Best Kodi Repositories

The only way to download and install Kodi addons is by finding a repository first. However, this is where you need help since the best Kodi repositories are often hard to find. This is precisely why TechNadu is here, as we’ll help you discover the best options right now.

We’ve done our homework of finding fully-working Kodi repositories, as of August 2019. This means that the following options can help you install hundreds, if not thousands of Kodi addons and upgrade your entire user experience. So, no more wasting your time on faulty addons or builds – we have precisely what you want!

Before getting started, we strictly recommend you to be safe while using Kodi. Therefore, we want you to read the We will be talking about software developed for Kodi – which is based on open-source code. However, the following software comes from unofficial third-parties. In addition, it is publicly available and free of charge. TechNadu doesn’t claim any responsibility for how our readers decide to utilize the following software. Please note that we don’t condone sharing pirated content and copyright infringement. TechNadu is not affiliated with the software mentioned in this article in no way. Make sure to carefully read the above-said disclaimer and ensure the proper use of the software.
and WARNING notice found below.

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  2. Bypass Geo-Restriction: As you probably know, some official addons like BBC iPlayer, NBC Sports, Hulu, IceFilms have geo-location restrictions. This also applies to other addons like Acestream which fetches the data from torrents. To unblock these restrictions, you will have to DEFINITELY use a VPN no matter what.

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Without further ado, here are the top 12 best Kodi repositories in August 2019.

1. Official Kodi Repository

Official Kodi Repository

In case you want access to hundreds of addons that work without any problems, you should turn to Kodi’s official repository. These are all legal addons that have gone through an extensive testing phase. Therefore, this is the easiest way to enrich your Kodi with new content.

Of course, navigating your way through hundreds of addons isn’t an easy task. To help you with this, we have put together a guide to the best legal Kodi addons. This is where you will find addons made by major companies that let you watch on-demand and live content. And on top of this, all of those can be used without any restriction, free of charge.

2. KodiBae

Kodibae Repository

URL: Visit on GitHub (Install via ZIP file)

KodiBae is probably the hottest repository right now. Even though this developer is still new in the world of Kodi addons, it already managed to become hugely popular. One of the biggest reasons why it’s so popular is due to hosting an all-new Exodus addon. This previously popular addon went offline a while back. However, KodiBae managed to resurrect it. Among other addons, you can also count on cCloud, PrimeWire, and Sports Devil.

Make sure to visit KodiBae’s GitHub page, where you download addons individually, via ZIP files. Or even better, you can use GitBrowser (made by TV Addons) to simplify this procedure.

3. TVAddons

TVAddons Kodi Repository


Aside from being one of the best Kodi repositories at the moment, this is also one of the most turbulent ones. Due to its popularity, TVAddons was attacked by a number of large corporations and anti-piracy groups. However, this repository somehow always manages to resurface. In fact, this repository brings something you can’t find elsewhere and that’s its Git Browser.

Thanks to the Git Browser addon, you can easily install any addon that can be found on GitHub. This add-on downloads a ZIP file from GitHub and installs that file within Kodi. For more information, here’s our guide on TVAddons’ GitBrowser. Make sure to try it out, and install some of the best Kodi repositories found in this article.

4. BludhavenGrayson Repository

Bludhaven Grayson Repository

URL: Visit on GitHub (Install via ZIP file)

During the last couple of months, Bludhaven Grayson has become a trending name in the Kodi community. Even though it features just a few addons at the moment, all of these are simply amazing. You should also know that this repository is all about sports and live TV programming.

We’ve stumbled upon Bludhaven Grayson looking for the next great sports addon. That’s how we’ve discovered addons like Fitness Blender and BoxPlus Network. Then, there are a few live TV Kodi addons as well that are mostly focused on the TV channels from the USA and UK. Take a look and you’ll see why this is one of the best Kodi repositories.

5. Mr. FreeWorld (LegionWorld TV)

Mr Freeworld Kodi Repository


During the last couple of months, we’ve seen that many have been talking about the Mr. FreeWorld repository. In the absence of numerous popular addons that are no longer available, Kodi users have been turning to alternatives. And that’s how Mr. FreeWorld came under the spotlight.

