Samsung Submitted a Patent for a Smartwatch With a Rollable Display and Camera

By TechNadu Staff / December 11, 2021

Samsung plans to expand its flexible-display devices segment by introducing a smartwatch with a rollable display, according to a report regarding a newly released patent that was published on December 9, 2021. Moreover, the wearable device will have an integrated camera for capturing pictures and videos. However, the rollable smartwatch display may be in Samsung's plans, but there's no guarantee it will get to see the light.

The 96-pages patent document was filed with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) on June 2, and inside we can see a patent image showing that users can press the watch's crown to expand the display of a Samsung Galaxy Watch. With the outer frame extended, the screen expands by 40%. Samsung is also hoping a larger screen might gain people's interest in watching videos on their wrists.

source: LetsGoDigital

Smartwatches can be helpful for quick access to information, but they may present problems with reading more detailed information and long passages of text due to their small screens. If that area is expanded with a rollable display, you'd have a larger viewing area. It would be possible to mount a camera on the rollable display in its center to take photos and record video. You would slide the display open to access the camera, situated under the display, in the middle of the watch.

In addition to being a companion device, the smartwatch has many significant flaws. Despite its powers, you still can't do much without a smartphone. However, you can naturally take a call from your wrist. For people to hear you, you do not have to hold up your arm in a specific way. No wearable company has effectively solved the privacy concern that is a major obstacle to adopting the wearable technology. The devices collect a lot of data, and they are incredibly personal.

Samsung has made inroads into the smartwatch world with the Galaxy Watch 4. WearOS is a version of Google's OS that works with Samsung's Tizen software. As an alternative to the Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has also offered its fair share of useful features.

It seems unlikely that tech companies will figure out an effective way to make smartwatches rollable soon, and it's unclear just how serious Samsung is about rollable displays for its smartwatches, but the company already has several foldable smartphones, with Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 being the most recent.

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