Spy x Family: Who is Anya? Who Experimented on Her?

Written by Samona Punjabi
Published on April 23, 2022

Spy x Family might've only released two episodes, but the series has already been making waves. Not much has happened in the show, but the fandom has spoken, as far as everyone's favorite character is concerned! Five-year-old esper, Anya Forger, has stolen the show and the fandom's heart.

Even though Anya is a cute and chirpy five-year-old, she already has a dark and traumatic backstory. Before being adopted by Loid, AKA Twilight, Anya was treated like a lab rat and experimented upon. This was where she developed telepathic abilities by accident.

Anya Forger's character visual
Anya Forger's character visual

Who Experimented on Anya? What is Anya's Backstory?

An unknown Ostanian government organization experimented on Anya when she was younger, causing her to gain telepathic abilities. While her superpower stems from illegal experiments, she often uses them for good. Before she escaped the facility, Anya was called Test Subject 007.

Despite being a child, Anya wasn’t allowed to play or have a normal childhood. Instead, she was forced to develop and control her powers, to use them better. For fans wondering why a random Ostanian government organization would use a five-year-old, it was so she could be used as a human weapon against the enemy nation of Westalis. 

Anya was often told her powers would bring peace to the world. However, she chose not to believe the lies taught to her and ran away from the organization because of their inhumane treatment. Despite her age, she manages to escape successfully because of her abilities and eventually lands in an orphanage.

Because of her powers, Anya has been sent back into foster care by different adoptive families four times. She has also been transferred to two different orphanages. However, she finally ends up in an orphanage where Loid, AKA Twilight, adopts her!

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