Paramount Plus Keeps Crashing: Here’s How to Fix It

By Gabriela Vatu / October 30, 2023

Paramount Plus has been around for a short while now, so you can expect some issues here and there as they try to iron out the problems. Let's see what you can do to fix the issue when Paramount Plus keeps crashing on you. 

Paramount Plus has taken over the CBS All Access platform and added a bunch more content, with more incoming. That being said, issues with the platform persist, especially as more users are tuning in to the service. Of course, the team is working to iron things out, so you can expect a lot of updates in the future. 

If Paramount Plus keeps crashing for you, there may be a few reasons for it. 

How to fix Paramount Plus crashing on your browser?

If you're watching Paramount Plus via your computer on your browser and the video keeps crashing for you, you should first check there are no add-ons or extensions on your browser interfering with the stream. 

What kind of extensions are we talking about? Well, ad blockers could interfere with your streaming experience. Therefore, you can always whitelist so it does not interfere with this particular website.

Also, VPNs are known to cause streaming problems. If you're running any of them, you should shut them down before going on Paramount Plus. Free VPNs can throttle Internet speeds, so you could be left with speeds that are not on par with the requirements for the service.

However, if you use a premium tool, it will work better with the service. Our recommendation is NordVPN as it unblocks not only Paramount Plus but other similar streaming services too. 

Make sure to also reload the page and even restart the browser, as it may clear out whatever glitch is stopping Paramount Plus from streaming your content. 

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How to fix Paramount Plus crashing on your Android or iOS device?

If the Paramount Plus app is crashing on your mobile device, the issue may be related to your operating system. The app requires you to run at least iOS 10 on your phones and iOS 11 on tablets, or Android 4.0.3, which is pretty much any Android device since this particular version was released in 2011. 

If it's not necessarily the app that crashes on you, but rather the video stopping at weird times, you should check your Internet settings. Make sure that you're using WiFi, although high-speed mobile data will also work. Check your Internet speed, and you may also want to restart your router if the result is not acceptable. 

How to fix Paramount Plus crashing on your Android or Apple TV?

When you're having issues with Paramount Plus on your TV, there may be a few issues behind the problem.

How to fix Paramount Plus crashing on Chromecast?

If the issue you're having is related to Chromecast as the video crashes on you, you need to make sure that both your devices are connected to the same WiFi network and that there aren't too many devices overloading your network. Also, restart your devices and reconnect them to the WiFi network.

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If none of these solutions worked for you, the issue might be in ViacomCBS' court. You could check out on Twitter if they are reporting any issues they are working on or if others are reporting the same problems. If that's the case, you'll probably have to wait until they've solved the issue. 

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