My Hero Academia Season 5 Blu-Ray Edition is Different From the Original; Here’s How

By Samona Punjabi / January 20, 2022

My Hero Academia's Blu-Ray collection for season 5 was recently released in Japan, and fans were quick to grab their bundles. The anime is currently on its seasonal break after the completion of season 5. However, fear not, for Deku is slated to return to our screens sooner rather than later.

The sixth season for My Hero Academia is already in production under Studio Bones, and we're just as excited as you are! However, it seems that Studio Bones has been doing more than just focusing on the next season. The recently released Blu-Ray collection confirms that the team at the studio has made some significant changes to season 5, post its original release.

A Twitter user that goes by the username @Atsushi101x took to their handle to tweet about the differences they noticed in the original anime and the Blu-Ray release. The tweet has since gone viral with fans now talking about the changes in the artwork, which looks much more detailed and polished.

Seeing the differences so clearly pointed out, it looks like several artwork changes have been made. For example, Shigaraki's fight with Re-Destro. Tomura seems to have received several edits to his face and his overall physique. This change is probably because a lot of fans found My Hero Academia's Season 5 animation to be amateurish when compared to its preceding seasons.

However, it seems that Tomura Shigaraki isn't the only one to have received some animation upgrades. Fan-favorite villain Dabi also received an animation makeover, as can be seen in the tweet above. In addition, characters like Gigantomachia, Twice, Toga, Spinner, etc also received some much-needed attention from the animation team at Studio Bones.

Fans have been rejoicing upon hearing news of the animation edits, and rightly so because it looks like a lot of work was put into it. However, several fans have also been talking about how the studio should've done this from the start. Well, we're still grateful for the pre-season gift, so no complaints here!

On the other hand, since My Hero Academia Season 6 is already in the works, the studio will have a chance to make a comeback. The new season is expected to premiere this fall.

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