Microsoft Teases Its Rumored Dual-Screen Andromeda Device

By Nitish Singh / July 2, 2018

Microsoft Surface chief Panos Panay confirmed the existence of the heavily rumored Andromeda device last week. Panay teased a dual-screen device that seeks to bridge the PC and mobile worlds. The device is said to belong to the Surface lineup and will pack two touch-screen displays and will not include a hardware keyboard.

It is not the first time that Microsoft has envisioned a dual-screen device. Its first dual-screen device ‘Courier’ was never released, but the booklet PC was never released with the original Apple iPad coming out at the same time and dominating the tablet market. Chief Designer of Office 365 Jon Friedman revealed that “Courier was really about bridging the divide between the analog world and the digital world.”

Samsung has also indicated interest in developing dual-screen devices in the past and has showcased foldable displays in the past. LG Display is also working on foldable displays, but the technology is still in early stages. Sony’s Tablet P tried to offer a device similar to Microsoft’s Andromeda, but it was marred by a lack of apps that took advantage of Android in a dual-screen format. With Google pulling out of the Android tablet market and iPads dominating the market share, it will be interesting to see something new from Microsoft.

Microsoft has proven with its Surface line of devices that Windows can be a solid choice for touchscreen apps. With the right hardware and app support, the dual screen Andromeda device can be a compelling device for users who want to pick up a compact device that can offer a full Windows experience. It is a highly ambitious project that can shape how phones and tablets are built in the future.

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