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Today’s VPN services are mostly trying to offer all-in-one solutions. It is no longer enough for a capable VPN to be good at encryption and securing your private data. It also needs to unblock websites, offer specialized servers, and come with a wide array of globally available servers. And this is precisely what Ivacy is trying to do – at least according to messages on its official website. Of course, we’re here to check those claims, so welcome to our review of Ivacy VPN!

Just like we do with every VPN that we review, we’ve spent quite some time testing Ivacy. And you can be sure that we’ve prepared plenty of useful information about this VPN server, based on our hands-on testing. However, we are first going to extract the most prominent information that can help you compare Ivacy to its biggest rivals. So, let’s check some basic info about this service.

Quick Facts
Jurisdiction Singapore.
Logs No logs, whatsoever.
Number of Servers 100+ locations, 1000+ servers.
Parallel Connections 5
Encryption Standards AES-256 bit; OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2.
Speed Reduction Up to 49% on average.
P2P Support YES
Live Chat Support YES
Supported Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Web browsers, and routers.
Price Starts at $1.33/month.

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Considering the importance of media streaming, we want to you let you know about Ivacy’s capabilities of unblocking the world’s most popular websites. So, here’s a short and handy table showing which media streaming services can be unblocked and used via Ivacy VPN.

Media Streaming Support
American Netflix YES
Hulu YES
BBC iPlayer YES
Amazon Prime Video YES
Kodi YES

And lastly, we have one more table for you. Since we go deep into inspecting each VPN that comes our way, our reviews can be quite lengthy. So, we understand that some of you want to get to the meat of this review – which is where our following table comes in handy. Here are our conclusions made after reviewing Ivacy VPN.

The Bottom Line
Pros Doesn’t collect any data; No previous indiscretions; Highly safe and secure; Strong privacy features; Unblocks websites with ease; Plenty of advanced options; Affordable.
Cons Somewhat outdated UI; Not the best speeds.
The Final Verdict Ivacy has its downsides but also presents one of the most enticing VPN options right now. Most importantly, it keeps you safe online and unblocks websites with ease.
Our Score 8.5/10

And finally, we can now proceed with our full review. In case you really want to dig into everything that Ivacy has to offer, including whether you should trust this service in the first place, keep on reading. You can be sure that we’ve prepared plenty of useful information.

Ivacy VPN (2019) – TechNadu’s Hands-On Review

Before we proceed, we’d like to say that we’ve tested version of Ivacy VPN, on a Windows 10 PC. To learn more about how our review process works, we’ve prepared a dedicated article on how we review VPNs. Our best intention is to be as transparent as possible, so take a quick look at the supplied link to learn why you should trust us, in the first place.

Background, Jurisdiction & Reputation

Ivacy VPN Review - Singapore

Ivacy VPN is a nice example of a transparent VPN service that keeps no user logs. It comes from Singapore, which isn’t ideal – but it’s far from problematic. Our Score: 8/10.

The first segment of our Ivacy review is about getting a ‘behind the curtains’ look. We are going to investigate where Ivacy comes from, what does that mean for your privacy, and whether you should trust it. So, here’s what we’ve found.

Ivacy VPN Jurisdiction

There are two important pieces of information, to begin with. Ivacy claims not to collect any type of personal data about its users. And it also clearly states that it comes from Singapore – you can even find where exactly is this company located (South Beach Tower, Singapore). Now, let’s take a look at what does this information mean.

With its headquarters in Singapore, you might think that Ivacy has chosen carefully where to base its operations. However, you will be surprised to know that Singapore has proven to be an important ally to the 5 Eyes Alliance. According to Edward Snowden’s leaked documents, this country has used SingTel, one of the most popular mobile carriers in Singapore, to access traffic carried by major optical cables linking Asia and the Middle East with Europe. Furthermore, this country has cooperated with Australia and Japan by collecting and exchanging different kinds of information.

Everything we said so far might sound alarming. However, in terms of Ivacy, this isn’t something that you should be worried about. This is where the ‘no logging’ policy comes into play. Ivacy does not collect any files that can identify what you do online and even comes with a pristine reputation. Of course, an ideal case would be to see Ivacy in a country with neutral diplomatic relationships. However, almost every VPN is finding legal loopholes to provide total protection to its customers, and we believe that Ivacy is doing that as well. This is why we rank Ivacy high on our list.

Ivacy’s Past Data Leaks

We’re happy to say that Ivacy is highly dedicated to its ‘zero-log’ policy. You can find the legal information clearly presented on the official website, where you’ll see that the company hasn’t been involved in any cases of providing information on its users.

With this said, it’s clear that Ivacy is a trustful VPN service – at least for now. We would have liked to see this company operating from a country that wasn’t accused of actively collecting information about its citizens. However, Ivacy has been around for more than a decade and it still has a pristine reputation.

Supported Platforms & Devices

Ivacy VPN Review - Supported Devices

Ivacy has done a wonderful job of being present natively on a wide range of devices, including some not-as-popular options as well. Our Score: 10/10.

Ideally, you want a VPN service that you can install and use on a range of devices and platforms. So, here’s how Ivacy ranks in this aspect.

Platform Compatibility
Desktop Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux.
Mobile Platforms Android, iOS, Blackberry.
Web Browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.
Routers Routers supporting PPTP, OpenVPN.
Other Devices OpenELEC, SmartTVs, Kodi, Amazon FireOS.

Ivacy has done a magnificent job of being available on plenty of devices. As you can see from the table above, you can install this VPN service on any popular desktop and mobile device. In fact, Ivacy stands above its competition by offering native clients for platforms such as Blackberry and Kodi, which isn’t something that we see often.

Finally, you can install and use Ivacy VPN on up to 5 devices at the same time – by using a single subscription. This should be more than plenty to keep all your devices protected, including when you’re on-the-go. Ultimately, you can install Ivacy on your router which takes a single free ‘slot’ in your subscription, no matter how many devices you have at your home.

Installation & Initial Configuration

Ivacy VPN Review - Installation Screen

Getting started with Ivacy VPN is incredibly simple. Even if you get stuck along the way, there are helpful guides to check on the official website. Our Score: 10/10.

Your journey towards becoming an Ivacy user starts by signing up for a new account. You’ll need to select a subscription plan, fill out your details and information, and you’ll get access to your user credentials. This is when you can proceed to download apps from the VPN’s website. In general, Ivacy is quite lightweight, so even those with slower Web connections should not have any problems.

Upon downloading the installation file, you need to run it. You’ll need to go through a few installation steps until Ivacy gets finally installed. Lastly, you’ll need to sign up using your credentials and you’ll get to unlock Ivacy up to its full extent.

Ivacy VPN Review - Installation in Process

What’s important to mention is that Ivacy comes with a simple installation method. It takes only a few minutes of your time, and it doesn’t come with any abnormalities. There’s no adware of bundled software. And it’s also good to know that Ivacy offers a long list of installation guides which can certainly come in handy, especially if you want to install this VPN on a router.

Prominent Features

Ivacy VPN Review - Prominent Features

Ivacy’s feature set if a well-designed offer that should keep you safe online, without imposing any limitations. The only thing that’s missing is an ad-blocker. Our Score: 9/10.

As said in the introduction to this review, Ivacy is trying to be a complete solution. This means that this VPN service grew over the years, offering different groups of features targeted at online security, content unblocking, safe downloading, and more. But first, let’s take a look if Ivacy supports the standard set of features found in today’s VPNs.

VPN Features Checklist
DNS Leak Protection YES
IPv6 Leak Protection YES
Kill-Switch YES
Ad-Blocker/Anti-Malware NO/YES
Unlimited Server Switches YES
Unlimited Bandwidth YES
Unlimited Data YES

As you can tell by the table found above, Ivacy is a powerful VPN solution – at least in theory. It comes with all of the needed data leak protections in place and includes a few advanced features like the service’s kill-switch. It’s also interesting to note that Ivacy was the first to introduce a split-tunneling option, back in 2010.

As you can expect from a premium VPN, Ivacy does not have any limitations. You can use it up to the full extent of your Web connection’s speed and switch between secure servers as many times as you’d like. And of course, there are no data caps here.

The only thing that we wished to see is an ad-blocker. However, this isn’t a major downside since Ivacy’s strong encryption should keep you away from online trackers. All in all, a very intriguing set of features.

Server Count

Ivacy VPN Review - Server Count

At the moment, Ivacy offers more than 1,000 servers. This might seem like a lot, but Ivacy has missed its shot of competing with top-rated VPNs. Our Score: 5.5/10.

When looking for a VPN, you need to pay attention to its server count. More precisely, you need to know how many servers it offers and if there are any specialized servers, and where they’re located.

