An iOS 14 Jailbreak Teased Only Days After Apple Published the First Developer Preview

Written by Novak Bozovic
Last updated June 16, 2021

This year’s WWDC keynote started with Apple’s iOS 14 announcement – which is now available as a preview for developers. It means that anyone with an Apple Developer account can access this version before iOS 14 becomes available via a public beta version (sometime in July). Naturally, many are interested in getting their hands on Apple’s upcoming iOS version, and this includes creators of popular jailbreak solutions. However, this year around, those involved in jailbreaking their devices won’t have to wait for too long.

Dany Lisiansky, one of Checkra1n jailbreak solution co-developers, has already teased a fully working jailbreak on an iPhone running iOS 14. It didn’t take long for his colleague Sam Bingner to also post a screenshot of the Cydia package manager running on an iPhone X (and iOS 14). Even though Cydia isn’t the only package manager these days, it’s interesting to note that it’s the one that comes preloaded on Checkra1n jailbreaks. This means that both Lisiansky and Bingner are actively developing their jailbreak for iOS 14, which is going surprisingly fast at this point.

Many of you are wondering if this means that jailbreaking iOS 14 will be available from day one? Well, it’s too early to talk about this. We need to note that the Checkra1n jailbreak is a hardware-based bootrom exploit, which makes it much more successful than its competitors. The majority of other jailbreak methods rely on software exploits, which are usually quickly plugged by Apple via software updates.

The Checkra1n method works on devices that come with A9-A11 chips, including devices from the iPhone 5S up to the iPhone X. It means that although some of those devices won’t be supported by iOS 14, we’re still talking about a wide range of options.

Those of you interested in jailbreaking your iOS 14 device should pay close attention to Twitter profiles of the creators of the Checkr1n jailbreak. There’s a possibility that we’ll get to see an update that supports beta releases of iOS 14, with the first one coming in July. However, keep in mind as well that the Checkra1n team could wait until this fall when iOS 14 is poised to arrive.

Lastly, keep in mind that jailbreaking your iOS device voids any applicable warranties. Also, considering that we’re talking about modifying your device at a deeper level, this could expose your private data and even make your device unusable. With this said, we always recommend using a jailbreak on an older iPhone and not your primary device.

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