Addon
Compatibility Up to Kodi v18.9 (doesn't work on Kodi v19).
Applicable Geo-Restrictions Available in the USA only.
Types of Content Available Live ESPN channels; On-demand content.
Read More How to install ESPN 3 on Kodi

If you already have a cable or OTT subscription that includes ESPN, we have a fantastic addon for you. Called ESPN 3, this addon requires your existing credentials to let you stream premium-priced ESPN channels.

In terms of the available channels, this addon includes ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNews, ESPN Deportes, SEC, Longhorn, ESPN3, SECPlus, and ACCExtra. Besides, on-demand content awaits, including replays.

Considering that you can watch boxing on various ESPN channels, we have a highly valuable addon here. And also, know that ESPN3 offers video quality up to HD, which also applies to live TV channels. That's how you can get a much better picture quality in comparison to what you'll get from your cable provider.

3. NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports Live Extra
Compatibility Up to Kodi v19 (older versions of Kodi work as well).
Applicable Geo-Restrictions Available in the USA only.
Types of Content Available Live and on-demand content.
Read More How to install NBC Sports Live Extra on Kodi

For a very long time, NBC was home to high-profile boxing matches. Even though DAZN took over some of its broadcasting rights, NBC Sports is still one of the best sports-oriented channels. Therefore, we recommend it to those who like to follow the latest boxing-related news, in addition to following other sports as well.

In terms of what you can watch on NBC Sports Live Extra, well – plenty awaits. This is home to numerous NFL and Premier League games, NASCAR races, golf tournaments, and plenty more. And considering that NBC Sports Extra has apps for other platforms, you'll always get to stay on top of the latest news.


NBC Sports Extra is available in the USA only. So, you'll want to learn how to watch NBC Sports Live outside of the USA, in addition to how to watch NBC Sports online without cable. No matter what method you pick, you'll get your credentials to authorize the Kodi addon.

4. Fox Sports GO

Fox Sports GO Kodi Addon
Compatibility Up to Kodi v18.9 (doesn't work on Kodi v19).
Applicable Geo-Restrictions Available in the USA only.
Types of Content Available On-demand and live content.
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Even though Fox Sports GO launched a few years back with plenty of hype, it never reached its full potential. However, this is an excellent source of news in terms of boxing. This is where you'll find the latest boxing scores, news, rumors, stats, and standings – so you can easily stay on top of the newest boxing events.

The most significant upside to using Fox Sports GO is that you'll benefit from this broadcaster's exclusive rights. In 2018, the PBC signed a deal with Fox to produce a series of matches, and many of those are available on Fox Sports GO as well.


Fox Sports GO is available in the United States only - but there's a way to bypass this geo-restriction. For more info, please read our guide to the best VPNs for Fox Sports GO.

5. YouTube

YouTube Installation Overview Kodi Interface
Compatibility Up to Kodi v19 (older versions of Kodi work as well).
Applicable Geo-Restrictions Available worldwide.
Types of Content Available Live TV channels and on-demand content.
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We'll end our list of the best boxing Kodi addons with YouTube. And yes, we understand that you might be surprised to see this addon recommended. However, there are more reasons that one to install and use it.

Even though YouTube won't let you stream that latest high-profile boxing matches live, it provides access to a steady stream of news. This means you could use your YouTube account to subscribe to various TV networks' channels, letting you easily stay on top of the latest news.

We all know that YouTube is a valuable source of videos, many of which can't be found on other platforms. In terms of boxing, we're talking about channels dedicated to this sport, which are now available on Kodi.


To get the most out of this platform, we recommend using a VPN to unblock different YouTube versions. Therefore, don't forget to consult our guide to the best YouTube VPNs.

How to Find & Install Boxing Addons on Kodi?

All of the boxing Kodi addons that we've decided to highlight in this guide come from Kodi's official repository. With that said, here's how to find and install them.

In case you'd like to take a deeper dive into installing addons from Kodi's official repository, make sure to click on the provided link. That's where you'll find more detailed instructions, along with helpful screenshots (and handy tips and tricks, as well).


You should also know that Kodi addons can come from the Web. If you wish to install those, here's how to install Kodi addons from GitHub, as well as how to install addons that come as ZIP files.

Boxing Kodi Addons Not Working? Try This!

Kodi users are no strangers to error messages like "Something went wrong" or "Failed to install a dependency." However, it takes only a couple of moments of your time to resolve those problems, as explained just below.


In case you need a more comprehensive guide to troubleshooting Kodi, the link we've provided will take you to TechNadu's central guide - with many issues regarding Kodi explained and numerous solutions offered.

Which Boxing Addons for Kodi No Longer Work (Or Have Shut Down Permanently)?

We used to have a selection of boxing-related addons for Kodi. However, it's not unusual for "unofficial" addons to disappear without a trace, and that's precisely what happened to the following addons.

All of the addons found above were used to stream boxing on Kodi. However, none of them came from Kodi's official repository, which is always a reason for concern. So, make sure to learn about the difference between official and unofficial addons - and be careful about what you install on Kodi.

Don't Install These Illegal Boxing Kodi Addons!

Addons such as Rising Tides, TV Tap, Apex, Fight Club, Planet MMA, and SportsDevil come with boxing-related content. However, all of those addons are illegal!

That's because those addons are based on digital piracy. They either steal their content from legitimate streaming services or bring pirate IPTV links for watching boxing live. With that said, watching and downloading that content constitutes copyright infringement.

If your ISP catches you downloading illegal content, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble. So, stick to safe options only, as highlighted in this article.


Don't waste your time on illegal and broken Kodi addons. Instead, rely on our hand-picked selection for the 60+ best addons for Kodi. You can also find more options in our guide to the best repositories for Kodi. Lastly, if customization is your thing, check the best Kodi skins.

This is where we end our guide to the best Kodi addons for boxing. If you have questions, make sure to post a comment below. If you wish to check other Kodi articles produced by our team, don't hesitate to use the link provided. Thank you for reading!

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