PureVPN Review 2023

PureVPN claims to be “the best VPN money can buy.” That’s a confident boast but not at all uncommon in the wildly competitive global VPN market, where many providers offer similar features and must do more to stand out. PureVPN is feature-packed and excels in some areas, but does it do enough to beat its top rivals like ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and NordVPN?

Straightaway, we must say that it’s not quite at that level, but that alone does not make it second-rate. PureVPN makes our list of the best VPN services, which is impressive considering we have tested scores of them. Here, we’ll provide a more comprehensive PureVPN review covering the tests and research we carried out on the privacy service.

Before we get into that, here’s an overview of the VPN, showing its specifications and other critical information.

Jurisdiction  British Virgin Islands
Logs No logging (independently audited)
Servers 6,500+ servers in 70+ countries
Simultaneous Connections 10 devices
Supported Devices Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Web browsers, streaming devices, routers, and more.
Features Kill switch, split tunneling, obfuscation, dedicated IPs, port forwarding and more.
Protocols WireGuard, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, IKEv2/IPsec
Supports Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, torrenting, gaming, and more.
Customer Support 24/7 live chat, email, and more.
Price From $2.08/month.
Live Deal 81% OFF + 3 months FREE
Our Score 7.0 out of 10

Considering the individual specs listed above, we are pleased to see many positive aspects, such as the friendly jurisdiction away from the 5-Eyes Alliance, vast server network and device support, affordable pricing, and privacy-friendly features and policies. That said, PureVPN also falls short in some areas. More on that later on.

This PureVPN review will cover each aspect of the VPN, from encryption to performance and reliability, privacy and security, user interface, pricing, server spread, streaming capabilities, and more. Check out how we review VPNs to learn about the uniform approach we have used in testing 65+ providers. 

Well, then, let’s get down to the PureVPN review!

Background, Jurisdiction & Reputation

Map of British Virgin Islands

Numerous privacy-related questions have been surrounding PureVPN for a while now – a VPN service that is shrouded in mystery. Our Score: 2/10

No matter which VPN you pick, you should know that it will process all your Web browsing data. And, yes - that can include your private data as well. However, VPNs treat your private data differently, so let's check the situation surrounding PureVPN.

Where Does PureVPN Come From? Is It Part of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance?

Up until recently, PureVPN was based in Hong Kong. However, due to China's ever-growing influence, VPNs have started to abandon that city/territory. That's most probably the reason why PureVPN now says that it comes from the British Virgin Islands, which is an independent and privacy-protecting territory.

Interestingly enough, many other VPNs come from the British Virgin Islands as well, like ExpressVPN and Surfshark. Both of those are highly reputable VPNs with a long history of protecting their customers' sensitive information.

More precisely, PureVPN is a product of a company called GZ Systems Limited, as per this VPN's legal documentation. That's where you'll find the company's address, providing a level of transparency that we don't often see in today's VPN services (if you don't take a closer look, as you're about to find out).

Digging a bit deeper will lead you to another company called Gaditek (founded by Uzair Gadit). This company is based in Karachi, Pakistan – and it even proudly showcases PureVPN's logo on its official website. Pakistan is a problematic country to base VPN operations in, as it has data retention laws and a highly complex political situation.

It's also worth noting that some reports have surfaced linking Gaditek to a series of VPN review websites with highly aggressive SEO (search engine optimization) strategies. Being the owner of those websites, Gaditek hires writers to produce highly positive reviews of PureVPN – and those articles rank high on Google. In other words, this is false and misleading marketing.

With that said, it's clear that PureVPN isn't as transparent as it claims to be. On the contrary, it purposefully hides various crucial information that its subscribers should know about. And if you keep on reading this review, you'll see that many other of its marketing messages oversell what this VPN is capable of doing.

Did PureVPN Leak Private Data in the Past?

There have been several privacy-related incidents directly connected to PureVPN. Most recently, it was discovered that PureVPN could have leaked passwords since it stored them in a plain text format. This discovery was unveiled in September 2018, and this security vulnerability has been apparently solved since.

