What Is Amado’s Goal? Is He the Final Villain in Boruto?

By Evanshi Mavani / July 6, 2021

Amado is pulling strings behind every significant event in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. However, his end goal is still unclear to the audience. Isshiki is dead, Naruto and Sasuke have survived once again, and Kawaki and Boruto have not been entirely Otsutsukified yet. However, the threat of Code and Eida still looms over everyone. While all of this is going on, what is their modifier, Amado, doing?

Amado betrayed Kara and succeeded in enlisting the help of Naruto and Sasuke to kill Isshiki. Nonetheless, his actions in the manga are suspicious, and no one is convinced that he has good intentions. With the release of the latest chapter, we can now speculate what Amado wants to accomplish and how Kawaki, Boruto, Naruto, and Sasuke fit into his plan.

To recap, in the 59th chapter of Boruto, Kawaki found himself to be helpless without his Karma. Taking advantage of this moment of weakness, Amado offered him an opportunity to regain his strength by implanting another Karma. As there is no reason why Amado is particularly generous to Kawaki, and this timely aid smells rotten at the core.

With the current direction of the series, it looks like everything is going according to Amado’s master plan and that he may very well be the final villain. What is that plan, though, you ask? Well, there are some theories!

What Is Amado’s Goal?

Amado from Boruto

Amado’s goal in Boruto is to destroy the entire Otsutsuki Clan, whose actions he views as parasitic. In addition, it is speculated that Amado also desires to revive his daughter, who died twelve years before the reign of the Seventh Hokage.

Amado spent years working under Isshiki Otsutsuki, someone he hated, only to gain an opportunity to defeat him. From what we have seen to date, it is uncharacteristic for him to go this far. Furthermore, despite having the ability to create Otsutsukification pills and cyborgs powerful enough to take down Jigen, Amado did not take any action. In contrast, he experimented on countless children in order to find a perfect vessel for Isshiki.

If Amado honestly had good intentions, he would have enlisted Naruto and Sasuke’s help earlier. The fact that he didn’t do so means that creating a vessel was something he had to do. It is speculated that Amado waited for Kawaki to mature and then used Naruto and Sasuke to kill the one that would have otherwise occupied the vessel, i.e., Isshiki.

However, what value does Kawaki, an empty vessel, have for Amado? If we take his daughter into the picture, it all makes sense!

Before it was confirmed that Amado had a child, there were already theories that talked about Delta being modeled after his dead daughter. While there’s no evidence to support them, further discussion has birthed an entirely new train of thought. The “digitized data aggregate,” aka Karma that Amado wants to implant into Kawaki, an empty vessel, belongs to his daughter.

By combining Isshiki’s latent strength in the White Karma with his child’s DNA, it is possible to transform Kawaki into a vessel for his daughter while also making sure he gets power equivalent to an Otsutsuki.

Is Amado the Final Villain in Boruto?

Amado and Jigen

Amado has the potential to be the final villain in Boruto. Despite his unknown identity, it looks like he is the one pulling strings behind every significant event. Amado will probably be responsible for the destruction of Konoha and the shinobi world in the future.

As the creator of multiple shockingly powerful cyborgs, Amado already could damage Isshiki earlier. However, he laid low to further his own plans. The threat Amado poses to the world lies in the fact that the existence of the shinobi system somehow impedes his goal. The Karma he will implant on Kawaki in the future will be a means of destroying it.

Another theory notes that Amado believes in tools more than shinobis. In the first scene where Kawaki and Boruto faced each other, the former said that the era of shinobi is over. Therefore, it is possible that Amado aims to create a new age and has convinced Kawaki to help him. This also explains why the latter has Karma despite losing it in the recent chapters.

No matter whether Kawaki turns traitor in the end or not, Amado’s actions have firmly placed him as a villain in our books.

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