Server Count Info
Number of Servers 1,000+
Number of Locations 100+
Number of Countries 50+
Specific Cities Selection YES
Unlimited Switching YES

As you can see, Ivacy currently offers a bit over 1,000 servers spread across the entire globe. This might sound highly impressive, but you should know that some top-rated VPNs currently over 5,000+ servers. Therefore, we wished to see a larger server network that could easily accommodate a large number of users at the same time. And as said before, Ivacy has been on the market for more than a decade now. This means that this company has had plenty of time to upgrade its network.

At the moment, we think that average VPN users can be perfectly happy with this offer. However, more advanced (or picker) users will be left wanting for more, especially when it comes to using servers in more exotic locations.

Ease of Use

Ivacy VPN Review - Smart Connect

Even though Ivacy has a simple UI, it’s not the most intuitive one. We feel that it’s time for this application to receive a design overhaul that will bring up to speed. Our Score: 7/10.

When it comes to Ivacy, it’s clear that this VPNs’ creators have wanted to come up with a simple-to-use interface. At a first glance, it looks like they’ve succeeded in this mission. However, the situation is far from perfect. To explain everything you can expect, we’ll go over Ivacy’s entire UI design.

The home page of Ivacy looks simple enough. The main portion of the screen lets you know about your current location and allows you to easily connect to a secure server. You can either pick a country or a specific city, and you can search for something specific by typing. Once you click on a prominent ON/OFF button, Ivacy will connect you to the selected server.

On the left side of the window, you’ll see a series of options. This is where you can connect to specialized servers, check your account details, tinker with the settings, and more. To help you learn what to expect from each of these tabs, we’ll quickly go over them.

  • Smart Connect: This is the application’s home screen, and this is what you’ll see each time you launch Ivacy. In general, this tab brings a broad selection of ‘standard’ servers that you can use to secure your Web connection in an easy way.

Ivacy VPN Review - Secure Downloads
  • Secure Downloads: The name says it all. This tab contains a list of servers that you can use when downloading files from the Web, either via the traditional way or via torrenting. Upon downloading files, Ivacy will also check for malware and viruses, and will automatically remove them.
  • Streaming: Using this tab, you can either select a channel (or Web service) you’d like to unblock, or you can select a specific country. A number of popular services are supported including ABC, ARTE, BBC, BeIN Sports, and more. We’re going to take a closer look at Ivacy’s capability of unblocking media streaming websites, so make sure to stick to this article.

Ivacy VPN Review - Streaming
  • Unblocking: If you’d like to browse the Web as if you’re located in another country, this is where you can find that option. As we can see, this tab is close to identical to the ‘Smart Connect’ tab, except that it allows a different way to browse the available servers.
  • Dedicated IP: This tab can be of help if you want to unblock a particular Web service or website. To make this happen, you need to enter a host-name, which can be obtained by contacting Ivacy’s customer support team.
  • My Account: You can review your account details, log out, or upgrade your account using this tab. In addition, this tab lets you check how to install Ivacy on additional devices.

Ivacy VPN Review - Settings
  • Settings: Ivacy doesn’t let you take a deep dive into tinkering with its settings. You can choose to launch the application upon startup, and automatically connect to a server. In addition, using the ‘Connection’ tab, you can choose from different VPN protocols, and enable the kill-switch and split-tunneling.
  • Help: Lastly, there’s a dedicated help section. You can review some frequently asked questions, submit a support ticket from within the app, and provide your feedback.

Ivacy VPN Review - FAQ Section

All in all, Ivacy does have a polished user interface. We think that it’s not the most intuitive one, especially if you’d like to take your time and fully understand everything that this application offers. There are some typos here and there, and some options come with strange names. And also, the application’s window can’t be resized (at least on Windows), which might be a problem at ultra-resolution display resolutions.

Media Streaming & Torrenting Support

Ivacy VPN Review - Media Streaming

Ivacy is able to unblock a huge array of popular streaming services, and it fully supports torrenting as well. Our Score: 10/10.

We’re sure that many of you wonder if Ivacy can unblock popular streaming websites. We’ve tested it with the world’s four most popular services, so here are the results.

Media Streaming & Torrenting Support
Netflix US YES
Hulu YES
BBC iPlayer YES
Amazon Prime Video YES
Torrenting (P2P) YES

If media streaming is your biggest concern, Ivacy should the perfect fit for you. We’ve tested this VPN with Netflix US, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Prime Video – and Ivacy managed to unblock all of those services with ease.