In March of 2018, PureVPN found itself among a group of VPNs leaking IP data. Despite several protections in place, it was surprising to hear that PureVPN could leak your personal and 'true' IP address – fully exposing your online activities.

We should also mention that in 2017, PureVPN was happy to assist the FBI in catching a cyberstalker. At that time, the VPN claimed that no data was collected, which turned out to be false. Even though committing a crime is against any digital service's 'Terms of Service' out there, the problem is that PureVPN wasn't honest about its logging practices.

What's interesting to note is that PureVPN has come up with a solution and upgraded its servers since – according to the VPN's representatives, at least. Of course, we'll make sure to test whether PureVPN is prone to any DNS or IP leaks later on in this PureVPN review.

Finally, in an effort to improve its image, PureVPN went through an audit. As per the results of this audit, the VPN doesn't leak any personal information, and it also doesn't store anything sensitive. This is definitely good news for its subscribers, but we still recommend exercising caution while using this VPN.

Is PureVPN Safe?

Yes, PureVPN is safe as it has an array of features to protect your sensitive data from snooping authorities and malicious actors. Moreover, it now operates from one of the world's most friendly locations for data privacy.

As we touched on earlier, this VPN came under intense scrutiny in the past over concerns about its counteractive activities. However, just as importantly, it has taken very strong measures to build back trust.

In 2021, it became the first VPN to sanction an “Always-On” audit. This means the audit firm in charge, KPMG, can analyze PureVPN’s network and servers at any time, without warning, to verify its no-logs claims. 

Non-scheduled audits present a benchmark in an industry where most providers have never even had their servers evaluated by independent bodies. 

Supported Platforms & Devices

PureVPN Steps to Download Software

PureVPN brings wide compatibility with every currently popular device and operating system, both desktop and mobile. Router support is there as well. Our Score: 10/10

When choosing a VPN, you first need to pay attention to its native apps. Ideally, you want a VPN to offer native apps for just about any Internet-connected device. Leaving a single device unprotected could lead to a leak, eliminating your privacy protection efforts.

Platform Compatibility
Desktop Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux, Chromebooks.
Mobile Platforms Android, iOS.
Web Browsers Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.
Routers DD-WRT, Tomato, and other compatible routers.
Other Devices Android TV, Amazon Fire OS, Kodi.

By looking at the table above, it's clear that PureVPN has covered the basics well, as it offers native apps for desktop and mobile platforms. There's also support for platforms like Chrome OS, Android TV, and Amazon Fire OS, which is something we don't see very often.

Of course, you can also install PureVPN on a router and, therefore, keep all your household devices protected at once. Even though that isn't the most straightforward process to go through, it's the best way to ensure that your personal data doesn't leak online.

It's also worth knowing that you can use PureVPN on up to 10 devices at the same time. Using it on a router counts as a single device, no matter how many devices you connect to that router. This leaves plenty of "empty" slots, so you can protect yourself even on the go.

Installation & Initial Configuration

Installing PureVPN on macOS

In general, downloading and installing PureVPN comes without any annoyances. The process is suitable even for complete beginners. Our Score: 10/10

As you can imagine, it all starts with getting a PureVPN subscription. Then, you can proceed to download PureVPN's apps from its website. In the past, this used to be a highly complicated process, as getting to those apps required you to do a Google search (PureVPN's website used to be a real mess). However, this is now an effortless task.

When it comes to the installation process itself, it comes hassle-free. Once you download the installation file, double-click to open it, then follow the steps you'll see on your screen, install the VPN, and open its file. Log in using your credentials, and that's about it.

No matter which platform you use, the process of installing PureVPN is quite simple. And if you ever get stuck along the way, you can consult PureVPN's installation guides, which come nicely written with plenty of useful material.

Prominent Features

PureVPN Features Overview

PureVPN has eliminated a group of unique yet very problematic features - and is now a reliable and powerful VPN service once again. However, not all of PureVPN's advertised features are available across all of its apps. Our Score: 8/10

This is where we take a look at the standard set of features that every capable VPN should bring in 2023. So, here's a table explaining what to expect from PureVPN.

