New Apple “AirPods Pro” to Launch at the End of the Month

By Bill Toulas / October 18, 2019

The third generation of Apple’s amazing AirPods is rumored to land at the end of October, and it’s going to take care of a couple of things that users complain about in the current version. Moreover, the new AirPods will carry the “Pro” tag that Apple adopted for its latest iPhone lineup. As for the new features, this new pair of AirPods is going to be noise-canceling, so people will finally be able to enjoy whatever they want without outside disturbances. Moreover, the “pros” will feature a new in-ear design that will make the buds more comfortable to wear, and will also accommodate the noise-canceling capabilities.

Whereas the “standard” version of the AirPods is now sold for $159, and the pair with the charging case sells for $199, the next-gen “Pro” version is bumped up to $260. Besides the superior listening experience, the new AirPods will also feature more metal in their body, helping with the heat dissipation issues. Remember, AirPods are wireless buds that have an embedded battery which generates heat, and while this won’t make them uncomfortable to use, it can accelerate the battery degradation. That said, the new model will theoretically last longer, at least as far as the battery is concerned.

People loved the previous generations of the AirPods because they were so easy to use, were a quality product, and you could really wear them and forget about it. However, the fit was somewhat of a hit or miss depending on the person, the sound quality wasn’t exactly meant to match the expectations of an audiophile, and the complete lack of isolation didn’t make them a first-choice for public transportation commuters. We now know that the isolation will be taken care of, but nothing is known about the sound quality or the battery.

A recent report by MacRumors showed that in iOS 13.2 beta, the AirPods icon depicts a rubber tip in the third generation. While this is another indication pointing to comfort and active noise reduction, we can’t be confident about anything until Apple makes the official announcements. These are possible to come at the end of the month, as Apple traditionally announces its Q4 earning predictions between October 28 and 30 every year. Stay tuned, and you’ll be among the first to know about it.

Will you be buying the third generation of AirPods, or are you staying with a previous model? Let us know what you’re planning to do in the comments down below, or on our socials, on Facebook and Twitter.

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