Scammers Are Using YouTube’s Three-Strike System For Extortion

By Nitish Singh / January 30, 2019

YouTube has a three-strike system that serves as a deterrent to punish YouTubers who post content that does not abide by the video sharing platform’s terms. With millions of content creators posting videos on the platform, scammers have found a way to extort money from them by abusing the strike system.

Scammers are posing as legitimate copyright holders and filing two false claims before directly contacting content creators on YouTube about a third strike. Content creators are asked to pay cash in order to avoid a third strike which would lead to their channels being shut down by YouTube. Content creators want to avoid getting their channels banned from the platform.

YouTube Extortion

Image Courtesy of TorrentFreak

YouTube content creator ObbyRaidz revealed that he could get his third strike on the platform due to the scam. Two bogus strikes have already been filed against him, and a third strike is impending from the scammers. He published a video detailing the scam earlier today. Scammers have asked him to pay via Bitcoin or PayPal if he does not want to get his channel banned. ObbyRaidz received messages stating “Our request is $150 PayPal or $75 BTC (Bitcoin). You may send the money via goods/services if you do not think we will cancel or hold up our end of the deal. Once we receive our payment, we will cancel both strikes on your channel. Again – you are free to charge back if we don’t, but we assure you we will.”

Despite contacting YouTube ObbyRaidz did not receive any assistance so far. If his channel does get taken down, he will have to put up his case for review and his account will be reinstated. The extortion scam is criminal in nature, and it remains to be seen if Google takes action against the people behind it.

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