How To Turn Off a VPN on Any Device

By Novak Bozovic / December 30, 2023

A VPN is essential for enhancing online privacy and security. However, there are situations where it is necessary to turn off a VPN. For example, a VPN may prevent you from accessing local content on apps like Netflix. Similarly, it is advisable to disable the VPN when you’re troubleshooting network issues

Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to temporarily disable a VPN on any device. Similarly, many users worry about what will happen if they disconnect their VPN. Such concerns can be overwhelming, which is why we are here to help. 

This article teaches you how to turn off a VPN on different devices. You will also learn about different situations where you may need to disable a VPN. We will also discuss what happens when you disconnect a VPN and why it is best to keep it on. 

When You Might Want to Turn Off a VPN?

You should turn off your VPN in situations like troubleshooting network problems, traveling to a new country, setting up a new connection, and more. Let’s take a look at some common situations in which disabling a VPN makes sense:

What Happens If You Turn Off Your VPN?

Turning off your VPN exposes your Web traffic to your ISP, spying agencies, and other prying eyes. With the encryption removed, hackers can easily intercept and misuse your data. This is especially true for public networks that are less secure. 

Let’s look at the various risks of turning off a VPN.

How to Disable a VPN on Your Devices

You can disable a VPN on your devices by navigating to your device’s network settings and switching off the VPN. Let's learn how to do it on various devices like your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, Chromebook, Firestick, router, and more.

How to Turn Off a VPN on iPhone & iPad

You can turn off a VPN from the settings on your iPhone and iPad. This method will work on the latest iPhone 15 and earlier models, including iPhone 11, 12, 13, and 14. Here’s how you can turn off a VPN on iPad and iPhone:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on “VPN.”
  3. Choose your currently active VPN connection.
  4. Toggle off the switch in front of “VPN Status.”
  5. If the VPN status says “Not Connected,” your VPN is turned off.

How to Turn Off a VPN on Mac

You can turn off a VPN on a Mac by disconnecting it via your device’s network settings. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Apple icon.
  2. Go to System Settings.
  3. Click on “VPN”.
  4. Toggle off the VPN.

How to Turn Off a VPN on Android

To turn off a VPN on Android, you need to toggle it off from the device settings. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the Settings on your device.
  2. Scroll to “Network & Internet” and tap on it.
  3. Tap on “VPN.”
  4. Select your active VPN connection.
  5. Toggle off to disconnect the VPN.

How to Turn Off a VPN on Windows

It is easy to turn off a VPN on Windows. All you have to do is visit the Settings app and turn it off from there. Here’s how you can do it:   

  1. Hit the Windows button and type “Settings” in the search bar.
  2. Click on “Settings.”
  3. Click on “Network & Internet.”
  4. Choose the “VPN” option.
  5. Select the VPN connection.
  6. Click on “Disconnect.”

How to Turn Off a VPN on Chromebook

To turn off a VPN on your Chromebook, head to the settings and find the VPN options under the network tab. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Open your device Settings.
  2. Under “Network,” click on “VPN.”
  3. Choose the VPN to disconnect.
  4. Click on “Disconnect.”

How to Turn Off a VPN on Firestick

You can turn off a VPN on Firestick by disabling your VPN app from the settings. Follow these steps to disable a VPN on Firestick:

  1. Go to the device Settings.
  2. Select “Applications.”
  3. Choose “Manage Installed Applications.”
  4. Find your VPN app.
  5. Select the “Disable” option.

How to Turn Off a VPN on Roku TV

To turn off a VPN on Roku TV, you will have to uninstall it from your router (in case you have it installed). That is because Roku does not support VPNs, and one method to use a VPN with Roku TV is to install it on a router. 

To learn how to turn off a VPN on a router, take a look at the next section.

How to Turn Off a VPN on a Router

Disabling your VPN on a router will turn off the VPN on all devices that are connected to the router. Here are the general steps that you can follow to turn off a VPN on a router:

  1. Log into the router’s admin page.
  2. Open the settings.
  3. Find your VPN connection (generally, under “Security” or “Advanced”).
  4. Select “Disable” or “Turn Off.”

Why Should You Keep Your VPN On?

You should keep your VPN on because it offers many benefits, such as securing your Internet connection, enhancing privacy, access to geo-blocked services, and more. However, only the top VPN providers offer such features.

While there are situations when you may need to disable a VPN, it is essential to know about the benefits of keeping it on. These benefits include:

Final Thoughts

While it is not recommended to turn off a VPN for maximum security and enhanced privacy, you may want to disable it in some situations. On most devices, you can find the option to disable a VPN by opening the settings and then navigating to the network settings

If you’re using a native VPN client, all you have to do is hit the “disconnect” button to turn it off. Speaking of native VPN apps, we recommend NordVPN because it is a capable VPN with a very user-friendly app that lets you connect and disconnect quickly on the go.


Is It Safe to Turn Off VPN?

Yes, turning off a VPN is safe, provided your network environment is free from external threats. However, without a VPN, your online activities are visible to your ISP and potentially vulnerable to cyber threats, especially on public Wi-Fi. 

Why Won’t My VPN Turn Off?

Your VPN may not turn off due to a glitch in the app or due to a background process preventing it from closing. To fix it, try restarting your device. 

Should VPN Be On or Off?

Ideally, VPNs should be kept on because they enhance your online privacy and security, especially on public networks. However, there are situations where turning it off permanently or temporarily might be beneficial.

How Do I Disable VPN in Chrome?

To disable a VPN in Chrome, go to the browser settings, click on 'Extensions', find the VPN extension, and toggle it off or remove it. If you're using a VPN client that affects all traffic on your device, turn it off through the app or disable it from your device's settings.

Can You Temporarily Turn Off VPN?

Yes, you can temporarily turn off your VPN. Most VPN apps and built-in VPN settings on your device allow you to disconnect and reconnect as needed.

We hope this article taught you how to turn off your VPN and when to do so. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments below. 

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