How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 30?

Disney Plus is a great platform, and it was a clear success from the very start. However, sometimes, you'll face some error codes that will prevent you from watching your favorite Disney movie for the hundredth time.

So, how can we fix the Disney Plus error code 30?

Sorry, we could not link your device to your subscription. Please re-enter your account information and try again. If the problem persists, visit the Disney+ Help Center (Error Code 30).

Oops! Clearly, there's something wrong here, and you better fix it fast so you can go back to watching your favorite shows and movies on Disney+. 

What Causes Error Code 30?

Well, there are a few possible causes for this error you get on Disney Plus. For instance, you could have already reached the 10-device limit that Disney Plus has on accounts, or perhaps there's simply been an error during the linking process, and you need to try again. There's also the option that your device is already linked to your account. 

How to Fix Error Code 30?

If you're going to fix the error code 30 on Disney Plus, you first need to figure out what causes this issue. 

  • If you've reached the 10-device limit, you need to know that there's no way to extend it. Log in to your Disney Plus account from another device you commonly use to enjoy the service. Go to your account and tap on the "Account" button. There you can log out of all your devices. There's no way to unlink devices, but if you're having trouble keeping a handle on everyone using your account, you may want to simply go for this option. 
  • If there's a random error keeping you from linking your device, you can simply try again and see if it works. 
  • If your device is already linked, close down all the apps and try logging in again. 

In the event that none of these options worked, you can go ahead and contact the Disney Plus customer support team. They're available 24/7, so they'll be able to help you easily. 

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