iPhone Jailbreak Introduces Pokémon Battle CallerUI

By Nitish Singh / April 17, 2018

Lately, not many people have been involved in the act of jailbreaking their iPhones, as the effort doesn’t reap many benefits. Apple has made the process increasingly difficult, but there is still a dedicated community of jailbreakers. Amongst them is a Reddit user known as FrozenPenguinToaster, who has hacked the traditional iOS incoming call screen. Thanks to his effort, you can now transform the incoming call of a jailbroken iPhone into a battle sequence from the classic Game Boy Pokémon games, says TheVerge.

This new PokéCall functionality emulates the iconic Pokémon music as the ringtone for calls. It transforms the callerUI screen into a battle sequence similar to the Pokemon game. The name of the person who is calling will show up as the ‘trainer’ who is here to challenge you. You are then given the option to ‘fight’ him - pick up the call, or ‘run away,’ - decline the call.

Pokémon battle callerUI

Image Courtesy of Reddit

Granted, during the games you were not allowed to run away from trainer matches, but let’s give FrozenPenguinToaster that much creative liberty for this new feature that brings back childhood memories.

It should be noted that this functionality is still in development. FrozenPenguinToaster has promised to introduce more customization options. For example, you will be able to tweak different trainer appearances and assign them to your contacts. You will also be able to select which Pokémon you want that particular user to send out.

Furthermore, there is also a dispute amongst users that the pick up (fight), and hang up (run away) options appear after a few seconds, which forces users to wait before taking action. The caller name (the trainer’s name) also takes a few seconds to show up on the screen. FrozenPenguinToaster has assured that he will fix the feature so that the caller name, pick up, and end call options are always visible/available.

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