Attack on Titan: Is Floch Dead?

Written by Samona Punjabi
Published on March 26, 2022

If you haven't watched the latest episodes of Attack on Titan: Final Season, the following article contains MAJOR SPOILERS.

*No manga spoilers*

Attack on Titan is gearing up for its season finale, which will premiere next week. The latest episode of the series saw the allied group engaged in a full-blown battle for Azumabito's flying ship against the Yeagerists at the port. To prevent our heroes from escaping the port with the ship, Floch makes a last-ditch effort by using his remaining Thunder Spear to blow up the vessel. However, as Floch pulls the trigger, he is shot by none other than Gabi Braun!

Sasha and Eren have been good practice for our young Marleyan warrior since she's three for three in landing a shot. Upon being hit by Gabi's bullet, Floch's rocket spirals out of control, taking him down. The last time we saw Floch, he fell from the sky with his right side heavily injured, pouring blood.

So, the only question left to ask is: Did he survive? Here's what we think.

Floch is shot by Gabi as he shoots the Azumabito Flying ship.
Gabi shoots Floch as he shoots the Azumabito flying ship.

Is Floch Forster Alive? Did He Survive the Fall Into the Sea?

Floch's attempt to make a hole in the hull of the Azumabito ship didn't seem to work. As we saw Floch falling into the water, we were also shown a shot of the ship, which remained unscathed. Whether he survived the fall or not is a mystery, but we believe Floch is alive, and here's why:

As he falls from the sky, we can see that the blood pouring out from Floch's body comes from his right shoulder. While he seemed to have sustained heavy damage, it doesn't look like he suffered a fatal blow. Furthermore, shoulder injuries are usually non-lethal when it comes to anime. While in the real world, you could die from excessive bleeding because of the wound, let's not forget that this is a fictionalized world.

Floch aims at the ship.
Floch aims at the ship.

Several characters from Attack on Titan have come back from graver injuries than this, including our own clean-freak Captain, Levi Ackerman. Moreover, we don't get to see a clear image of Floch's injury after Gabi shoots him since he makes contact with the water below only five seconds after the fact. Therefore, it's also possible that Gabi only grazed his upper-right shoulder.

If Floch survived the shot and the fall, it would be difficult for him to swim back to the port. However, let's not forget the Yeagerists that were left behind. Of course, most of them were wiped out by the alliance before they docked the ship. Nevertheless, their chances of being dead in that one battle are low. After all, isn't that Floch's entire back story? The lone survivor from the suicide mission against the Beast Titan?

Commander Erwin leading a suicide charge against the Beast Titan with Floch and others in the background.
Commander Erwin leads a suicide charge against the Beast Titan with Floch and others in the background.

If a few Yeagerists were left behind, they would try to lend their support to Floch's rescue. Since many of them witnessed Floch being shot, they would probably attempt to locate his body after the ship left the harbor. While it seems unlikely that Floch survived the ordeal, we believe he's alive. If Levi can survive after his last altercation with Zeke, Floch has the will to survive a bullet.

After all, as we mentioned above, Floch is a survivor! We expect him to show up sooner or later with revenge on his mind.

Floch grins creepily at Hange.
Floch grins creepily at Hange.

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