Will Attack on Titan’s Anime End With a Movie?

Written by Samona Punjabi
Published on March 25, 2022

If you haven't watched the latest episodes of Attack on Titan: Final Season, the following article may contain spoilers.

*No manga spoilers*

Attack on Titan fans have had only one question for the past few weeks: Will the series conclude with a final movie? Attack on Titan recently aired its 86th episode, titled "Retrospective." The anime only has one more episode left to air for the series to end. However, manga fans are adamant that the anime has more ground to cover. 

Will Attack on Titan finish the story with a movie? Could there be an Attack on Titan: Final Season Part 3? Read on to find out what we think.

Eren declares the annihilation of the world.
Eren declares the destruction of the world.

Will Attack on Titan End With a Movie? How Much of the Manga Has the Attack on Titan Anime Covered?

Fans of Attack on Titan have already concluded that the series will end with a movie. The upcoming series finale, titled "The Dawn of Humanity," will only take the story up to Chapter 130 of the manga. However, the manga series concluded its post-apocalyptic story with Chapter 139! You don't have to be a seasoned anime fan to know that these nine chapters will inevitably be the most crucial parts of the story. After all, they bring our heroes' arduous journey to an end. Therefore, fans on Reddit are convinced that MAPPA will cover the last nine chapters with a special anime film.

According to the math, a feature-length Attack On Titan will adopt one or one-and-a-half chapters of the manga for every 20-25 minutes of screen time. Hence, the only way to finish the series in a timely fashion would be a movie that runs about 2.5 hours. The math is, of course, based on the fact that MAPPA decides to keep the story intact and not cut panels out of the final adaptation. Since the studio has remained faithful to the story so far, there's no reason to believe they would mess up at such a crucial point in the story.

The Rumbling begins.
The Rumbling begins.

Attack on Titan is on a break this week, meaning the finale of the series is slated to air on April 4, 2022. In addition, the international anime fair "AnimeJapan 2022" will also be held this weekend, starting March 26. Several fans of the series expect a movie announcement from MAPPA at the international fair. We're not going to lie - the timing of it all seems suspicious. Around 2.5 hours of content left, a one-week break, AND an international fan festival? We believe that a movie announcement for Attack on Titan could come our way this weekend!

Audiences who are still not convinced should remember that the series' villainous protagonist, Eren Yeager, has been MIA for six episodes! Ever since Eren transformed into the Founding Titan and started "the Rumbling," we have no idea what he has been up to. We haven't been shown the much-awaited "Rumbling," which features over 3,00,000 colossal Titans trampling the earth! Besides, Attack on Titan fans would pay good money to experience such a scene in theatres.

Maybe MAPPA will release Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3? We can't say anything for sure since an official announcement for a movie has not been made. We'll have to wait for a while to find out the fate of the series and, by extension, Eren Yeager.

A rough depiction of the Rumbling
A rough depiction of the Rumbling.

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