VPN Features Checklist
DNS Leak Protection YES
IPv6 Leak Protection YES
Kill Switch YES (Windows, macOS, Android)
Split Tunneling YES (Windows, Android, Android TV)
Dedicated/Static IPs YES
Ad-Blocker, Anti-Malware NO
Unlimited Server Switches YES
Unlimited Bandwidth YES
Unlimited Data YES

Interestingly enough, PureVPN used to come with all kinds of unique features. For example, there were "Gravity" and "Ozone" servers used to scan for malware and obfuscate your traffic in a unique way. However, they also brought performance-related issues. That said, it's not surprising to see those features discontinued.

In the meantime, PureVPN has decided to return to its core features, and we see this as a good thing. Today, this is a capable VPN that comes with DNS and IPv4/6 leak protection, and there's a kill switch included as well (available on Windows, macOS, and Android). You will also find split tunneling on board (available on Windows, Android, and Android TV).

It's also interesting to note that PureVPN offers dedicated IPs that can be linked to certain countries, such as the United States, Singapore, Malta, Germany, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. However, this is a premium-priced feature ($2.99/month).

Lastly, PureVPN offers a few premium add-ons. For example, port forwarding ($0.99/month) is useful when torrenting, playing online games, or sharing your website/FTP securely. There's also DDoS protection ($3.99/month), which is helpful for gaming, e-commerce stores, and various types of online businesses.

Server Count & Infrastructure

PureVPN List of Servers

PureVPN doesn't have the largest network of servers out there, but it has the power to take you to any corner of the Web. Our Score: 8/10

The truth is that PureVPN has plenty of servers around the world. That said, our PureVPN review wouldn't be complete without inspecting its server network, which you can learn more about just below.

Server Count Info
Number of Servers 6,500+
Number of Locations 180+
Number of Countries 75+
Specific Cities Selection YES
Unlimited Switching YES

We have to say that PureVPN has exceeded our expectations. Having more than 6,500 servers spread across the globe, this VPN is among those with the highest server count. Furthermore, it is trying to be as transparent as possible by giving you an overview of the countries where its servers are located and the ability to select specific cities.

All that comes in handy once you start using PureVPN's software. Once you pick a country, you'll also get to pick a specific location. On top of that, there are various ways to filter the available servers. Therefore, you can easily make a decision about which server to use, as well as what kind of performance to expect.

Also, we must mention that a portion of PureVPN's network consists of virtual servers (instead of offering physical servers). For example, servers associated with countries like Egypt, Argentina, Panama, Bolivia, Algeria, Oman, and Mexico are virtual. To check those, you need to check PureVPN's website. Sadly, the VPN's apps make no mention of virtual server locations, which is definitely a transparency oversight.

UI/UX Design & Ease of Use

Home Screen of PureVPN App on Mac

Despite a recent visual redesign, PureVPN is still miles behind its competitors. Its apps now feature a modern-looking user interface that's still characterized by many visual quirks and inconsistencies. Our Score: 5/10

PureVPN used to bring an outdated and somewhat confusing UI, which was redesigned a couple of months ago. Now, this is a much more polished application - even though plenty of work can still be done to improve it.

The home screen of PureVPN is very simple. You can connect to the nearest server or decide to connect to the most recently used one. To tap into all of PureVPN's servers, click 'Locations' on the left-hand side. That's where you will see a recommended location (in close proximity to your physical location), any recently used and favorite servers, or you can pick any server manually.

Server List PureVPN App

When it comes to other options in PureVPN's main menu (on the left side of its interface), you won't find much there. The 'Notifications' tab acts as a message board for PureVPN to inform you of anything requiring your attention (we have yet to see a message posted there). The 'Refer a Friend' tab lets you invite up to 24 hours, saying that you can "share free monthly accounts with your friends and family."

