iOS 13.5 Is Out, and It’s Going to Have a Jailbreak Soon

By Bill Toulas / May 21, 2020

Apple has released the iOS 13.5 to the public after only a single week of "golden master" testing, which is indicative of the urgency that underpinned this particular update. Long story short, everyone is wearing a mask right now, so Apple had to push some Face ID enhancements that would help iPhone users unlock their phones with their faces while wearing a mask and even a pair of glasses. This is a fantastic demonstration of what’s possible by iPhones today, as Face ID will remain accurate, fast, and absolutely secure.

Besides the above, Apple has also introduced a set of key changes in the Exposure Notification API for the tracing system they are developing with Google, including the following things:

Other than that, there are fixes regarding the black screen that appears when trying to stream videos on some specific websites, as well as a share sheet issue where suggestions and actions weren’t loading properly.

At the same time, the “unc0ver team” has announced that a zero-day kernel exploit in all Apple chips and iOS versions enables them to release a jailbreak that works on virtually all iPhone generations, even the latest iPhone SE 2020 and the iPhone 11 series. The hacking team is working on version 5.0.0 and is apparently performing its final stability tests, giving a completion percentage of 90%. This is an unexpected development, as the other popular jailbreaks like the Checkra1n can only unlock iPhone 8 and iPhone X devices. It means that unc0ver have discovered a new flaw, which Apple hasn’t patched yet. If only Apple were friendlier towards security researchers, they could have already received a tip about that zero-day flaw.

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