Analyst Reveals Apple iPhone 2018 Models Will Come in Six Colors

By Nitish Singh / July 5, 2018

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed in a report today that Apple is set to launch three new iPhone devices which will be made available in six different colors. The 2018 lineup will be available in grey, white, blue, gold, red and orange. It is unclear if red will be available as a permanent color option or as part of Apple’s limited-edition PRODUCT (RED) lineup.

The entry-level iPhone will offer a 6.1” LCD panel for about $700 to cater to users looking for a more affordable iPhone compared to the $1000 price tag the iPhone X carries. The entry-level device is also rumored to exclude a dual-camera setup. The other two iPhones will include 6.1” and 6.5” OLED panels respectively. The top-end iPhone X Plus will offer dual-sim capabilities and include Apple’s latest SoC. The price of the iPhone X Plus is expected to be close to the current-gen iPhone X’s release price of $1000.

Apple iPhone X Prototype

Image Courtesy of FCC

The new devices are likely to come with iOS 12 out of the box and implement 3D touch technology which embeds a fingerprint sensor beneath the display. The upcoming iPhones will also skip the home button in favor of a bezel-free design. Apple is also rumored to release a large lineup of Macs and iPads in the September conference.

The analyst claims that the new entry-level iPhone should be able to ramp up the sales figures due to its competitive pricing and wide pool of color options. He also believes Apple will see an increase in the number of shipments. Kuo puts the sales figures close to 70 million units shipped during Q4 2018. Ming-Chi Kuo is a reliable analyst who has accurately predicted Apple’s product releases in the past.

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