iPhone 13, Mini, Pro, or Pro Max Getting Hot When Charging? – Here’s What You Can Do!

Written by Novak Bozovic
Published on September 25, 2021

The fact is that the iPhone 13 lineup comes with the biggest batteries yet. That means Apple has managed to increase its capacities, which should give you up to 2.5 extra hours of use. With that said, know that the process of charging any battery is a highly complex one, as overheating is always an issue. So, if your iPhone 13 is getting hot when charging, here's what you need to keep in mind. 


This article covers the iPhone 13 lineup. However, everything said below also applies to any previous iPhone generation, especially iOS phones released in the last couple of years.

Is It Normal That My iPhone 13 Gets Hot While Charging? 

Yes, it's perfectly normal for your iPhone 13 to get hot while charging. However, it's essential to understand how different types of charging affect your phone's temperature.

First of all, know that your iPhone 13 supports a wide range of charging technologies. More importantly, it supports fast charging (if you have a compatible power adapter). What's interesting about fast charging is that it puts a strain on your iPhone's battery, as it speeds up specific chemical processes happening inside of it. 

As you can already imagine, those chemical processes produce heat. Similarly, if you use other types of charging (like wireless charging), those chemical processes won’t be as reactive. Therefore, your iPhone shouldn’t get hot (while charging) in those cases. 


We highly recommend enabling Apple’s "optimized charging" feature, which ensures that your battery lasts for a long time. To do that, navigate to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. And then, flip the switch next to 'Optimized Battery Charging.'

How Hot My iPhone 13 Should Get While Charging? 

If you fast charge your iPhone 13, there’s nothing wrong if it gets hot. Still, perhaps we should use the term "warm" here, as it should describe the situation more precisely. 

Even while fast charging your phone, you should have no problem holding it in your hand (or using it for an extended period). And, of course, your phone should not throttle its performance or show you any temperature-related error messages. 

If your iPhone gets overly hot while charging, especially if you encounter error messages, we highly recommend turning to Apple’s customer support. Long-term battery issues can lead to hazardous situations, so you should act on time. 

How to Prevent My iPhone 13 From Overheating While Charging? 

To prevent your iPhone 13 from overheating while charging, you can rethink your approach. And also, you need to use quality-made charging accessories. Find more info below. 


Want to learn more about your phone? In that case, head over to our latest iPhone 13-related articles. We've prepared plenty of interesting news alongside in-depth tutorials and guides. 

That would be all on why your iPhone 13 gets hot while charging. If you have any questions for us, let us know via the comments section below. And lastly, thanks for reading!

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