How To Change Skins On Kodi 18 in 2019

One of the things we like best about Kodi is its customization. Many of us will agree that Kodi looks amazing on its own. The latest major version of Kodi brings a highly polished interface that is also very intuitive to use. However, you would be wasting a part of Kodi if you didn’t try to customize it.

Here are the 2 ways to change skins on Kodi in 2019:

Method 1: Change Kodi Skin via Settings

Here’s how to change skins on Kodi by going into the application’s setting panel.

  • Open Kodi and you will be greeted by its Home Screen;
  • Click on the Gear icon, located in the top-left corner. You will find it just below the application’s logo;
  • Welcome to Kodi’s Settings! Click on ‘Interface’;
  • Make sure to select ‘Skin’ in the left-placed sidebar;
  • Next, select ‘Skin’ on the right side of the screen;

How to change skins on Kodi
  • A new pop-up will be shown. This is where you can pick from different skins that are already installed on Kodi. For now, click on the ‘Get More’ button;
  • At this moment, you should see a list of available skins. If you click on any of these, they will be automatically downloaded and applied. So, pick one and you’ll see a new window indicating the download process;

How to change skins on Kodi
  • In certain situations, dependencies might need to be installed. You don’t have to worry about that since this will happen automatically;
  • Once installed, Kodi will ask whether you’d like to keep using the selected skin.

How to change skins on Kodi

That’s it! You’ve downloaded a new skin and applied it. If you decide to go return to the previous skin, you need to repeat this process. It’s also important to say that downloaded skins will remain downloaded on your Kodi. This means that you can switch between different skins even without having an Internet connection.

Method 2: ZIP File

Here’s how to change skins on Kodi if you have a ZIP file.

  • Make sure to download a skin and to keep it in the ZIP file format;
  • In addition, make sure that your Kodi accepts files from unknown sources. Use the provided list to read our quick and easy guide.
  • Now open Kodi and click on ‘Add-ons’ in the main menu;
  • Next, click on the Open Box icon in the top-left corner;

How to change skins on Kodi
  • Select ‘Install from ZIP file’;
  • A pop-up will appear. You need to navigate to the location of the ZIP file. Let’s say that the files you download from the Web are saved to your desktop. If that’s the case, you need to go to C: > Users > Your Username > Desktop;

How to change skins on Kodi
  • Once you find the ZIP file, click on it;
  • Wait a few moments and your new skin will be installed.
  • Return to the home screen of Kodi, and then click on ‘Add-Ons‘ in the main menu.
  • Now click on ‘My Add-ons’ on the left side of the screen;

How to change skins on Kodi
  • On the right-hand side, click on ‘Look and Feel’;
  • Finally, click on ‘Skin’ and your new skin should be located there.

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Now you know how to change skins on Kodi. If you’d like to learn more, we’ve prepared several helpful articles that you can read. Take a look.

We hope you’ve found this article to be useful and that you’ve learned how to change skins of Kodi. In case of any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can use the comments section below to post a comment and we’ll respond in a timely manner.

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