In WatchOS 5, Saying ‘Hey Siri’ Will Be Optional

By Nitish Singh / June 5, 2018

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference has kicked off, and we have some news about the new WatchOS 5. It seems modern technology has come to an age where the main focus is on making features more intuitive and easily accessible. So now, you will not even have to say "Hey, Siri" while accusing your digital assistant from your Apple Watch.

Up till now, to access Apple’s personal digital assistant, a.k.a. Siri, we had to utter the phrase - ‘Hey, Siri,’ and the device would start listening to your commands and requests. This makes perfect sense for when we use Siri with our iPhones. However, the people over at Apple thought that ‘Hey Siri’ was a bit too reductant as a feature on a watch.

WatchOS 5

Image Courtesy of Mac Rumours

And so, with the launch of WatchOS 5, you will not have to say ‘Hey, Siri’ to summon Siri at your servitude. Instead, all you have to do is position your Apple Watch close to your mouth - just like you did when you used to summon Siri - but know instead of using the traditional ‘summoning spell,’ you can simply state your commands or requests. The watch will start listening for your voice immediately as you raise the Apple Watch.

Now that we think of it - this is an ingenious little solution - and it makes us wish why this wasn’t there earlier. Just think about it - no more accidentally waking up your iPhone, or HomePod, when you only intended to call up Siri on your Apple Watch.

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