This was somewhat surprising since you can often find polarizing opinions about this VPN service online. However, we’re not sure if Ivacy has a strong competition whose goal is to tarnish this VPN’s reputation or if something else is going on – which is why it’s important once again to say that we’ve tested this VPN for ourselves. In addition, we’d like to add that Ivacy is capable of streaming without any buffering. However, we’re going to check its speed and performance later on in the article to get some clear stats.

Lastly, Ivacy plays well with P2P file transfers. This VPN fully supports torrents and even scans your downloaded files for malware and viruses.

Security & Privacy

Ivacy VPN Review - Privacy Policy

No previous data leaks, strong encryption protocols, and bulletproof logging policy – that’s what you can expect from Ivacy. Our Score: 10/10. 

Even the most attractive features don’t mean much if the VPN takes advantage of your personal data. This is why in our every review, we have a dedicated section where we inspect security-related features.

Supported Encryption Protocols

To hide your true identity, Ivacy VPN encrypts your data using the highest level of commercial encryption right now. We’re talking about AES 256-bit encryption, and this one’s practically uncrackable. With this said, you can be sure that is someone collect your data, they won’t be able to use it.

Next, Ivacy supports a wide range of currently used VPN protocols. In general, you can count on OpenVPN (TCP/UDP), PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and IKEv2. The availability of these protocols changes depending on the selected platform – with the most powerful options present on Ivacy’s desktop platforms.

Logging Policy

When you visit Ivacy’s official website, you’ll see that this is a ‘zero logs’ VPN. Of course, many VPN claim not to collect your data, but only a few truly do not collect anything. So, to find the truth behind this claim, we’ve taken a deep look at Ivacy’s Privacy Policy.

You will be happy to know that Ivacy does not collect any data. This means that your browsing history, incoming and outgoing traffic, connection times, DNS queries, as well as pretty much any other type of data isn’t collected. What Ivacy knows about you is your name, email address, and your payment method. However, this type of data can’t be used to identify what you do online.

We strongly believe Ivacy’s claims. After all, there weren’t any situations in the past that would provide otherwise.

DNS Leak Test

Finally, we’ll check Ivacy’s capability of protecting your data. This is done via checking for DNS leaks, which might point to problematic data leaks that reveal our true identity.

Ivacy VPN Review - DNS Leak Test

As can be seen from the image above, no DNS leaks were detected. We’ve run an extended test, where the testing tool saw our ‘virtual’ information. This means that no leaks were detected and that Ivacy is truly capable of protecting your private information in the best way possible.

Speed & Performance

Ivacy VPN Review - Streaming Performance

This VPN throttled our Web connection by around 49% on average, which is far from what’s considered to be a high-ranked result. Our Score: 5.5/10.

When it comes to VPNs, you need to pay attention to how well they perform, in terms of speed. And to help you find out what to expect before you buy one, we do hands-on speed tests. This is done by connecting to several secure servers and checking their speed. So, let’s see how Ivacy performs.

Ivacy VPN Review - Original Speed
Our baseline stats.

First, we need to set up some baseline stats. For this purpose, we check the speed of our connection without a VPN. As you can see from the screenshot above, we got 148.13 Mbps for downloads and 9.66 Mbps for uploads. We’ll use these numbers to see by how much does Ivacy throttle the speed of our Web connection.

Ivacy VPN Review - Belgium Server
The performance of a server in Belgium (nearby server 1).

First, we’ve allowed Ivacy to connect us to the most optimal server. The application did the calculations, and we were connected to a server in Belgium. A new speed test gave us 103.68 Mbps for downloads and 7.78 Mbps for uploads.

Ivacy VPN Review - Austria Server
The performance of a server in Austria (nearby server 2).

Then, we’ve connected to a nearby server. Based on our location, we’ve picked a server in a neighboring country. The Austrian server gave us 89.37 Mbps for downloads and 9.08 Mbps for uploads.

Ivacy VPN Review - USA Server
The performance of a server in the USA (remote server).

And lastly, we’ve wanted to check a remote server, based in the USA. This server is optimized for Netflix, so we expected to see good results. However, we got 29.36 Mbps for downloads and 5.12 Mbps for uploads. We have to say that this server performed below our expectations.