Notifications Tab PureVPN macOS Interface

Then, there's the 'Setup on Devices' tab, which has a sizeable list of links (using which you can download additional PureVPN apps and take full advantage of your subscription). And lastly, the 'Support' tab lets you check a small group of frequently asked questions, and you can submit a support ticket or start a live chat (by going to PureVPN's site).

Setup Guides Available in PureVPN Interface

If we head over to PureVPN's settings, we will encounter three tabs. Let's take a close look at what's found there (at least when it comes to macOS):

  • General: This tab lets you change PureVPN's appearance, pick another language, as well as instruct the VPN to launch on system startup and auto-connect (if you want protection 24/7).
  • Protocol: PureVPN makes it easy to switch between different VPN protocols. By default, the app will pick the best protocol. However, you're always free to make your own choices.
  • Advanced: And lastly, the 'Advanced' tab lets you enable the kill switch, let PureVPN show ping values, and similar. Even though this is a small group of options, all of them are beneficial to tweak.
PureVPN Settings Page on macOS

When it comes to PureVPN's mobile apps, they share the same visual language as the VPN's desktop apps. For example, PureVPN's iOS app opens to a very simple home screen (useful for first-time users), letting you connect to a server or dive into the app's settings.

During the last couple of months, this VPN app has become more powerful, which is nice to see as it launched with limited features.

PureVPN Interface on iPhone

We are happy to see this VPN making an effort to redesign its apps. However, we are not yet convinced that PureVPN has picked the right direction. Compared to top-rated VPNs, this one looks like a product in development, with numerous interface quirks that are yet to be ironed out.

Media Streaming, Torrenting, and Gaming Support

Streaming Netflix via PureVPN

As per our tests, PureVPN can unblock a whole range of popular media streaming services. It also fully supports torrenting via a series of specialized servers. However, this VPN's speed can be limited at times. Our Score: 8/10

It's time to see how successfully PureVPN can unblock media streaming websites. Don't worry; we haven't forgotten about fans of P2P traffic, either. Here's what you need to know.

Media Streaming and Torrenting Support
Netflix US YES
Disney Plus YES (can be slow at times)
Hulu YES (can be slow at times)
BBC iPlayer YES
Amazon Prime Video YES (most of the time)
Torrenting (P2P) Support YES (specialized servers)

The good news is that when it comes to unblocking Netflix (the US version), this VPN can help you. It's also interesting to note that you can often hear that PureVPN can't unblock Netflix, as reported all over the Web. However, this wasn't the case during our testing. We managed to play US-only titles without any problems whatsoever.

PureVPN can also unblock Hulu and Disney Plus in the majority of cases. At times, we did experience very slow speeds with plenty of buffering involved. The same applies to Prime Video, which seems to work quite nicely. And lastly, we also managed to unblock BBC's iPlayer without any issues whatsoever.

Does PureVPN Work with Netflix?

Yes, PureVPN works with Netflix

It has a special category when browsing its servers (called “Shortcuts”), optimized for media streaming. Using those, you can unblock Netflix US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Australia, and France. Other supported services include beIN Sports, HBO Max, Canal+, and many other US- and Europe-based streaming options. 

Our tests show that PureVPN unblocks Netflix US and other libraries quite effortlessly. Since there are specialized servers, you don’t need to manually test multiple servers. We experienced no issues streaming exclusive US TV shows while connected to the optimized Netflix US server. 

Is PureVPN Good for Torrenting?

Yes, PureVPN is good for torrenting - but it’s not the best option you’ll find right now. On the plus side, it offers an array of servers optimized for P2P activities in several locations in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

Torrenting has its risks, with the main concern being the exposure of your IP address. With PureVPN, however, several features can prevent that from occurring, including bank-level AES 256-bit encryption, an automatic kill switch, and compatibility with many popular torrent clients. Furthermore, its zero-log policy ensures that you leave no lingering trails after you are done.

On the flip side, unreliable speeds sometimes result in frustrating experiences because of the massive file sizes usually involved.

