Plex Web Shows to Offer Unlimited On-Demand Streaming

  • Plex announced its new Web Shows service that will offer on-demand streaming.
  • An update to the official app has been released for Android and iOS, but the feature is still in beta.
  • The service’s goal is to offer a single interface for all media including TV shows, movies, photo, video and more.

Plex announced its new project Plex Web Shows which seeks to unify all of your media in one place. The on-demand streaming service will offer video content from platforms like Vimeo and YouTube with content from the likes of Vanity Fair, GQ, Epic Meal Time, The Pet Collective and more.

More on-demand shows will come to Plex Web Shows over time along with other content. An update to the official app has been released for Android and iOS users but ‘Web Shows’ is still in beta so you can expect some performance hiccups which may affect your experience. There is no official word on when a stable build will be available.

Plex Web Shows
Image Courtesy of Plex

Plex wants to offer a single interface for all of your favorite content including news, podcasts, photos, videos, and even VR. With web series being added to the platform, it means that users will be able to manage their content with fewer apps, subscriber lists and of course pesky notifications. The platform makes managing media simpler than ever, and the new web shows integration will keep everything centralized.

Users can subscribe from within the Plex app, and any new episodes that users miss will be notified. Recommendations will also be offered by the app to recommend older shows based on user activity. The app does not require a paid subscription to Plex Pass and is available for free to everyone.

Plex is constantly revamping the platform with a number of features being retired recently to make room for new features such as the newly announced plex Web Shows. The Plex team revealed that the new web shows feature completes their third phase of major updates for 2018 with new features and improvements already in development.

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