Chinese App Developers Have Conquered the Indian App Market in 2018

By Bill Toulas / January 2, 2019

For mobile app developers, big markets are where all the money is, and so investing in the making of apps that are specifically developed for certain markets is the best call that can be made. For Chinese app developers who have already captured large segments of the Chinese market, India is the next best market to “invade”, and it seems that many of them have already reached this realization.

According to a FactorDaily report, almost half of the top 100 Android apps in India are developed in China, and this has taken place relatively suddenly, during the last year. The list includes entertainment and media streaming apps, games, e-commerce apps, and social content platform utilities. Almost all of them target new Internet users in India, a field that is currently exploding with growth, estimated to have surpassed half a billion of users, with a massive pool of non-Internet users in India expected to be converted in the near future.

India Top 100

From the FactorDaily report

Prominent examples of Chinese apps that have made a hit in India include TikTok, Kwai, LiveMe, PUBG, Clash of Kings, ROMEW, and ClubFactory. Localizing these apps for the Indian market is not as simple or as shallow as simply translating the interface though. The app developers take everything into account, and considering the diversity of the people of India, this is not always easy. All of them contain material, design, and UI style that matches the idiosyncrasy of Indians, feature low-cost offerings that corresponds to the specific users’ category purchasing power, and finally completely shed anything China-related that can cause mistrust to the developer.

But Chinese developers do not stop at localization efforts, as companies have been investing in establishing their presence in India. The apps want to create a habitual Internet usage mentality that will capture new users in locations of the country that have not established their Internet access in the way it was solidified in urban areas, reaching out to huge potential user audiences that will allow them to continue their growth. All this is achieved by the forming of teams of specialists who help in the further development of the relevant apps, enriching them with various vernacular languages, more local content, and even voice-enabled features that will simplify the adoption.

Chinese app developers are not the only ones seeking growth in India, as Chinese giants like Alibaba and Tencent, as well as hardware manufacturers like Xiaomi have been gearing their business strategy towards investing in the India market for quite some time now.

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