UK Police Arrest Add-On Developer and Supremacy Repo Goes Down

By Bill Toulas / June 20, 2019

The police in the UK has arrested a 40-year-old man in Winsford, Cheshire, and only released a statement saying that the person was the developer of a popular add-on for Kodi. The police were apparently pressed by many broadcasters and right owners in the UK and worldwide to take action, as the scale of the offending was reportedly significant. This signifies that we’re talking about a very popular Kodi repository containing widely-used add-ons. On the day of the arrest, the repo that went down was the “Supremacy”, which is home to “The Magic Dragon”, “Yoda”, and the “Supremacy” add-ons.

All three of these add-ons enabled Kodi users to stream movies that have just been released, watch documentaries and TV series, enjoy live sports, entertainment shows, radio streams, and even access kids content like cartoons. While there are many options on that part out there, it is all about the reliability of each add-on in delivering uninterrupted streams of high-quality content. This reliability was the reason why the Supremacy, Yoda, and The Magic Dragon add-ons were so popular, winning them recognition and the unwanted attention of the police.

All that said, we can not connect the captured man with the Supremacy repository with absolute certainty, and we’re only making correlations here. As there was no announcement from the Supremacy repository, and considering that it used to be very reliable in the past, the sudden and extended downtime that coincided with the aforementioned arrest is raising suspicion towards this repo. Not only the website of the repository is down right now, but also the dedicated Facebook page and the Telegram group, possibly operated by the owner. No announcements or explanations were posted there either, so this looks like the result of a sudden interruption that only an unexpected arrest could bring.

According to rumors in the community, it is very likely that the Supremacy repository was owned by the arrested man. Pirate projects that fly too close to the Sun are usually meeting the wrath of the copyright owners, so once a Kodi add-on that’s linking to illegal streams becomes very popular, it is only a matter of time before the police track its developer down. Then another set of pirating add-ons emerge to fill in the gap and cover the demand of the users, and the perpetual circle of events continues.

Were you using any of the Supremacy repository add-ons on your Kodi? What will you be using now? Let us know in the comments down below, or on our socials, on Facebook and Twitter.

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