By using this repository, you’ll get to install addons such as Neptune Rising, Guillermo Tell, Original, Mobdro, and plenty more. All of these are currently trending options that bring plenty of content on their own.

6. Kodi Nerds

Kodi Nerds Repository

URL: Visit on GitHub (Install via ZIP File)

With over 100 addons on offer, Kodi Nerds bring just about any type of content you can imagine. What must be highlighted here is that you’ll find a nice selection of completely legal Kodi addons, which serve as gateways to video streaming services. Also, it looks like plenty of addons offered via Kodi Nerds comes from Germany and Austria – which should be of interest to Kodi users coming from those two countries.

We highly recommend checking out addons like NASA, DailyMotion, VEVO TV, YouTube Music, MTV Mediathek, Xbox Live. We’re sure you’ll find plenty more that you’d want to download straight away.

7. DK-XBMC Repository

DK-XBMC Repository

URL: Visit on GitHub (Install via ZIP File)

DK-XBMC is a popular Kodi repository that now only exists on GitHub. What’s unique about this one is that it brings a set of addons that you won’t find anywhere else. This is why we have featured DK-XBMC in our article on anime Kodi addons and Chinese Kodi addons.

Our strong suggestion is to install this repository and explore it on your own. We’re sure you’re going to love what you’ll find there. And even though there are around 40 addons on offer right now, all of them provide hundreds of hours of entertaining content.

8. Dimitrology Repo

Dimitrology Kodi Repository


Dimitrology has a very long history, with its ups and downs. It came online a few years back and managed to host hundreds of addons during all this time. A few months ago, it suddenly went offline, which surprised the entire worldwide Kodi user community. However, we’re happy to see Dimitrology back.

What important to note is that you can use Dimitrology to install other repositories with the most popular addons right now. Therefore, and for now, this is a must-have repository for every Kodi user.

9. Simply Caz Repository

Simply Caz Kodi Repository


Next, we have a repository known for TV-related addons. During the last few months, this type of addons has become hard to find. Both live-TV and on-demand options have disappeared, which is why we felt excited to find the Simply Caz repo.

Simply Caz is slowly turning to legal addons, to avoid getting on the radar of copyright protection groups. Right now, we recommend you to try addons like LiveTube, YouTube, and maybe even Earth Cam if you’re looking for something educational.

10. One Nation

One Nation Kodi Repository


One Nation isn’t the biggest repository out there – but it’s definitely one of the most valuable ones. This is where you’ll find everything you need to get started with Kodi and turn it into a streaming machine. Addons such as YouTube, Adult Swim, LiveStreams, and Cartoon Network are among the prominent ones, at the moment.

We shouldn’t also forget to mention an addon called Deceit, which can be found only in this repository. Deceit is a powerful all-in-one addon with pretty much any type of content imaginable, and we strongly recommend you to try it out.

11. StreamArmy Repo

StreamArmy Kodi Repository


It’s true that StreamArmy has had its ups and downs in the past. This was once one of the most popular Kodi repositories with dozens of incredible addons. However, it went through a period when it was offline, losing plenty of fans. However, this repository is finally back.

If you decide to try the StreamArmy repo, we recommend installing addons such as Entertain Me, Adult Swim, and Nemesis AIO. You’ll also find some adult-content addons like FapZone and XXX-O-DUS.

12. Diamond Wizard Repo

Diamond Wizard Kodi Repository


Diamond Repo is all about quality, not quantity. It comes with 20+ addons at the moment, which might not seem like much. However, each of those offers a way to enhance your Kodi in unbelievable ways. And this is why we strongly believe that this is one of the best Kodi repositories right now.

We recommend downloading Tubi TV and Movie Theater Butter for the latest movies and TV shows. Then, you can go with Adult Swim, Reddit Viewer, and 7of9 AIO – all of which come with sizeable content libraries.

In case you have any questions, feel free to post a comment. In addition, share this article online to let other Kodi users know about the best Kodi repositories. And when it comes to TechNadu’s social media profiles – you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter