Attack on Titan: The Final Season, Episode 17 Recap

By Samona Punjabi / January 14, 2022

If you haven't watched Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 1, then everything written below is a spoiler!

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 has begun, and we're already losing our minds! The first half of the Final season left us with several unanswered questions. Captain Levi got blasted with a thunder spear, thanks to Zeke, and Eren was attacked by Pieck and Porco aka the Cart and the Jaw Titans. Oh and let's not forget that Eren betrayed his own friends for the Yeagerists, and they're all locked up in a cell, including Mikasa and Armin.

So let's dive right into the new episode and take a look at what happened to everyone since they were all separated by the end of Season 4 Part 1.

Levi Ackerman and Zeke Yeager

The episode immediately opens with Levi, all bloodied up and his fingers cut off. However, he's found by Commander Hange, who's still with Floch and the rest of the Yeagerists. When asked about the situation, Hange immediately pronounces Levi dead, shattering the soul of every AOT fan out there.

However, something weird about the scene is when Floch asks to check Levi's vitals himself, presumably because he doesn't trust her, Hange kind of freezes up for a few seconds and doesn't say anything. The Titan nearby who had tucked Zeke into its belly in the last episode starts to steam and then produces a fully healed Zeke, surprising everyone there. This gives Hange the distraction she needs to jump in the nearby river and escape with Levi.

It's safe to assume by this series of events that Levi is alive because A) Hange would've immediately agreed to let Floch check Levi's vitals if she wasn't lying, B) An important main character like Levi wouldn't have an offscreen death, and C) As good friends as Hange and Levi are, she wouldn't risk getting shot by bullets just to protect his dead body.

Zeke, on the other hand, has no idea how he was healed after having his body literally torn into two pieces. He also proceeds to reveal to Floch that his wounds were treated by a mysterious girl, who apparently remade his body with "soil," in a mystical place called the "Paths."

Marley Attacks Paradis; Eren Yeager vs Jaw, Cart and Armoured Titans

Coming back to Eren's situation, Pieck and Porco save Gabi while the Marleyans launch a full-scale attack on Paradis island with several airships flying in. Yelena tells Eren to hide in human form and escape, but he ignores her and proceeds to fight the Jaw Titan anyway. Several Marleyan soldiers are seen dropping from the airships with parachutes on, including Reiner whom Eren is seemingly ready for.

As Reiner transforms, Eren decides to take on both the Armoured and the Jaw Titans together. We finally get to see Eren use his new Warhammer abilities, which he acquired during the attack on Liberio. Eren's skewers seem to overwhelm both the Armored and Jaw titans; however, Pieck in Cart Titan form with her newly reformed canon delivers a nasty blow giving Porco the chance to escape. With Eren incapacitated for a bit, Reiner takes the opportunity to impale him with one of his own spikes.

Yeagerists suffer heavy loses; Onyankopon takes matters into his own hands

As the battle between the Titans carries on, the Yeagerists take it upon themselves to protect their leader Eren. However, they are ambushed by the thousands of Marley soldiers who are already in position, gunning down everyone wearing ODM gear. As a result, the Yeagerists suffer major losses at the hands of the Marleyans leading Onyankopon to take a drastic step, in order to protect Eren.

As Onyankopon fears that Eren might lose the fight against the Marleyans, he runs down to Eren's former friends and pleads with them to protect Eren. He also tells them about Eren and Zeke's grand "euthanasia" plan to sterilize all the Eldians to eventually wipe them out. As Connie delivers an emotional speech, Onyankopon reveals that not all Yeagerists were made aware of the "spinal fluid wine" deception and that not everyone might be on board with the plan after all.

Mikasa, still hurting because of Eren's words from last season, struggles between the dilemma of wanting to help him and questions if those are her actual feelings or just "Ackerman blood." Armin however, steps up to defend Eren's actions and assures the rest of the group that Eren would never actually go along with Zeke and Yelena's plan. His reasoning is that even though Eren needs Zeke to active the Founder's powers, the powers are ultimately Eren's to use and that he doesn't have to listen to anybody but himself.

Fans are left with yet another cliffhanger as Eren's friends decide whether or not they want to save him. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens next week; we're putting all our money on Mikasa and Armin showing up to help anyway, though!

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