How to Watch Lucifer Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

By Gabriela Vatu / August 15, 2020

The long-awaited Lucifer return is nearly here, and we're all planning on watching the show as soon as it comes out on Netflix. It's been a long journey, but we're finally here, and there are such high hopes for the season as Lucifer, Chloe, and the rest of the gang returns.

Based on The Sandman comic book, Lucifer has become a phenomenon rather quickly after its premiere on Fox. After the show was canceled following its third season, thanks to the avalanche of "#savelucifer" tags on social media, Netflix decided to save this wonderful series to give it a proper ending.

When Will Lucifer Season 5 Be Available on Netflix?

According to the many announcements made thus far, Lucifer's fifth season will land on Netflix on August 21st.

While the first season under the Netflix umbrella featured the regular 10 episodes that the platform has accustomed us with, season 5 will have 16 episodes. Unfortunately, since COVID-19 has messed up everyone's plans, we're only getting half of those on August 21st, with the rest to be released at an undisclosed time.

Who Is Part of Lucifer's Cast?

What to Expect of Season 5 of Lucifer? (spoilers)

Can we call information about the plot of Season 5 spoilers if they're all in the trailers released thus far? Well, we're marking everything up just in case.

Season 4 of Lucifer left us with a massive cliffhanger. After years of everyone rooting for Chloe and Lucifer to confess their undying love for one another (or something along those lines), we finally got to see some romance. However, Lucifer had to leave Earth to return to his rule over Hell before more demons decide to go topside.

Season 5, from what we can tell from the trailers, will feature a Chloe who's not faring well after Lucifer's departure. We see Lucifer return, however, and acting differently.

For some reason or another, Netflix decided to also reveal a major plot point - the reason Lucifer was acting strangely was because it wasn't him at all, but rather his twin brother, Michael. As Michael tries to take over Lucifer's life on Earth, the actual Lucy returns to Earth, and they battle it out. There is a lot of plot between these points, but that will only make us want to binge on the show faster.

Here, check the trailer yourself:

How to Watch Lucifer on Netflix?

Since Lucifer is a "Netflix show," the series will be available in all Netflix markets. With the platform being available in close to 200 markets, there are certainly loads of happy viewers across the world.

That being said, if you want to watch Lucifer on Netflix, you need two things - an active Netflix subscription and an Internet connection. It's pretty obvious, but it's also important that you go through legal channels to enjoy the show.

We're sure there are plenty of illegal streams that are going to become available, but paying for a Netflix subscription isn't that expensive. Plus, if you time it right, you can even get away with a Netflix trial and enjoy the show during that time.

Will Season 5 Be the Last for Lucifer?

While the fifth season was indeed supposed to be the last one for the show, Netflix decided that something as good as this show needed more screen time. Therefore, Lucifer gets a sixth season.

Of course, there's no timeline for when it's going to be released. If we were hopeful about a 2021 launch before the pandemic hit, now that everyone is trying to stay healthy, it's unclear when we're going to get the sixth and final season of Lucifer as filming is not on anyone's radar right now.

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