DesignCap Review – The Easiest Way to Get Professional-Looking Posters & Flyers!

By Novak Bozovic / November 15, 2018

When it comes to designing posters and flyers, you have two options in front of you. You can hire a professional that will create custom graphics and fine-tune the design to your liking. However, graphic designers usually charge by the hour and they can be a significant investment. Or, you can do it yourself by relying on a beginner-friendly graphics editor. However, the problem with this option is that you’ll hardly come up with a professional-looking design. So, how about we combine the best of those two worlds? With this said, welcome to our review of DesignCap!

Before we go any deeper into explaining this application, let’s take a look at its ID card. The following table provides the basic set of information, so check it out.

Product Name DesignCap
Supported Platforms Web-based (platform-agnostic).
Unique Features Hundreds of preloaded templates; Thousands of individual graphic elements; Fully customizable.
Price Free of charge.
Visit DesignCap

Now, we’re going to show you the biggest strengths and weaknesses of DesignCap. The following table should come in handy if you're comparing this solution to its competitors.

Final Verdict
Pros Highly polished UI; A huge number of templates; Utilizes free Web resources; Exports in high-def formats.
Cons Not the most comprehensive support documentation.
The Bottom Line Without any doubt, DesignCap is one of the most powerful tools of its kind. It's easy for use, comes packed with useful features - and it's free of charge!
Our Score 9.6/10.

Finally, let’s dive into our full and hands-on review of DesignCap. We will be taking a very close look at different aspects of this software solution, so let’s jump right in.

DesignCap for Web – TechNadu’s Review

Before we start, you should know that we’ve tested DesignCap via Google Chrome (on a Windows 10 PC). Being a Web-based application, you don’t need a powerful system and you’ll always have access to the latest version of this app. With this said, there’s no need for us to list our PC’s specs – since that kind of information doesn’t relate to DesignCap’s functionality or performance.

Platform Compatibility

DesignCap Review - Website

Being a Web application, DesignCap lives entirely within your Web browser. As such, it’s platform-agnostic and be used across all devices. Our Score: 10/10.

The get the best possible experience, you should run DesignCap on a desktop platform (this includes both Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS, and Linux). Theoretically, you could also open this Web-based tool on mobile devices and even tablets. However, having a large screen and using a keyboard and mouse looks like the most suitable combination.

In addition, it should be noted that you can use any Web browser to open and launch this application. This includes Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari – and pretty much any other.

Installation Process

DesignCap Review - Sign-Up Form

DesignCap doesn’t need to be installed on your system, saving valuable disk space and resources. Our Score: 10/10.

Getting started with this tool is quite easy. You need to open your Web browser and visit the official website of DesignCap. Then, you’ll get to see a button in the top-left corner, allowing you to sign up for the service. After entering your email and password, you’ll be ready to proceed.

As you can see, DesignCap is not a usual application. Instead, it fully relies on your Web browser. In turn, this also means that it relies on the company’s servers for all the computing – providing you with a flawless performance. And since you can save your work in the cloud, you can easily switch between different devise and platforms, and continue where you left off.

User Interface

DesignCap Review - Interface

This application strikes the right balance between complexity and simplicity. It’s great for beginners and somewhat advanced users alike. Our Score: 10/10.

Once you to get to the editor, you will see a few key areas around the screen – similar to how other graphic editors work. It’s clear that DesignCap uses a proven formula instead of coming up with something entirely different. In this case, this is a good thing.

On the left side of the window, you will see five major tools named Template, Photo, Text, Clipart, Background – giving you a glimpse into what kinds of interventions you could do. As you start using these elements, you will see a series of related tools that are mainly based on drag-and-drop techniques. The rest of the screen is reserved for the area where you create your posters and flyers.

It’s also worth noting that there are two toolbars surrounding the main art-creation area. At the top, you can save your design, share it via social media, and print it directly from the Web browser. And on the top, you’ll find handy tools for undo and redo, and you can zoom in and out.

Ease of Use

DesignCap Review - Poster Selection

Despite its very easy to use, it might take some time until you learn how to fully utilize this service and overcome some of its limitations. Our Score: 9/10.

We are going to show you how DesignCap works by taking a look at the process of designing a poster. So, we’ll be taking you through our step-by-step guide, explaining what kinds of tools to expect and how to use them. Let’s get started!

DesignCap Review - Template Selection

DesignCap Review - Photos

DesignCap Review - Text

DesignCap Review - Clipart

DesignCap Review - Backgrounds

DesignCap Review - Image Export

Speed & Performance

DesignCap Review - Performance

Being a Web-based application, DesignCap relies on the website’s servers to process your input. As a result, this tool comes with a fluid performance. Our Score: 10/10.

As we noted in the introduction to this article, you don’t need a fast device to use DesignCap. Being Web-based, this application doesn’t require a lot of resources to run. As a user, you will get to see a very fluid performance, without any bugs. Adding a large number of design elements to your creations had little impact on the overall performance. In addition, you’ll get to save and export even high-resolution files in a matter of seconds.

Customer Support

DesignCap Review - Support

The official website of DesignCap offers a nice way to get started – but you’re on your own for mastering this graphics editor. Our Score: 8.5/10.

Let’s say that you start using DesignCap but you can’t figure out how to use a certain tool. So, you should first turn to the official support page where you’ll find two options. You can check out the official tutorial or you send suggestions and question to the team behind this application. And that’s pretty much it.

In all fairness, DesignCap is really simple to use. It comes with a self-explanatory UI that is designed for complete beginners. However, you’ll need to rely on your own creativity and intuition if you want to get the most out of this application. Sadly, the company doesn’t offer advanced help resources.


DesignCap Review - Pricing

You can use DesignCap free of charge – and yes, without any hidden fees. What’s not to like about that? Our Score: 10/10.

This tool is free-of-charge and you only need to register to get started. This means providing your email address and coming up with a password. There are no hidden fees here – you’ll see that all of its options come fully unlocked. We have to say that we felt surprised by this since DesignCap is an excellent all-around solution for creating posters and flyers.

The Final Verdict

DesignCap is a close-to-perfect graphics editor. We are certain that beginners and advanced users are going to love what’s on offer. With this said, our team highly recommends it to those looking for a way to get nicely designed posters and flyers that can be shared online or printed.

Final Thoughts

Dear readers, this is where we end our DesignCap review. If you think we missed something important, make sure to let us know in the comments section. And also, feel free to share your questions and thoughts.

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Review Summary

Looking for a way to create professional-looking posters and flyers? Need something very simple to use – but that brings amazing results? Do you want high-resolution, print-ready files? Well, DesignCap is the perfect choice for you!

Overall Score
Platform Compatibility
Installation Process
User Interface
Ease of Use
Speed & Performance
Customer Support

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