Also, bear in mind that the server location matters with PureVPN with regard to torrenting. The provider explicitly states that it does not permit the activity in countries with unfriendly regulations (the US, UK, Canada, and Australia)

Is PureVPN Good for Gaming?

Yes, PureVPN is a good choice for online gaming - if you connect to nearby servers

Its unblocking ability plays a major role here, allowing access to games restricted to specific locations or countries. Add-ons like port-forwarding and dedicated IPs mean you can host gaming servers and play without worrying about security issues. While local speeds could be better, the pings we experienced are good enough for lag-free gaming.

However, that’s not quite the case when you connect to servers farther away. PureVPN’s performance falls significantly, and ping rises as high as 200+ ms. That means you’ll start to notice some latency while playing games, which creates a frustrating experience. 

Security & Privacy

PureVPN Privacy Policy

PureVPN has had plenty of issues in the past. However, it seems that this VPN has done plenty in recent years to improve its reputation. There is some logging still involved, making it hard to recommend this VPN if you're only interested in protecting your privacy. Our Score: 6/10

As you could learn in the first segment of our review, PureVPN does have a problematic past - which can be a major obstacle to using this VPN. So, let's take a closer look and see how well it can protect its users' privacy.

Which VPN Protocols Does PureVPN Support?

PureVPN uses plenty of capable tools for encrypting your data. That means it prevents third parties from taking advantage of your personal information. The core of this tech is military-grade 256-bit AES encryption – the strongest type available right now.

In addition to using highly capable encryption (AES-256), PureVPN relies on a whole range of VPN protocols as well - OpenVPN, IPsec, and IKEv2. Until recently, this VPN supported PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP, but these are no longer accessible from the VPN's apps.

Even though PureVPN should provide a very secure tunnel for your data, it's not on the same level as its competitors. That's because many VPNs have already adopted WireGuard, the latest VPN protocol available that combines fast performance with high-end security. Of course, this isn't a major downside. However, we have to note that other VPNs could give you more options without you having to pay more.

Does PureVPN Keep Logs?

No, PureVPN doesn't keep any logs that could identify what you do online (it used to log that data through). However, some data is collected, which is the case with most of today's VPNs. That data is anonymized and can't be traced back to you.

Even the most reliable VPN protocols don’t mean much if your VPN collects your data. And in 2017, PureVPN tarnished its own reputation. That was connected to a case where the FBI caught a cyber-stalker by forcing PureVPN to hand over very precise personal data about one of its subscribers. And all of that was happening at a time when PureVPN claimed it didn't know anything about its customers.

To improve its standing, PureVPN has done plenty to persuade its customers to stay. They've updated their privacy policy to make it more transparent, and here's what kind of information they log right now:

  • Information regarding your Internet Service Provider;
  • The date you connected to a secure server;
  • Total bandwidth consumed. 

The types of information mentioned above cannot be used to identify what you do online. This means your real IP address, connection timestamps, or any other personally identifiable pieces of information remain private.

PureVPN has indeed had several problems in the past, and it has already managed to disappoint its users once. However, we believe the company has improved its privacy policy and no longer collects personal data.

In fact, this VPN went through an independent audit, confirming that PII (personally identifiable information) is never collected - which once again makes PureVPN an interesting pick.

Does PureVPN Leak/Expose Private Data?

Testing DNS Leaks PureVPN

Lastly, know that we've put PureVPN through a rigorous DNS leak test. We're happy to report that no leaks were detected. It means that once you connect to a PureVPN server, your private information will remain within this VPN's secure tunnel.

Speed & Performance

Unblocking Netflix via PureVPN on Mac

On average, PureVPN slowed our Web connection down by around 70%. This is quite below what you can usually expect. On top of that, PureVPN comes with unpredictable performance, which could be a problem in the long run. Our Score: 3/10

While reviewing VPN services, we connect to both local and remote servers to check their speeds. We did the same with PureVPN, so here's what you can expect in terms of its performance.

