What Is Yuno’s Real Magic? How Did He Get a New Grimoire?

By Evanshi Mavani / November 9, 2021

The following contains significant spoilers for chapters 308—310 of the Black Clover manga by Yuki Tabata.

For a good portion of Black Clover's run, Yuno's roots were shrouded in mystery. Nobody knew where he'd come from or why he possessed such a vast reserve of mana, but it was evident that his talents were on-par with the First Wizard King.

Things were further complicated during the end of the Elf Reincarnation Arc, where the elf that possessed Yuno was never seen leaving him. Did it mean Yuno was half-Elf now? If he was, wouldn't it explain his ability to wield two forms of magic?

But then Yuno was also rumored to be a long-lost prince and the first-ever mage to have acquired a second grimoire. How and why did Yuno find another grimoire? What kind of magic does he wield? 

How Did Yuno Get a Second Grimoire?

Yuno got a second grimoire because of his royal lineage. Being the long-lost prince of the Spade Kingdom, he was originally meant to receive a Spade Grimoire. But since he acquired his first grimoire on the outskirts of the Clover Kingdom far away from Spade, he started out with a Clover Grimoire. 

However, the Spade Kingdom Raid arc's ending delivered Yuno right into the middle of Spade Kingdom's grimoire library. Zenon had overpowered Yuno by a considerable margin, and the latter was on the verge of losing all hope when a strange spirit appeared to him, following which the Spade Grimoire flew towards Yuno and claimed him. 

This second grimoire gave Yuno the power boost he required to beat Zenon, and now Yuno is the only mage in Black Clover's history to wield two grimoires simultaneously. 

But if you think about it, the Spade grimoire was technically meant to be Yuno's first (and likely only) grimoire. If he hadn't ended up in the Clover Kingdom as an orphan, there was no way he would've acquired the Clover grimoire as a child — and the chances of him doing that as an adult were even less likely.

But the fact that Yuno got the Four-Leaf Clover grimoire — one of the rarest grimoires in existence, with its only known users being legends like the First Wizard King, the Leader of The Elves, and Licht — could be a clue that the grimoire would've chosen him, no matter where or when it found him.

This still begs the question regarding the kind of magic the Spade Grimoire is capable of and the kind of magic Yuno has (is it not wind?)

What Is Yuno's Real Magic?

Yuno's Real Magic in Black Clover

Yuno was born with Star Magic — a combination of his father's Sun Magic and his mother's Moon Magic. However, this power lay dormant within him until he visited the Spade Kingdom and received his second grimoire. His second magic type, the Wind Magic he initially displayed, came from the unborn elf he shared his body with.

Though most of Yuno's original capabilities are still unknown, what we do know is that Star Magic is the rarest type of magic known to mages. It's also exclusive to the royal bloodline of the Spade Kingdom.

The Star Magic allows Yuno to create miniature stars, which can be used to fire energy attacks as well as to create a force field. When scattered across distances, Yuno can also teleport himself from one star to another, granting him an undue advantage in any fight. In rare cases, he can also summon whips made of starlight to use them as weapons.

And these techniques are just the things Yuno discovered in the beginning. There's potentially much more Yuno could achieve with his Star Magic; we'll have to wait and see.

How Strong Is Yuno With the Spade Grimoire? 

Even without the Spade Grimoire, Yuno was one of the strongest characters on Black Clover. The second grimoire put Yuno on par with Zenon, even when the latter was using Beezelebub's heart at full capacity.

To put some perspective: Zenon, at 55% capacity, was able to defeat a whole Magic Squad with no conscious effort. Though he couldn't access a hundred percent of Beezelebub's power, 80% should've still been catastrophic.

The fact that Yuno took him out singlehandedly is proof that he's truly OP at this point in the series.

And that's just Yuno's Star Magic. The Spade prince also possesses Elvian Wind Magic and a Clover Grimoire similar to the first Wizard King's, as well as a massive reservoir of mana. Yuno's ability to nonchalantly cast two different spells simultaneously is also unrivaled at this point. It should be interesting to watch anyone try and take on him now.

Is Yuno Half-Elf? What Happened to the Elf Soul Possessing Him?

Yuno Half Elf

Yuno isn't an elf by blood, but he more or less shares his body with Licht's unborn child. Thanks to his dominant willpower, Yuno is able to exert complete control over his body. But given that he can still use the Elf's Wind Magic, it stands to reason that it is still inside him.

Of course, we saw Yuno's Elf marks fade, which should mean that the Elf soul left him. However, Raia's host body lost its marks as well, even though Raia was incapable of detaching himself from the body. 

According to Raia, "his soul was too tied to the human body to survive leaving," which was why he couldn't pass onto the afterlife and had to remain in the mortal plane.

Something very similar happened with Yuno and Licht's unborn child. 

When an elf readies itself to possess a body, the host body needs to be of the same age and gender as the elf's original body. This is why when Licht's child died in Tetia's womb, the only body it could occupy was that of the unborn prince, who happened to be Yuno.

Because of this, the Elf child never had a chance to make its own memories or develop its own consciousness and instead shared every experience with Yuno. All of Yuno's memories became its own, and somewhere down the road, having spent all its life watching Yuno from the backseat of its own mind, the elf came to believe that it was, indeed, Yuno.

This meant the Elf soul inside Yuno, who also identified itself as Yuno, was too closely tied to Yuno's body to detach itself from it and thus never left Yuno in the first place.

However, following the Elf Reincarnation arc, the Elf part of Yuno seems to have become slightly more aware of its existence. This might be due to the fact that it was shortly in complete control of the body, where the blurry lines between it and Yuno must've solidified ever-so-slightly.

"I am you. But you have your own strength as well." — The Elf Soul to Yuno.

But despite this awareness, the Elf soul doesn't seem to harbor ill intentions towards Yuno but instead accepts him as a part of itself.

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