How to Find and Use ExpressVPN Activation Code in 2024

By Novak Bozovic / October 25, 2022

Your ExpressVPN activation code is a crucial piece of information that you receive as soon as you sign up for the VPN. More precisely, you'll need that string of numbers and letters to activate the VPN on any device. So, you'll want to know how to find and use your ExpressVPN activation code, which is what we'll show you in this guide.

We'll also help clear any doubts you might have. That means you'll find information on when and where you need to input your ExpressVPN activation code, as well as what to do when your code doesn't work or if it's expired.

Before going ahead, let me clear you that ExpressVPN's serial key can't be generated manually, but every account has a unique code when you sign up. Without further ado, let's jump right in!

How to Find Your ExpressVPN Activation Code

To find your ExpressVPN activation code, you need to access your ExpressVPN dashboard via the VPN's website. These are the steps you need to take:

1. If you don't have a subscription yet, subscribe to ExpressVPN using your computer and any Web browser.

2. Return to ExpressVPN's home page. Click "My Account" visible in the top-placed main menu. Provide your credentials and access your ExpressVPN account dashboard.

Signing In to ExpressVPN Website

3. You'll see your ExpressVPN activation code on the right-hand side, in the "Set Up Your Devices Card." You can use the "Copy" button to copy your code. That's it!

ExpressVPN Activation Code on ExpressVPN Dashboard

When Do You Need to Use ExpressVPN Activation Code

You'll need to use your ExpressVPN activation key to activate the app on desktop systems, but also when you sign out, when you re-install the VPN, and when your code expires. Here's more information about each of those cases:

Can You Get ExpressVPN Activation Code for Free?

No, you can't get an ExpressVPN activation key for free. That's because ExpressVPN is a paid service, so you need a valid code for the entire duration of your use of the VPN.

Services like ExpressVPN can’t be cracked. There are simply no code generators that will ever help you generate a valid key. There are several reasons for this, as follows:

ExpressVPN Activation Code Not Working? - Try This!

If there’s a problem activating your copy of ExpressVPN, you will see an error preventing you from accessing the VPN. To save you both time and effort, we’ll offer several solutions to this problem based on the error message you’re seeing.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, this ExpressVPN has made it quite easy to find your activation code. You can simply copy it from your account dashboard, letting you activate the VPN app in under a few seconds. Speaking of ExpressVPN's apps, you might want to explore more about them.

To learn how to set up ExpressVPN and put your activation code to use, use the provided link. You'll be taken to our in-depth guide that covers 65+ devices.

You’ve reached the end of our guide on using your ExpressVPN activation code. Let us know if you have any questions. Lastly, thanks for reading!

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