Baseline Speed Before Testing PureVPN
Our baseline speed (before testing PureVPN).

The image above shows the speed of our Web connection without using the VPN. As you can see, we got 486.49 Mbps for downloads and 47.56 Mbps for uploads. Those are our baseline stats, helping us calculate the reduction of performance imposed by PureVPN.

Performance of PureVPN Server in Italy
Speed test results of PureVPN's Italy-based VPN server.

We're located in Europe, which means that to test local connections, we use servers located in Italy and the UK. Above, you can see the numbers we got from an Italy-based server, which gave us 152.97 Mbps for downloads and 23.09 Mbps for uploads.

Performance of PureVPN Server in the UK
Speed test results of PureVPN's UK-based VPN server.

Then, a server in the UK gave us 187.54 Mbps for downloads and 19.93 Mbps for uploads. In general, we expected those numbers to be higher.

Performance of PureVPN Server in the USA
Speed test results of PureVPN's USA-based VPN server.

When it comes to testing remote connections, we typically connect to servers in the US, Canada, India, and Australia. The image you see above is related to PureVPN's US-based server, which gave us 159.51 Mbps for downloads and 6.96 Mbps for uploads.

Performance of PureVPN Server in Canada
Speed test results of PureVPN's Canada-based VPN server.

Then, a server in Canada behaved quite poorly. No matter how many times we tested various Canada-based servers provided by PureVPN, we never managed to go over 5.80 Mbps for downloads and 6.58 Mbps for uploads.

Performance of PureVPN Server in India
Speed test results of PureVPN's India-based VPN server.

A server in India gave us 200.04 Mbps for downloads and 4.88 Mbps for uploads. Overall, those are good numbers for a remote location (remember that we're located in Europe).

Performance of PureVPN Server in Australia
Speed test results of PureVPN's Australia-based VPN server.

And lastly, a server in Australia gave us 149.96 Mbps for downloads and 4.27 Mbps for uploads. Once again, those numbers are quite high for a highly remote VPN connection.

To make sense of the data and images displayed above, we have put all of that information in the following table. So, let's take a quick look, shall we?

  Download Speed Upload Speed Speed Reduction
Baseline Speed 486.49 Mbps 47.46 Mbps 0%
Italy 152.97 Mbps 23.09 Mbps 68.5%
United Kingdom 187.54 Mbps 19.93 Mbps 61.4%
United States 159.51 Mbps 6.96 Mbps 67.2%
Canada 5.80 Mbps 6.58 Mbps 98.8%
India 200.04 Mbps 4.88 Mbps 58.8%
Australia 149.96 Mbps 4.27 Mbps 69.1%

We conclude that PureVPN made our Internet connection slower by 70.6%, on average. Even though every VPN will slow you down, you can expect much better performance in general. What's problematic about PureVPN is that some of its servers performed poorly, which means that its performance and speed are unpredictable.

Customer Support

PureVPN Customer Support Section

PureVPN has plenty of customer support material, ranging from live chat to comprehensive FAQs. Our Score: 10/10

We'll also tell you what kind of customer support you can expect from PureVPN. After all, having someone to assist you in case of any questions or issues is quite important.

  • Live Chat Support: On every page of PureVPN's website, you can find a live chat button in the bottom-right corner. This is the best and speediest way to get help since you can talk to a real person. There aren't any queues, and you can start chatting with someone in an instant.
  • Setup Guides: To help you install this VPN, you can rely on several setup guides. This perhaps isn't needed when installing PureVPN on Windows or macOS. However, you'll find installation guides to be helpful when installing this VPN on a router, for example.
  • FAQs: If you have any doubts about buying or using this VPN, you can check out PureVPN's frequently asked questions.
  • Support Tickets: Instead of sending an email, you can open a support ticket and send a message to PureVPN's support team. You can expect a response in a day or two.
  • Special Guides: PureVPN also offers some special guides for users in China, how to watch Netflix outside the United States, and more.


