What Is JioMeet, How Does It Work, What Devices Does It Support? – All JioMeet Features Explained!

By Novak Bozovic / July 4, 2020

As a response to worldwide-popular applications like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, India’s Jio has officially launched JioMeet. This is a free-of-charge video-conferencing app that comes with an incredibly compelling set of features. It promises to bring everything you could possibly need to host and join online meetings, making this workflow as smooth as possible, and most importantly - without endangering your privacy.

So, what are we exactly talking about here? What kinds of JioMeet features you’ll get to use? And what kinds of devices does JioMeet support? Well, let's answer all those questions, and then some more!

What Is JioMeet & What Kinds of Features It Brings?

JioMeet is a video-conferencing app available on pretty much all of the currently popular platforms. You can use it on your desktop and mobile devices, as well as via Web browsers. To get started, you need your phone number or your email address – which means that the sign-up procedure takes only a few moments of your time.

What Platforms Does JioMeet Support?

JioMeet offers native apps for Android and iOS, in addition to providing desktop applications for Windows and macOS. You can also use it via Internet browsers – with Chrome and Firefox being supported right now.

What Are the Official Requirements for Using JioMeet?

Each of the supported platforms comes with certain requirements. However, JioMeet isn’t a resource-hungry app, which means that even some old devices can run it. Check out more information below:

  • Android – Version 5.0 and above; 2GB of RAM.
  • iOS – Version 9.0 and above; 1GB of RAM.
  • macOS – Version 10.13 and above; 2GB of RAM.
  • Windows – Windows 10 and above; .NET Framework 4.5.2; 4GB of RAM.

How to Download the JioMeet App?

You can download JioMeet from its official website. This is where you’ll find links that help you download the application directly to your computer - or you’ll be redirected to a third-party app store (such as the Play Store and iOS App Store).

What’s the Maximum Number of Participants?

Hosts are free to invite up to 100 participants to any calls/meetings – including themselves. In other words, each meeting supports up to 99 participants if there's a single host.

How Long Can a Meeting Last? Are There Time Limitations?

JioMeet is pretty flexible when it comes to the duration of your meetings. You are free to use JioMeet to create 24-hour long meetings. In practice, you’ll hardly ever need this much time – which is a huge benefit in relation to Zoom and similar apps that limit meetings to 40 minutes for free-of-charge accounts.

Does JioMeet Support Multiple Devices?

Yes – this video-conferencing app works on up to 5 devices at the same time. This means that you’ll get to switch seamlessly between different devices without having to interrupt your meetings or video calls.

How to Get Started With JioMeet?

JioMeet has done a great job of providing an incredibly simple interface. No matter if you want to create or schedule a meeting, send out invitations, or join existing meetings – you’re always just a few taps away from your goal.

How to Schedule a Meeting?

To schedule a meeting in JioMeet, you first need to download the app on your device. Make sure to register and then go to the app’s ‘Meet & Chat’ tab. Click on ‘Schedule’ and fill out the details you’ll see on the screen. Choose ‘Schedule’ again, and you’ll create a meeting based on your specification.

How to Start a Meeting as a Host?

Once you’ve set-up a meeting and just before it’s about to start, head to the ‘Meetings’ tab (located at the bottom of your screen). From there, you’ll see a list of your pending meetings, so go ahead and pick the one you’d like to activate.

How to Join a JioMeet Meeting?

Joining meetings is incredibly simple. Download JioMeet on your device and then tap on Join a Meeting > Enter Meeting ID/Link > Join Meeting. If you’re an existing JioMeet user, simply log-in and click on ‘Join’ using the ‘Meet & Chat’ tab.

Can I Join JioMeet Meetings Without Installing the App?

Yes – JioMeet can be used in Chrome or Firefox, without you having to download the app. Once someone invites you to a meeting, you’ll receive an email invitation. This is from where you’ll get to join the meeting by clicking ‘Join From Web Browser.’ Fill out the information you’ll see in your Web browser and start your JioMeet session.

How to Make a Group Video Call?

As said previously, JioMeet allows up to 100 participants to join a single video call. So, to initiate a video call, go to Contacts > Groups. Select the group you’d like to contact and click/tap on the ‘Meet’ button.

All in all, JioMeet comes with a whole slate of highly useful features. And even though there are plenty of video-conferencing apps out there, not many of those offer what JioMeet offers. And of course, all of these features come without any hidden costs, which is always a nice thing to see.

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