Kodi 19.2 ‘Matrix’ Brings Another Round of Bug Fixes + Xbox Availability!

  • Kodi 19 'Matrix' has just received another update, focused on resolving bugs. 
  • Kodi 19.2 also brings the ‘Matrix’ branch to Xbox consoles.
  • The latest update is already available across all of Kodi’s supported platforms.

Kodi's development team has announced the latest release of their software, which means Kodi 19.2 'Matrix' is now available across all of its supported devices. Just like it happened with Kodi 19.1, which was released earlier this year, this latest version is focused on resolving bugs and improving the application's performance. Aside from that, we're happy to report that Kodi 19 is now finally available across Xbox consoles as well.  

If we check Kodi's GitHub, we'll see that the latest release addresses several issues across Windows and Android, as well as platform-agnostic improvements. If you don't have the time to check Kodi's GitHub, we bring you the most notable highlights of the latest update. 

  • PVR: Several crashing factors have been resolved, especially those that caused Kodi’s PVR to crash during startup. If you’ve been having issues with Kodi’s PVR, we highly recommend downloading Kodi 19.2 as soon as possible. 
  • Video Library: In general, Kodi’s video library remains the same, with all of the features Kodi 19.0 brought. With that said, Kodi’s development team has resolved a number of bugs in the meantime, making the application more stable. 
  • Games: Kodi 19.2 adds new translations for emulations and game controllers. 
  • Windows-Specifics: If you’ve been having HDR-related issues, now is the time to update. Kodi 19.2 also brings fixes to pass-through audio problems while resolving crashes when switching monitors due to adding/removing hardware.  
  • Android-Specifics: On older Android versions, Kodi occasionally had an issue with not recognizing external storage volumes. That has been resolved. 
  • Xbox-Specifics: And finally, Kodi 19.2 brings Kodi 'Matrix' to Microsoft’s Xbox. You can take full advantage of Kodi in 4K, along with all of the improvements and new features that Kodi 19.0 brought. Still, keep in mind that Kodi 19.2 might not be available just yet in your local Xbox Store, so give it a few days if you don’t see it straight away.

Finally, we'd like to remind you that even though both developers and end-users were warned ahead of time, Kodi's 19.0 'Matrix' release brought a significant change to how the application operates. As reported by our team, that switch forced many add-ons to stop working, leaving Kodi users without their favorite sources of content (by disabling those automatically).

With that said, if you haven't yet updated to Kodi 19 from Kodi 18 or earlier, know that the majority of your add-ons won't work (that especially applies to unofficial Kodi add-ons). 

Once ready to get Kodi 19.2 on your device, simply reinstall the latest Kodi version over your existing installation. For more information, here's our dedicated guide on how to update Kodi.

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