How to Watch fuboTV Outside the USA in 2021

Thanks to its all-encompassing offer, fuboTV is one of the best live TV streaming services, known for its rich lineup of sports TV channels. So, if you’re a cord-cutter, this is one of the best options available right now. However, fuboTV isn’t available globally, which is a restriction you can overcome. So, let’s talk about how to access and watch fuboTV outside the USA. 

Where Is fuboTV Available? 

Currently, fuboTV is available in three countries: The United States of America, Canada, and Spain. This streaming service also plans a global rollout in the future if its plans to merge with FaceBank (an entertainment technology company) come to fruition. However, until that happens, fuboTV will remain available in the above-listed countries only. 

Keep in mind that there are significant differences between the three versions of fuboTV. By far, the US version is the most comprehensive one – providing you access to pretty much any type of entertainment you seek. For more information, check out just below. 

What Programming on fuboTV Is Available in the USA?

Depending on a subscription, fuboTV brings more than 160+ live TV channels. Prices start at $64.99/month and go up to $79.99/month. You get channels like ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, BeIN Sports, Food Network, FS1, FS2, MSNBC, and more. Add-ons are available as well, letting you add sports TV channels, premium channels, international channels, and more. 

What Programming on fuboTV Is Available in Canada?

The Canadian version of fuboTV comes priced at $15.99(USD)/month. It brings a limited selection of channels that include BeIN Sports, Benfica TV, Fight Network, fuboTV Network, GameTV, MLB Network, and Paramount Network. Add-ons are available, as you can choose from increased cloud storage or a channel pack related to cycling.

What Programming on fuboTV Is Available in Spain?

In Spain, fuboTV comes priced at €4,99/month. There are no add-ons available. You get Spanish TV channels only, including 24H, Antena3, Atreseries, Clan, Comedy Central, La 1, La 2, La Sexta, Neox, Nova, Paramount, TVE Catalunya, and a few more.

How to Watch fuboTV Outside the US – (While Traveling / If You’re Subscribed)

This segment is dedicated to existing fuboTV subscribers – who are currently traveling abroad. So, if you already have an active subscription, here’s how to watch fuboTV outside the USA. 

1. You’ll need a VPN for this purpose. Go ahead and subscribe to ExpressVPN.

2. Once you land on ExpressVPN’s site, make sure to click on 'Get ExpressVPN.'

Initial Landing Page on ExpressVPN Website

3. Then, pick a subscription (if you want to save, pick a long-term plan). 

Choosing From Three ExpressVPN Subscription

4. Provide your email, pay for the subscription, and finalize the procedure. 

Signing Up for ExpressVPN Inputting Email and Payment Fields

5. Once done, you’ll get a confirmation email from ExpressVPN’s team. 

6. Now, proceed to download and install ExpressVPN on your chosen device.

7. Once you set up the VPN, go ahead and open it

8. Click on the button just below the ON/OFF switch on ExpressVPN’s home screen. 

9. Make sure to select 'United States.' Then, pick any location in the USA

Connecting to US Server via ExpressVPN Interface on macOS

10. Wait until ExpressVPN connects you. Its interface will turn green

11. Now, launch fuboTV on your device (via its app or website). 

Unblocking fuboTV Outside the US via ExpressVPN

12. That’s it! You can now stream fuboTV as if you were in the United States. 

Keep in mind that ExpressVPN has to be active in the background – for as long as you plan on streaming fuboTV. Since this VPN comes with unlimited bandwidth, you can keep it active at all times, protecting your online privacy without a hitch.


Unfortunately, fuboTV doesn’t let you subscribe from outside the USA, as it requires a payment method associated with a US-based financial institution. Therefore, the method described above works only if you have an active subscription, as there’s no way to obtain one outside the countries where fuboTV operates.

What's the Best VPN for fuboTV in 2021?

