Kodi Has Vanished from The Xbox Store

Days after being released to the public, an unexpected turn of events left Kodi missing from the Xbox Store. This means that despite Kodi being available for Xbox devices, there is no way to install it at the moment. More precisely, the digital store no longer shows the application as being available. Let’s take a look at why Kodi has vanished from the Xbox Store.

In case you’re using this application at the moment, we strongly recommend keeping it installed locally on your device. In case you uninstall it, there is no way to continue using it – at least in the foreseeable future.

Kodi No Longer Available for Xbox: Possible Reasons

At the moment, the development team behind Kodi failed to provide any clarification. However, we can tell that this problem is connected to the version of the application for Xbox devices. If you’re using a Windows 10 machine, you can still use Microsoft Store to download Kodi. Still, this is the 17.6 version of Kodi – which only works on computers powered by the latest generation of Windows. It is also interesting to note that Kodi is being presented in the Store as a PC application, with no mentions of the Xbox One.

Kodi Microsoft Store

This is a strange turn of events because it feels that Microsoft has decided to make the application unavailable. Still, we don’t expect this to be a severe problem. After all, Microsoft has approved Kodi more than a week ago, once it decided to allow the application’s listing on the Xbox Store.

What Can You Do Now?

If you’re an active Kodi user, we strongly recommend you not to uninstall Kodi on your Xbox. This is because you can install Kodi on Xbox only via Xbox Store. Alternatively, you can pair your PC and your Xbox and mirror your PC’s screen to continue using this home theater software.

Will Kodi Return To The Xbox Store?

The likely scenario is that the development team behind Kodi will need a few days to fix this issue. This includes resubmitting the application. As noted on Kodi’s official forum, there’s no ETA at this moment.

Kodi on Xbox One

Final Words

In a very strange turn of events, Kodi has vanished from the Xbox Store. However, we are more than sure that this is just a temporary setback. We’ll have to wait and see what’s the exact reason behind this decision. Hopefully, we’ll get to use Kodi once again in no time.

Feel free to tell us your thoughts using the comments section below. As always, you can share this article online and make sure to inform other Kodi user about this situation.


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