Download Speed Upload Speed Speed Reduction
Baseline Speed 148.13 Mbps 9.66 Mbps 0%
Nearby Server 1 103.68 Mbps 7.78 Mbps 30%
Nearby Server 2 89.37 Mbps 9.08 Mbps 39.6%
Remote Server 29.36 Mbps 5.12 Mbps 80%

To help you make sense of all these numbers, we’ve put them into a table. As you can see, Ivacy slowed down our Web connection by around 49%. This isn’t the most impressive result, as the best VPNs out there can minimize throttling up to around 15%, which is considered the best possible result. However, this app depends on the ‘naked’ speed of your Web connection. We’ve started with a high-speed of 148Mbps and the lowest speed we got is 29 Mbps, which should still be enough for smooth HD media streaming. If you have a slower connection, to begin with, this might be a problem in the long-run.

Customer Support

Ivacy VPN Review - Customer Support

Ivacy has a dedicated customer support page with everything you hope to find. Live-chat is also part of this offer. Our Score: 10/10.

Reliable custom support is imperative when it comes to VPNs. Since these are highly complex solutions, something might go wrong at times, preventing you from using the application. So, when it comes to Ivacy, here’s what you can expect.

  • Live-Chat Support: Ivacy offers live chat on its website that you can activate from any page. We’ve talked to the company’s representatives a few times, and there was never a long queue. In addition, we always managed to get useful information.
  • Installation Guides: Installing Ivacy on both desktop and mobile platforms is incredibly easy. However, you need a step-by-step guide for installing Ivacy on routers, so it’s good to know that you can count on this type of support documentation.
  • FAQs: Ivacy’s FAQ section is formed of around 45 questions, so there’s a real chance that you’ll have your question answered even without contacting a support agent.
  • Support Tickets: You can send an email from within the app itself, and it will be treated as a support ticket. If you try to find help this way, you can expect Ivacy to respond to you within 24 hours. We’ve asked about specific Ivacy features and got a response with plenty of online resources where we find out everything that we wanted to know.
  • Email Contact: Lastly, you can send an email based on the type of question you have. There’s a dedicated ‘Contact Us’ page on Ivacy’s website, which also has an online form that you can fill out.


Link to Ivacy VPN Pricing

After taking a look at Ivacy’s long-term plans, we can easily conclude that this VPN is a wise investment in your online safety. Our Score: 10/10.

Finally, let’s take a look at Ivacy’s pricing structure. We’ve created a handy table, found below, where you can see the prices of the currently offered subscription models.

Subscription Total Price Per Month Savings
1-Month Plan $9.95 $9.95 0%
1-Year Plan $40.00 $3.33 66%
2-Years Plan $48.00 $1.99 80%
5-Years Plan $80.00 $1.33 87%

We must say that Ivacy comes with a somewhat high-priced monthly plan. However, prices go down in a steep manner if you take a look at its long-term plans. For example, you can save up to 66% if you buy the 12-month plan, or you can save 80% on the VPN’s 24-month plan. Of course, there’s a special long-term plan that brings the price down to $1.33 per month, but this is a 5-year plan.

It’s also worth noting that Ivacy is not a new VPN provider. With more than a decade of experience, this company knows how to do things the right way, and this is why investing in Ivacy’s long-term plans is as safe as it could possibly be. And also, let’s not forget to mention that you can pay via numerous payment processors, in addition to Bitcoin being on board as well. Finally, know that there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, which seems fair enough.

Do We Recommend Ivacy VPN?

Ivacy Website

We have to say that Ivacy is one of the most interesting VPNs right now. First of all, it fully unblocks numerous popular video-streaming websites. In addition, it brings plenty of interesting security features, and it doesn’t collect any logs. And even though it could benefit from some UI polishing and resolving some speed-related quirks, we believe that many of you will be perfectly happy with this option.

  • PROS: Effortless installation; No previous data leaks; Strong security features; Unblocks popular websites; Doesn’t collect any logs; Highly affordable.
  • CONS: Not the most polished UI; You won’t get the best Web connection speed.
  • OUR SCORE: 8.5 out of 10!

If you think that this VPN is the choice for you, don’t hesitate and sign up for Ivacy VPN now! There truly is plenty to like about this VPN service, and most importantly – it gives you peace of mind when browsing the Web.

Lastly, we’d like to ask you to share this article online. And if you’d like to stay on top of the latest VPN-related news, follow TechNadu of Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!

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