Just like similar digital services, fuboTV is doing its best to impose geo-related restrictions. That’s why you need a powerful VPN that can unblock this streaming service. Based on our experience, the following are the best VPNs for fuboTV in 2021. 

  • ExpressVPN: Without any doubt, the best VPN you can get right now is ExpressVPN. This one gives you thousands of servers across different regions in the USA. It works excellent with fuboTV, not only unblocking this service – but providing reliable and stable performance as well. On top of that, you get top-of-the-line security and privacy features. Make sure to learn more via our ExpressVPN review
  • CyberGhost VPN: Unlike other VPNs, CyberGhost comes with dedicated servers for media streaming. These make unblocking fuboTV an easy possibility. Just pick a server in the US, and you're ready to go. CyberGhost is equally helpful for complete beginners and highly advanced users, and it comes with stellar ratings. Learn more via our CyberGhost VPN review
  • Surfshark: Even though Surfshark is still a relatively young VPN service, it's one of the best VPNs for streaming. We believe this one to be a perfect solution for first-timers, as it comes with a modern and straightforward UI. Aside from unblocking fuboTV, Surfshark protects you against malicious files, keeps your privacy intact, and more. To learn more, here's our hands-on Surfshark review
  • Ivacy VPN: A VPN capable of getting around the Great Firewall of China is undoubtedly capable of unblocking fuboTV. And not just that streaming service – as there's a huge like of US-based streaming services that work with Ivacy VPN. You can count on stable performance, a whole slate of VPN protocols, and a high level of usability. We’ve talked about all those things in our Ivacy VPN review
  • NordVPN: And lastly, we have one more VPN that lets you want fuboTV outside the USA. NordVPN is known for its security measures, as it’s designed to leave no trace of your online whereabouts. It comes with thousands of servers, many of which are spread evenly across the US. It works with fuboTV and many other similar services. So, make sure to take a deeper look via our NordVPN review


Why Is fuboTV Available in Select Countries Only?

Just like with similar digital services, fuboTV is available in select countries due to broadcast licenses. Expanding the service would require a significant investment, and even then – fuboTV will be forced to offer country-based versions of its libraries. 

Will fuboTV Ever Expand Internationally?

The good news is that fuboTV has the ambition to expand globally. Aside from the United States, the service is available in Canada and Spain. However, there are no concrete plans on when fuboTV might reach new countries or whether that could happen this year or not.

How Does fuboTV Determine My Location?

Based on its technical documentation, fuboTV uses different methods to pinpoint your location. Its mobile apps can use your GPS location or your IP address (which is the preferred method via Web browsers and connected devices). 

Can I Watch fuboTV on Several Devices Simultaneously?

Yes, you can stream fuboTV from two devices at the same time. If you want to increase that limit, you can buy the 'Family Share' add-on ($5.99/month) to get three streams. Or you can get 'Unlimited Streams' for $9.99/month to get up to 10 simultaneous streams.

Can I Watch fuboTV While Traveling (Outside the US)?

Yes, you can watch fuboTV while traveling outside the USA – but only if you already have a subscription. Still, remember that you also need a VPN (such as ExpressVPN) as the ability to access fuboTV from abroad doesn’t come built-in. A VPN will let you do just that.

Can I Subscribe to fuboTV From Outside the US?

No, there is currently no way to subscribe to fuboTV outside the US. While signing up, you will need a payment method associated with a US-based financial institution. So, unless you have someone in the US to help pay for your subscription, there’s no way to become a subscriber. 

Can fuboTV Block VPN Applications?

Yes, fuboTV can block VPN applications as it comes with anti-VPN mechanisms built-in. That's why we recommend using a powerful and trustworthy VPN, such as ExpressVPN. This one has years of experience in unblocking websites and will most likely work with fuboTV for a very long time to come. 

That would be all on how to access and watch fuboTV outside the USA. Lastly, know that we’re here in case you have any questions or doubts. Just make sure to post your comment below. And of course, thank you for reading!

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