PureVPN Pricing

When compared to its competitors, PureVPN is a more affordable option. That especially goes for its long-term plans. However, there's the question of PureVPN's value, considering its numerous downsides. Our Score: 7/10 

Lastly, we'll take a look at PureVPN's pricing structure. Here's how much you'll need to pay to become a PureVPN subscriber.

Total Price Price per Month Savings
1 Month $10.95 $10.95 0%
12 Months $38.95 $3.24 70%
24 + 3 Months $49.95 $2.08 88%

As you can see, the most significant savings are found in the VPN's long-term subscriptions. There's the 12-month subscription, priced at $3.24 per month. And there's also the 24-month subscription, priced at $2.08 per month (you get 3 extra months on top!).

We should also mention that PureVPN is no stranger to massive discounts, as this VPN uses various shopping and cyber-security events to promote its services. So, make sure to check for the latest PureVPN deals, and you might find something quite attractive.

PureVPN also offers a range of premium-priced add-ons, including PureKeep (password manager) for $0.99/month, PurePrivacy (digital security service ) for $2.49/month, and PureEncrypt (file encryption service) for $1.29/month.

When it comes to supported payment options, you can choose between credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and various crypto-currencies. And finally, know that PureVPN offers a 31-day money-back guarantee – with no questions asked. You should also note that some payment methods do not include the refund option (if you pay via the Google Play Store and iOS App Store, for example).

Final Thoughts: Is PureVPN Worth It?

PureVPN Home Screen Explaining VPN Benefits

Yes, PureVPN is worth it, especially if you are looking for a good deal

Thanks to its pocket-friendly pricing, it’s one of the best bargains in the industry right now. But there’s more to it than that. PureVPN also holds up solidly in many other areas, such as privacy and security. Military-level encryption, a no-logs policy, a wide server network, and loads of features and add-ons add up to present a solid VPN service.

That said, it will always hold a reputation as the VPN that gave away “non-existent” customer logs to the FBI. That stain may never wholly erase, but that won’t be down to the provider not trying. Unfortunately, those efforts also include white-washed reviews and marketing.

Another downside that keeps PureVPN from reaching the heights of the top providers is mediocre speed. It’s a catch that spreads its effects into activities like streaming, torrenting, and online gaming. Furthermore, its user interface could do with significant upgrades.

In case you think PureVPN could be a good fit for you, don't hesitate and sign up for PureVPN today. Even though it might not be the most secure option, we’re sure some users would find it useful, especially considering its low price!


  • Wide network of servers.
  • Specialized servers for streaming. 
  • Works on any device. 
  • Privacy-friendly jurisdiction. 
  • Strong VPN protocols. 
  • Independently audited. 
  • Affordable pricing. 


  • Troublesome history. 
  • Mediocre performance. 
  • Outdated UI.


What Is PureVPN?

PureVPN is a commercial virtual private network (VPN) provider launched in 2006 by Aaqib Gadit, Umair Gadit, and Uzair Gadit. It offers tools and functionality that establish a secure encrypted connection between your device and the Internet, allowing you to browse and carry out other activities privately and securely.

Who Owns PureVPN?

PureVPN is owned by GZ Systems Limited, a company that develops cybersecurity apps. 

Where Is PureVPN Based?

PureVPN has its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands. Until 2021, it was based in Hong Kong. However, alongside some other services, it shifted its base in the face of stricter data privacy regulations in the Chinese special administrative region.

Is PureVPN Free?

No, PureVPN isn’t free. It’s a premium VPN and has a range of pricing offers. However, to let you decide if the provider fits your requirements, it offers a 7-day free trial. The trial comes with access to all the VPN’s features and works on all its apps on different platforms.

Review Summary

PureVPN might not be the best option for protecting your privacy. However, it's an affordable VPN that works great for streaming and unblocking websites.

Overall Score
Background, Jurisdiction & Reputation
Supported Platforms & Devices
Installation & Initial Configuration
Prominent Features
Server Count
Ease of Use
Media Streaming & Torrenting Support
Security & Privacy
Speed & Performance
Customer Support

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