Users Can Now Remotely Install Apps Through Microsoft Store

By Nitish Singh / June 9, 2018

Microsoft is finally adding a remote install feature to the web version of Microsoft Store. In the new update, Microsoft Store allows users to access a new feature “Install on my devices” to install apps on any Windows 10 device linked to a Microsoft account. The feature was heavily requested by users with other web stores like Google Play offering the functionality for years.

Users will now be able to install apps on their Windows 10 PCs, laptops or tablets from any device with a web browser remotely. Pressing the “Install Now” button in the Microsoft Store’s web store will allow users to see all Windows 10 devices that are compatible with the app for installation. Users report that it may take up to 15 minutes for an app to be delivered to a Windows 10 device compared to Google Play’s instant deliveries. The rollout of the feature began on June 6 and is available for all users currently.

Microsoft Remote Install

Image Courtesy of Bleeping Computer

The feature does not work if the Windows 10 device is in Hibernate or Sleep mode and the downloads will trigger only when the device is active. If you plan on using the remote install feature frequently, it is recommended not to have Sleep mode enabled on your device for remote installations.

The new feature makes way for Windows 10’s S Mode feature scheduled for release later this year. Windows 10 S Mode will allow users to put their Windows devices in a less resource-hungry state which only allows Windows Store apps to run. S Mode will be available later this year through a Windows 10 update with the latest preview build of Windows 10 already enabling the option. Users can access the option with a simple switch in the Windows 10 UI.

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