Why Use a VPN? – 7 Reasons to Get a VPN Subscription Today!

Up until a few years ago, VPNs have had been nice-to-have tools to ensure your digital privacy. Today, that situation has changed as online trackers now follow every step you make on the Internet. And aside from putting an end to that practice, a VPN can do many other things. With that said, let's talk about why use a VPN while providing you with plenty of tips along the way.

#1: Protect Your Digital Privacy & Stop Digital Trackers

The primary use of any VPN is to protect and boost your digital privacy. They do that by hiding your IP address and encrypting your Web data, making you close-to-invisible online. They also put an end to online tracking, preventing third parties from knowing what you do on the Web.

More precisely, any capable VPN will protect you from online tracking, ISP snooping and data tracking, exorbitant pricing (more on that later), and certain forms of hacking attempts. This type of software creates a tunnel for your data within your existing Web connection but cloaks your Web data packets.

For more information, check our article on what does a VPN protects you from. And if this is the first time you're encountering this type of software, cover the basics by reading about what VPNs are, as well as how VPNs work.

#2: Secure Vulnerable Connections (Public Wi-Fi)

Every Web connection is vulnerable in some way. However, public Wi-Fi networks are perhaps the most problematic way to connect to the Web. That's because they can be designed to collect your personal information, or they could be used by malicious actors

Aside from using an anti-virus app and similar cyber-sec software, there's something you can do to secure any Web connection out there. As you can already imagine, we're talking about VPN services here. Since they encrypt your data, they make any public Wi-Fi network resistant to data logging and hacking attempts. 

To learn more, check our tips on how to use public Wi-Fi safely. After that, here's how to use a VPN to secure public Wi-Fi networks, as well as the best VPNs for public Wi-Fi (hands-on tested by our editorial team). 

#3: Secure Your Work-Related Sensitive Data

Many countries are still struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing many of us to work from our homes. As you probably already know, remote work is here to stay, which also raises the question of protecting our work-related sensitive data. 

In the past, we wrote about the reasons why using a VPN for remote work is mandatory (as well as how to avoid VPN scams related to that). However, in short, VPNs have the power to secure all your Web data, which makes correspondence and data download/upload as secure as they could possibly be. 

Even if your company doesn't provide you with a VPN, it's your responsibility to prevent data leaks and ensure the safety of confidential data. Using a commercial VPN is an effortless way to achieve that, even if you have never used a VPN service before. 

#4: Unblock Websites & Bypass Web Filters

Many countries employ Internet filters to restrict access to certain types of information. That happens even in countries known for their privacy-respecting laws. And when it comes to authoritarian regimes, Internet censorship is rampant in TurkeyRussiaVenezuelaEgyptSouth Africa, and elsewhere. 

By obfuscating your Web data, VPNs have the power to let you access previously blocked sites and bypass Web filters. In other words, they allow you to browse the Web as if you're in a different country, going beyond your country's digital borders. 

Of course, before you start unblocking websites, make sure that doing so is legal as per your country's laws. In most cases, you'll have every right to open up the Web. However, make sure you don't do anything illegal, even if you hide behind a VPN. 

#5: Find More Movies, TV Shows & Sports

We can't talk about why use a VPN without talking about media streaming. That's because VPNs allow you to access new streaming services while also expanding your access to the streaming services you already use.

For example, you can access the American version of Netflix, even if you're not in the USA. By bypassing Netflix's VPN block, you can get more movies and TV shows (as you'll see titles that are not available in your country of origin). That doesn't only apply to Netflix but also to any other streaming service that brings country-based content libraries. 

When it comes to accessing all-new streaming services, a reliable VPN will help you subscribe and bypass their anti-VPN measures. For example, that's how you can access HuluHBO MaxDisney PlusDiscovery Plus, and Paramount Plus – even outside the USA. With that said, make sure to check out the best VPNs for media streaming.

#6: Download Torrent Files Anonymously

Torrenting is a very risky activity if you're not protected properly. Even if you stick to legal torrents only, you can still get copyright infringement notices (based on how your ISP's data filtering works). However, a VPN can change that situation completely

To trick to stay anonymous while torrenting is to hide your IP address. Still, if your IP address leaks even for a split second, your ISP will detect your P2P-related activities. VPNs come as a solution by offering a kill switch. That feature keeps you safe and protected in all situations, working entirely in the background. 

Since torrenting is a very sensitive topic, make sure to be prepared ahead of time. Here's how to download torrents while using a VPN. After that, check our list of the best VPNs for Torrenting

#7: Find Better Deals While Shopping Online

And lastly, there's another reason why you should use a VPN. If you like to shop online, know that e-commerce websites use trackers to collect your personal information. So, based on your previous purchases and your location, you could end up paying a higher price. 

By changing your virtual location and preventing digital trackers from working, you'll often see the lowest price possible. Aside from that, your payment information will be kept safe. In case you didn't know, banking trojans are widespread, leading to significant financial losses, which is yet another online danger that VPNs can handle successfully.

Those would be the 7 most important reasons why you should use a VPN service. If you have any questions for our team, make sure to use the comments section you'll find below. And lastly, thanks for reading!

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