How to Watch ’30 Rock: A One-Time Special’ Live Online

By Gabriela Vatu / July 16, 2020

If you're a fan of 30 Rock, we have some really good news for you, as NBC is planning to air a special event. We're going to watch 30 Rock: A One-Time Special online, so let's figure out how best to do this.

This special event will feature 30 Rock stars, including Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski, Jack McBrayer, and more. The show will be pre-recorded and will bring together video advertising and humor.

The show will certainly bring in loads of fans of 30 Rock, especially as the show continues to be one of the most awarded so far, holding the record for most Emmy nominations in one season for any comedy series since back in 2008. If you didn't know, the show gathered over 100 Emmy nominations in total.

When and Where to Watch 30 Rock: A One-Time Special?

The 30 Rock: A One-Time Special will air on July 16th on NBC. The show kicks off at 8 PM and will last for an hour.

How Can I Live Stream 30 Rock: A One-Time Special?

The 30 Rock: A One-Time Special should be fairly easy to watch online because there are loads of live TV platforms available for the job. One of our favorites is Hulu, which has a single bundle of networks.

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You can find dozens of networks here, but if you want even more content, you can always add the extra channel packs or premium networks they have available. There are also a few add-ons you can get to expand the cloud DVR storage space capacity or the number of simultaneous streams.

One of the cool things about subscribing to Hulu's Live TV service is that you also get access to the Hulu On-Demand library, so you basically have two platforms in one. Hulu works on pretty much any devices you can think of, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, and more.

NBC is a channel that broadcasts in select markets, so if you live in an area with no coverage, you can always use a VPN and connect to a server from a different city. This will enable you to watch all the channels available in that particular area, including NBC. Click here to find out how you can solve this problem.

Other Ways to Watch 30 Rock: A One-Time Special Online

Watching all this content online is super-easy to do with more platforms that can help you enjoy watching the 30 Rock special. Here are some other ways you can go about solving this issue.

fuboTV - fuboTV is another service that you should be looking into, as it will allow you to watch over one hundred networks. There are multiple plans available, and you can pick whichever one you like best, as they all feature NBC. You can also customize your subscription exactly how you need it, by adding any channel packs or premium networks you enjoy.

There are also add-ons available if you want to improve the products you get with the service. Start your fuboTV free trial now!

Sling TV - Sling TV is another solid option if you want to watch TV online, and this service is one of the most versatile available today. There are three bundles available, but you will only find NBC in two of them, namely Blue and Orange + Blue.

Your choice in bundles will directly influence the number of simultaneous streams allowed on your account, with Blue subscribers getting three concurrent streams, and Orange + Blue subscribers getting four of them. There are also numerous channel packs you can add to your account, as well as plenty of premium networks. Watch 3 Days Free on Sling TV Now!

NBC website - The NBC website is also a good way to watch the 30 Rock: A One-Time Special. You will find a live stream on the site, and you will get access to it as soon as you choose to log into an account.

In order to do this, you will have to use credentials from your TV provider. The TV provider we are talking about can be one of the live TV services we've been mentioning already or a cable company for those who haven't managed to cut the cord just yet.

The NBC live stream is geo-blocked, so if you want to enjoy it from abroad, you will need to use a VPN. You can find out more details about how you can do this by clicking here.

How Can I Watch the 30 Rock: A One-Time Special When Traveling Outside of the United States?

If you are hoping to keep up with everything that the special has to offer, you should look into using a VPN. You will need to do this because the NBC streaming options are all geo-blocked, which means that the live TV platforms or the live stream cannot be accessed freely.

Alternative to waiting until you get back in the United States to watch it is to use a VPN. The VPN can change your IP address quickly and enable you to reach the platforms you are subscribed to. ExpressVPN is our recommendation because it's easily one of the best tools on the market, featuring thousands of servers worldwide and some great privacy features.

You simply have to subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% OFF), sort out the apps, and connect to a United States server. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee policy, so keep in mind that it's always possible to ask for a refund if you have any problems with your account.

Can I Watch 30 Rock: A One-Time Special With a TV Antenna?

Watching the 30 Rock: A One-Time Special with a TV antenna shouldn't be too difficult to do. In fact, you will simply need to own one of these devices that enable you to watch local channels for free.

You should check a site like NoCable before buying anything to figure out whether NBC's available in your area. Furthermore, the site will help you figure out what range you need your device to cover to watch as many networks as possible for free.

Can I Watch 30 Rock: A One-Time Special at a Later Time?

Watching the 30 Rock: A One-Time Special at a later time is obviously possible to do. In fact, the show will be rebroadcast by USA Network, Bravo, Oxygen, E!, SYFY, and CNBC on July 17th at 9 PM.

Furthermore, it will be available to stream on Peacock starting on the same day. If you use one of the above-mentioned live TV services, you could also have the platform record the show for you, and you get to stream it whenever you have the time. Of course, you will have to check back with your platform and see for how long the recordings will be kept.

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