Apple Launched AirPods Pro Service Program for Problematic Products

By Bill Toulas / October 31, 2020

Apple has just launched a service and replacement program for AirPods Pro devices that have unexpected sound issues. The new program concerns units that were manufactured before October 2020, so practically all the AirPod Pro in circulation right now are eligible.

The sound issues that Apple mentions as examples are the following two:

So, if you experience any of the above, you may take your AirPods Pro, either as a pair or as an individual unit, to an Apple Service point or an authorized service provider, and they will examine and fix it for free. If repairing is impossible, you will receive a replacement unit(s).

Apple clarifies that the AirPods Pro case isn’t relevant to the issues mentioned above, so it will not be considered for replacement. Also, the program covers affected products for a maximum of two years after the first retail sale of the unit, while it won’t extend the standard warranty coverage any further. This means that if the new pair develops the same issues, you’re stuck with them.

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Reports mention that the number of the affected devices is very small, so this shouldn’t concern many AirPod Pro users out there. However, there are several users who comment on social media, claiming that Apple has already replaced their AirPods in the recent past. These all had crackling sounds, either since the beginning or developed after a while. In some cases, users experienced the problem while on the go.

Back in January 2020, several AirPods Pro owners started to complain about noise cancellation problems following a firmware update. This is weird because Apple could have fixed the issue with a subsequent update instead of offering to replace the units now. Some of these reports were disregarded back when this happened, as user feedback was mixed, and the reality of the situation was met with controversy and doubt.

Whatever did create these problems, Apple can’t fix them with OTA updates, so they are inviting customers to bring the devices over. It’s good to see Apple honoring the warranty and not attempting to push this under the rug until the coverage period is over. Hopefully, the replacement units won’t develop the same issues after a while.

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