How to Watch High Science Online: Stream Funny or Die’s Docuseries from Anywhere

By TechNadu Staff / April 20, 2023

Are you looking for some new and informative content packed with fascinating facts? Funny or Die's High Science - the recent docu-series filled with knowledge, humor, and social issues would be an ideal choice for you!

The series begins with Dr. Oh, a talking futuristic bong (a robot) who takes two lab assistants on a psychedelic journey. Thus, each episode is a trip where the two assistants go high on science, information, and events starting from how trees feed on salmons, sharks being older than the rings of Saturn, and toothpaste being invented in Ancient Egypt. Hyper-intelligent Dr. Oh unveils it all with its snarky remarks, sarcasm, and humor.

So, are you excited to watch Funny Or Die’s High Science? It would definitely entice science geeks but also the general population who want to get high with information overload. From facts that predate modern history and events that inform us about galaxies that are thousands of miles away, High Science has it all, with none of the boredom that you associate with science in your classrooms. Proceed to learn when, where, and how you can stream High Science online from any part of the world.

When and Where to Watch High Science

Funny or Die's High Science will premiere its first episode on HBO Max and Discovery+ on Thursday, April 20, 2023, and will air two episodes weekly beginning April 26 on Discovery Channel.

High Science will feature 5 episodes, with two episodes airing per week until its final episode, which will be airing sometime in the early days of May 2023.

How to Watch High Science Online from Anywhere

Many of us end up watching our favorite shows and flicks online owing to the plethora of TV and streaming platforms accessible in several countries. However, Funny or Die's High Science can only be accessed from the US, UK, Canada, and a few other countries, making it difficult to watch while traveling overseas due to licensing agreements that limit the content's global availability. Therefore, accessing the library under these circumstances would require you to use a VPN to watch High Science online. A VPN comes in handy to alter your current IP address with that of a country where these geo-restrictions are not imposed. 

ExpressVPN is hands down the most convenient and best VPN to use, even for the ones who might have reservations about not knowing how to use VPN. It allows you to access the libraries of most streaming services, including Hulu, Disney Plus, Netflix, Prime Video, and others, thanks to thousands of servers installed around the world. But do you know which VPN is best for you? No need to start a new search again because you can try ExpressVPN RISK-FREE for 30 days. Within the free trial, you’d be able to test run how this tool has fast and stable connections. 

Currently, a substantial discount is being offered if you decide to go for their annual plan. Visit their website and subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% Discount + 3 Months FREE). Within a few minutes, your account will be created with the required details and successful payment. Then install the app on your phone and switch it on after you select a server that you prefer with your territory back home. The final step is to visit a streaming service to watch Funny or Die's High Science online from anywhere.

How to Watch High Science Online in the US Without Cable

The docuseries, with its scientific tidbits, filled with information and packed with punches of humor, will premiere on the HBO Max platform. Apart from that, there are other streaming options that come with add-ons and live TV services. Let us look at some of the options available to us.

Those interested can subscribe through Apple, Google Play, and Roku or log in with their TV provider credentials, or better yet, they can make their own account on HBO Max’s official website. Subscription prices on HBO Max cost $9.99 a month with an ad-supported tier, and without the commercials, it will cost $14.99 per month. HBO Max is also available as a premium channel on Prime Video for $14.99 per month. 

Those who live in the US can also watch Funny or Die's High Science on Discovery Plus. And with a 7-day free trial, subscribers can choose a monthly plan for as little as $4.99 with commercials and a plan without ads for $6.99. 

Furthermore, American viewers can add Discovery Plus on Prime Video as a Prime channel for $4.99 per month. There is a 7-day free trial for the channel, and Amazon Prime offers a generous 30-day free trial.

Apart from it, people in the United States can also avail other options to stream High Science online by using third-party streaming platforms that allow users to access the HBO Max and Discovery Channel as a premium add-on. Let’s take a look.

All these streaming services are designed to keep geo-restrictions in place when you are in another part of the world except for the United States. Therefore, you should always use a reliable VPN to unblock these platforms. For this to work, pick a US server when you activate the VPN.

How to Watch High Science Online in Canada and the UK

Discovery+ is accessible in the UK and Canada, with monthly subscription prices of $4.99 per month with ads and $6.99 per month without ads in Canada, and £3.99 per month for UK citizens. The platform also offers a 7-day free trial to new members! So you may be able to live stream High Science online on this platform.

However, if you are traveling abroad, you cannot access Discovery+ to watch High Science in some regions due to geo-restrictions and licensing issues. Therefore, a trustworthy VPN is required to pass the geo-blocks. You can choose a UK or Canada-based server when you turn on the VPN and then access Discovery+ to stream Funny or Die's High Science.

Can I Watch High Science Online in Australia?

Discovery+ is unavailable in Australia, and unfortunately, a release date for this country hasn’t been announced yet. Although it's not confirmed yet, you might be able to watch High Science online in Australia on Foxtel Now, so keep an eye out.

However, if you don’t want to wait till the title lands in your country, you can use a high-quality VPN to stream the High Science in Australia. Once you activate the VPN, connect to a US-based server, and enjoy watching the series on any of the streaming platforms mentioned in the US segment. 

High Science Cast

Moreover, the season is lined up with many guest appearances from professionals across the field, like astrobiologists, archaeologists, zoologists, and other think tanks from universities and other scientific organizations worldwide.

High Science Episode Guide

High Science Trailer

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