Plex Has Just Added Another 15 Channels on Its Free TV Service

Written by Bill Toulas
Published on July 15, 2021

Plex, the versatile media server and streaming service that is among the best free options out there, has just enriched its TV service with 15 new channels. This new set is added on top of an already impressive collection comprising over 180 channels, featuring action, sports, kids content, cooking, news, and documentaries. These aren’t over-the-air streams but pre-programmed channels that stay live 24/7. As such, they may not be exactly like the live channels offered in other streaming services, but in terms of the linear experience, they’re the same thing.

The full list of the newly added channels is given below:

This is an indication that Plex continues the effort to expand into the streaming space, creating new partnerships and strengthening its catalog with notable additions. The platform became popular as a customizable content server that can be personalized and accessed via multiple platforms and devices. Still, the piracy implications of it push the company to explore new areas and maybe even claim its existence in the highly competitive field of the streaming market.

Connecting to Plex TV channels should be a fairly uncomplicated procedure thanks to the simple and user-friendly user interface of the Plex app, but there are still some things you should note. First, some channels have pretty atrocious resolutions, so on a 4K TV, the upscaling may make things look terribly patchy. Second, not all channels will load on all countries, so passing the app through a VPN may be a necessity depending on what you want to watch. And finally, most channels come with frequent interruptions for advertisements.

That’s all easy to swallow when considering that Plex is totally free. So, if the addition of the 15 new channels is a good enough excuse for you to revisit the platform, go ahead and check it out.

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